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Pao was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who lived in tower block of flats she was not very happy because the Bengali community had disowned her and bullied her due to her being a lesbian, her family only let her live in the flat because they had to, it was midday as Pao arrived back from the shops and when she was out side the flat her uncle came out and slapped her hard round the face knocking her to the ground, he then grabbed her hair and started slapping her round the face, her neighbour came out of her flat to go to work saw the commotion and yelled ” get off her you bully” Pao’s uncle looked and said ” fuck off you slag” and suddenly the woman’s daughter sixteen year old Dawn came out of the flat and started to hit and kick Pao’s uncle screaming ” dont speak to my mum like that you wanker” Dawn was well known for being violent and took no time in making Pao’s uncle run, Dawn help Pao up, Dawn’s mum said to Pao ” you can stay with us” and after taking Pao in and telling her she could share rooms with Dawn she left for work, not long after Dawn’s sister Amy who was four years younger than Dawn walked in from school and after being told that Pao was now living there said ” cool” and went into her room, Dawn left the flat to go to her mates, Pao sat on the sofa glad to some where friendly, from where she sat Pao saw Amy’s door was ajar and could see Amy undoing her blouse and watched Amy took her blouse off and when she removed her vest Pao saw her well developing boobs and thought nice and when Amy removed her skirt and panties Pao looked at her love tube and thought even nicer and when the naked Amy walked out of her room and to the kitchen Pao looked at her cute tight bum and thought things are looking up, after a few minutes Amy walked back into the lounge and switched the telly on then looked at Pao and said ” how often do you see naked white girls” when Pao did not make a reply Amy said ” it is ok we know your lesbian” Pao just looked and when Amy asked her if she had ever had sex with a white girl Pao told her no and was totally surprised when Amy walked over sat astride her lap her legs and said ” you can start with me” Pao hesitated but when Amy started rubbing her boobs Pao started rubbing Amy’s boobs, Amy started to undo Pao’s top and once it was open started to rub Pao’s naked boobs, Pao started rubbing Amy’s love tube feeling it was moist then pushed two fingers inside and started to masturbate the white girl who was soon breathing heavy, Pao started to suck Amy’s erect nipples and after a few minutes Amy groaned out loud as she climaxed, after a couple of minutes Amy got off Pao’s lap and went to her room, later that night Pao was in her bed when Dawn walked in sat on her bed and after taking her shoes off stood up and pulled her jumper up over her head and off letting her naked boobs fall free, Pao smiled at the sight of Dawn’s ample naked boobs and watched as Dawn removed her jeans along with her panties and stood naked, Pao looked at Dawn,’s love tube that had a very fine layer of hair round it, Dawn walked over to Pao’s bed pulled the duvet back looked at Pao’s naked body smiled and said ” move over” as she climbed into the bed, Pao moved over and soon Dawn was sucking her nipples and rubbing her love tube, then after a couple of minutes move astride Pao’s body slid down it and started to lick Pao’s smooth love tube and pushed her tongue right inside, Pao lay there groaning in deep pleasure as Dawn worked her tongue round her love tube and gently squeezing her nipples at the same time and after five minutes cried out in deep pleasure as she climaxed, after a couple of minutes Dawn got out of the bed and left the room, after recovering Pao got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom as she entered the lounge Pao saw Dawn on the floor with Tina who was naked and licking Dawn’s love tube, Pao looked at Tina’s large boobs and smiled thinking at last I can see the sexiest girl in school naked, then went into the kitchen got a drink and returned to her room where she saw a naked Amy laying in her bed, as Pao walked into the room Amy said ” you took your time” Pao smiled and got in bed and soon Amy was groaning as Pao licked her love tube, in the morning Amy and Dawn had left for school when Pao got up, Pao could here Dawn’s mum snoring, Pao sat at the table and thought I wished I had known about the girls before.

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