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For You Ladies Only by Blade

Hello and welcome. Firstly, I would like to thank you for choosing this particular story to read. My name is Blade, and you are? . Please to meet you, . So, how are you today? Great, well then lets cut right through the chase shall we. You are here reading this story for one reason only, that is you want to get the best fuck ever and cum like never before. Well I would like to apologise for not being here in person and doing the things for real, however, I do hope you have a wild and broad imagination, as this will help you as you read the rest of the story. Well, with that out of the way, let us begin. Oh, by the way, you look sexy in that, your clothes that you are wearing.

Picture what ever I say throughout my story as this is about you and I. We at your place sitting and having a drink and then our heads move slowly towards each other as our lips gently touch and we kiss. We embrace in a long passionate kiss as we suck on each other’s tongues, Mmmmm you smell nice as I continue to kiss you and then kiss you down your neck while you pull off my t-shirt revealing my well-toned chest and tummy muscles. I continue to kiss on your neck making my way slowly down as I undo your buttons on your top and slide it off your shoulders as I unclasp your bra. I kiss you down between your cleavage and lick your nipples making them erect and hard. Can you feel my tongue as it twirls around your nipples? You run your fingers through my hair as you lie back on the couch as I continue to kiss and lick you down to your tummy.

As I near your tummy and hips, I slide down your pants/skirt with your underwear revealing your sweet clean shaved pink pussy. I lick you down your tummy and into your crotch flicking my tongue over your pussy lips as my hands massage your breasts gently squeezing your nipples. Can you feel my tongue on your sweet pussy lips? I slowly slip my tongue between your lips and lick you inside your pussy while gently nibbling on your now erect clit. I suck you hard on your clit pushing my tongue deep inside as you reach your first orgasm, Mmmmm yummy you taste sooo good as I suck all your pussy juices. You then pull me up to your face as I lick you back up your tummy and suck on your tits and then we tongue lock while you undo my pants as you feel my rock hard dick through my pants.

You push me off you as you pull off my pants and push me back so that I am on my back while you start kissing me and work your way down to my rock hard dick. Mmm baby yes don’t stop. I watch you as your mouth reaches my dick and you kiss my shaft from the head down to my balls, then slowly lick my dick back up to the head and then I watch as your soft sexy lips part slowly over my dick head and slides down swallowing my entire 14-inch shaft. Ooooh yeah baby, as I watch your head moving up and down while your tongue twirls around my shaft sucking up my pre-cum and finger your wet pussy. You then stop sucking as you lick my body up to my face and slowly position your wanting, wet pussy over my now stiff wet dick and you slowly lower your pussy while holding my dick in position with your hand.

As you sit down, you pussy lips part and my dick slides in as your pussy swallows my dick. You start to ride my stiff dick. Oh yes baby don’t stop, as I sit up you pull my head against your breasts and I suck on your nipples as you ride my stiff dick faster while you orgasm once again soaking my dick so it goes deeper in you as I nibble on your erect nipples. You then get off me and position your self on the couch with your shoulders resting on the back of the couch and your knees on the seat showing me your sexy ass and dripping pussy from behind. You look with me lustful horny eyes saying, ‘Fuck me, Blade, fuck my sexy ass.’ Oh yes baby, I’m gonna burry it deep in your sexy ass and you feel the tip of my dick pressing on your hole as the head squeezes through.

I start pumping my dick into your ass until you feel my balls slapping against your wet pussy. Can you feel me deep inside your ass, baby? As I fuck your ass, I run my hands up and down your sexy smooth back and gently squeeze your nipples while you push back each time to meet my thrusts deep in your sexy ass making orgasm repeatedly. Mmm baby your ass is sooo nice and tight, mmmm I love it. You beg me for more and to go faster, which I do making you orgasm again before I pull out of your ass and then start fucking your wet pussy hard and fast as you beg me to cum deep inside you because you want to feel my cum mixing with yours. I fuck your pussy fast and hard, Oh yes baby I’m gonna cum now. You clench your pussy muscles tight as you feel me cum and I spray your pussy full of my hot white sticky cum mixing it with yours as you orgasm once more making your pussy tighter, trapping my dick inside until you drain every drop from my dick as it becomes soft inside your soaking wet, cum drenched pussy.

I pull out of and sit next to you on the couch as you turn around and sit on my lap as our mixed cum oozes out of your well fucked pussy. Was it good for you baby? Did you enjoy Blade fucking you? Yes, you did, do you want to do it all over again? Well then, let’s go at it once more, only this time we going to change the room, okay? As you sit there on me we kiss while I caress you’re your hot wet body and sensitive skin and then we get up and head for the bathroom. Once in the bathroom you run the water to fill up the tub with some relaxing bubble bath and make sure the water is just perfect.

We both step in the tub and begin to wash each other off, as we do; we kiss and slowly go down in to the water and bubbles and relax in each others arms embraced in a long passionate kiss. My hands run down your side and around your sexy ass gently squeezing it while your hand runs down my side to my dick that is slowly getting hard. Are you enjoying this so far? My hand moves to your pussy and I finger you slowly while we still tongue locked and then, I help you up as you place your hands on the side bath handles and raise your sexy ass as I view you sexy pussy lips from behind and give them a nice tongue clean. I stand up behind you and lift your legs up against me as you balance with your arms on the sides of the tub, then you feel my tongue slip between your pussy lips while I am holding you up side down around your waist.

I suck on your clit, as my dick gets hard in front of your face as you wrap your arms around my waist and I feel your lips wrapped tight around my dick. Mmm oh yes baby, are you enjoying this. Tell me are you wet. Of course you are, as I am telling you exactly what you want to hear. I suck you as you suck me and I drink your pussy juices as you cum and then I turn you around and fuck you from behind while standing in the tub as you hold the wall and I hold your one leg up with my stiff dick going deep in your wet sweet pussy.

I fuck you hard and fast for about ten minutes before you turn around and we kiss as you go down and blow me. Oh yes baby don’t stop that feels soo good. You suck me hard and when you stop you slide your lips slowly off my dick while flicking your tongue over my shaft and then you shake your hand up and down my stiff shaft giving it an occasional suck. Mmmm yesss aaaah baby yes you going to make me cum, you smile and shake faster flicking your tongue out like a snake. Aaaarrrgh yes I shoot my load on your face and down your tits as you jack me harder and faster squeezing my dick and then you suck me clean as you rub the cum all over you.

Did you enjoy that sweetheart? I sure did. We should do it again sometime. You were great, thank you. Until next time, Mwah and take care.

Good bye, my love.

– The End –

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