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Flasher Revealed – Dirty Sex Tales

The youngsters of the small country town were all being extra careful because of a flasher operating in the town, there was lots of speculation as to who it was but the chief suspect was ruled out because he could provide a rock solid alibi as to where he was when the flasher struck on a few occasions, the flasher wore a face mask or kept his face covered when ever he flashed. Sara was at her friends house watching a film on DVD after the film had finished. Sara’s friend asked her step brother to take Sara home, Steve who was 16 years old a couple of years older than Sara said “I will but as long as she don’t flash me” Sara told Steve that she had forgotten her mask so would not be flashing tonight” her friend offered to lend Sara her mask, Steve and Sara set off for the half hour walk to Sara’s house, as they were cutting through the park Steve told Sara he needed a pee and went into the bushes while Sara waited, Sara saw Steve standing by a tree and smiled when she got a good clear view of his dick. Steve his pee finished and re joined Sara, Sara told Steve he was careful and that she had seen his dick and that it was a big one, Steve did not say anything but carried on walking, Sara got a text message when she read it she saw it was from her friend Amy telling her that she had just been to Steve’s room and found a mask he was the flasher, Sara texted back telling Amy that she had seen Steve wee and his dick was massive bout 7 inches, Amy told Sara to stay where she was and that she be there soon, ten minutes later Amy was with Sara and Steve at the swing park in the park, Amy told Steve she had found his mask and that he was the flasher, Sara said ” when I saw your cock when you had a piss you were flashing me, Steve just looked at the girls, Amy said she would back and went behind the pavilion and after a minute or two retuned Sara then went returning after a few minutes, Amy then said” come on then show me your cock” Steve knew he had been rumbled so stood and lowered his joggers, both girls looked at Steve’s 7 inch hairy dick, Steve started to pull his joggers up Sara told him to leave them down saying that they wanted to see him with a hard on, Steve looked at the two girls and got a shock when Amy lowered the zip on her hoodie and opened it revealing her naked boobs saying here is something to help you get one, then Sara said ” in case that is not enough” and opened her top revealing her naked boobs, Steve looked at the girls and soon had a nine inch erection, Sara said ” yes that is fucking nice” Amy suddenly said ” here is dad” all three adjusted their clothes, Amy’s dad came over, Amy told him Sara had forgotten her keys and that she had brought them down, after a brief chat Amy went home with her dad, While Steve and Sara walked on, after a few minutes Sara opened her hoodie again told Steve that her and Amy did not wear bras and left the top buttons of their blouses open so boys could see their tits, Steve reached out cupped Sara’s boobs, when Sara said ” I did not say you could do that” Steve replied ” you not say I couldn’t” and rubbed Sara’s boobs, Sara slid her hand inside Steve’s joggers got old of his solid dick stroked it,  said ” you got a big cock” Steve got hold of her arm said ” you need fucking” and started to pull her, Sara said ” if your going to fuck me you fuck me here” and pulled Steve’s joggers down and unbuckled the belt of her jeans then took them off followed by her hoodie standing naked, while Steve stripped Sara lay on the ground parting her legs, soon Steve was sliding his dick into Sara’s moist love tube, Steve started thrusting in and out deep and hard, Sara saw a boy from her street watching she knew he was 12 years old Sara whispered into Steve’s ear ” move so he can see my tits” Steve did Sars saw the boys eyes go wide, after ten minutes Sara climaxed, Steve pulled his dick out squirted his cum over the grass, the boys twin sister smiled watching what was happening the boy was busy looking at Sara’s naked body, Both Sara and Steve stood and dressed while the teens, the twins walked away talking about what they had just seen. Steve walked with Sara saying did you see the way the girl smiled when she saw me spunk up, Sara said ” the boy could not take his eyes off my tits and cunt” they both laughed, Sara said ” it was good being watched while I was being fucked we will have to do it again some time”  Steve took Sara home at her house Steve went in her dad thanked him for bring his daughter home safely, Steve replied saying” no problems there is a flasher out there, Sara’s brother smiled said” he would not flash my sister she is to ugly for somebody to flash his dick at. Sara playfully hit her brother saying ” I am not ugly the flasher might take me into the park and ravish me” Steve left the house and started to walk home passing the twins as he did Steve saw the girl look at his crutch then smiled at him, Steve thought I will remember her next time I see her in the park. Steve walked on home going through the park as he went but did not see anyone, when her arrived home Steve’s parents were just getting in the car his dad told him his aunt was very ill they would be away for a few days and for him to look after his sister, Steve went in the house went up stairs and saw Amy laying on her bed naked with her legs wide open, she said ” Sara told me you fucked her in the park” Steve was soon naked pounding away into Amy.

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