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Fox Replacement – Part 1

The fox hunt was taking place in the woods and countryside surrounding the small country village, there were lots of rich and posh people gathered outside the village. The village people were angry and up in arms over the fox hunt and were out to disrupt it as best they could, 16 year old Sara was sitting on her horse with her 12 year old sister Amy sitting on her horse beside her. Sara asked her dad who that was pointing to a youth who looked to about 18 years of age, Sara told her dad she knew all the fox hunters but did not know him, Sara’s dad told her that security were mixing with the riders and that he was probably one of the security team to which Sara replied in her normal snobbish stuck up manner that he looked like a lout better off behind bars in prison. After speeches from various people including from the security manager the hunt set of and after half a hour a the hounds picked up the scent of a fox and the chase began, anti hunt protesters tried blocking the way of the hunters but with the help of security the hunters got through, Sara decided to cut through the woods and headed off on her own Amy saw her going and followed, Sara rode through the woods and suddenly was thrown from her horse, a rope had been tied between trees Sara had rode into it and was now laying flat on her back, Amy had seen the rope just after Sara had landed on the ground she also saw the protesters and quickly dismounted and hid in the bushes, the horses of both girls bolted, Amy watched as the protesters grabbed Sara and held her face down on the ground, Amy saw 17 year old Mike a local protester step forward and stand over Sara, Amy saw Mike undoing his jeans and smiled as he pulled his dick out a girl stepped forward and stroked Mike’s dick and when the girl stepped back Amy saw Mike had a 8 inch erection Amy watched wide eyed as Mike started stroking his dick and squirted his cum over Sara, Amy watched as other boys from the village did the same thing, After half a hour Amy had watched five boys jerk their dicks and squirt their cum over Sara. Sara was pulled to her feet and dragged away. Amy followed from a safe distance watching as she went, Sara was taken to a house Amy saw her sister get stripped naked and thrown into a outhouse after the protesters had gone leaving one girl behind Amy crept up to the back of the shed looked through a window and saw 10 fox hunters in the shed and saw they were all naked including Martin who was a couple of years older than what she was, Amy smiled when she saw he had a 6 inch erection. After 20 minutes the protesters returned and took the naked protesters outside. Amy watched.

To be continued,

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