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Flashers Luck Part 1 – Dirty Sex Tales

Martin was young lad living in London, he did not have many friends this was because he was well known as being a flasher, he had been beaten up by the boyfriends of girls that he had flashed, he had been warned by the police about his behaviour but this had not stopped him and he continued with his flashing. Martin was in hospital after being beaten up by two boys from his school, he was sitting in the day room when Emma who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what Martin was, Martin knew that Emma was on the woman’s ward close to the ward he was on, Martin could see that Emma did not appear to be in a very good mood, As she sat down Emma looked at Martin but did not say anything. Martin looked at Emma and smiled when he saw plenty of side boob through the gap in the joins of her dressing gown, after a few minutes Martin looked back at Emma his eyes lit up when he saw that one of Emma’s complete boobs was on show he could see that her nipple was erect, Martin stared not believing his luck, after a few minutes Emma got up from her chair and left the day room. After a further ten minutes Martin decided to go up to the roof top garden which he knew would be quiet as not many people went there as he went up the stairs he saw Emma’s sister Cindy who was in his class at school as he passed her Martin saw her blouse had the top buttons undid and he could see the top of her boobs and thought cool, Martin went onto the roof after a few minutes Cindy walked out onto the roof from where he was sat Martin could see that more buttons on her blouse were open and he could see her complete boobs, Cindy walked up to Martin asking him if he had seen Emma, Martin told her where he had seen Emma staring at Cindy’s boobs as he did, Cindy smiled and said ” your such a perv your not meant to stare at my tits ” then walked over to some benches and sat on it then pulled her skirt right up, Martin could not believe his eyes he could see Cindy’s love tube which she started to rub, Martin released his eight inch erection from his pyjamas and walked over to Cindy who had never seen Martin’s dick, Cindy stared at Martins dick and said you perv, Martin reached down and cupped Cindy’s boobs saying hark who is talking, after a few minutes Martin pushed Cindy’s hand away from her love tube and started rubbing it then after a few minutes lowered her onto the floor and after kneeling down pushed his dick into Cindy’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, soon Cindy was groaning and after a few minutes Martin felt her cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube feeling her cum a second time after five more minutes, Martin carried on thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube but when she said no more Martin stopped and after pulling his dick out of Cindy’s love tube stood up, after ten minutes Cindy had dressed and as she walked away she said ” fucking perv ” Martin smiled and sat down watching Cindy as she walked away thinking that stuff from the Chinese herbal shop really works, Martin then saw one of Cindy’s mates come out onto the roof and thought wonder if she wants fucking as well.

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