Friend’s brother : it’s love or sex

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Hi friends,
Readers can’t believe and assume my physical needs as well as hunger but our society is still in a traditional phase as talking to guys as men’s and women’s conversation are seen with suspicious eyes but if you start enjoying physical relationship within your home with your family members than! Nothing to disclose or no need to feel embarrassed but you will feel ashamed of making sex with dad or brother but Ritu, a young sexy gal don’t feel guilty after losing her virginity to dad a month ago and than neighborhood guy cum lover Naman have fucked me also, so I seduced dad’s office’s peon Nathu but Rajan is the last one to get physical with me… No… No… My brother Nilesh have fucked me but for two minutes only, so a slut gal have tasted five cocks as Pritam, Naman, Nathu, Rajan and Nilesh are my fuck buddy and as my sexual affairs with friend’s brother Rajan have just started a week ago we both are in regular touch. Rajan is handsome as his physical appearance’s seems attractive, his wider chest to strong arms and thighs have made me feel hotter as one morning, I have my breakfast and getting ready to go to my college, I put my sandals as I have put a red stripes shirt with a black leggings and now I left my home as I am approaching towards autorickshaw stand and now I hired an autorickshaw for patna womens College, so heavy traffic is putting lot of pressure on me as I want to reach college on time, so as I am on Frazer road, my mobile starts ringing and I receive it ” hi Rajan
( He ) hello, how are you baby?
( Me ) fine and what’s about you
( He ) want to meet you today
( Ritu ) oh I see! Than from where you will pick me?
( He ) as you wish darling
( Ritu moving towards that hotel ) I am going to my college but still on Frazer road
( He smiled ) ok I will pick you from your college ” as I know his intention of getting physical with me but I am not mentally prepared for it but who leaves it easily! So I reached college gate and it’s 10:25 am, my first lecture have been started and so I looked at roadside as Rajan have asked me to wait there. Now I moved towards a bus stop as I am waiting for him and after waiting there for 10-12 minutes I can see a white zen car and it stopped near me, so I can see him smiling and I moved towards it’s door as he opened the front door, so sitting beside him I asked ” oh, it’s too hot
( He ) sorry baby but have arranged cool place for you. ” And I felt bit shy as I know his intention of being physical with me but I am also dying for it and as he is driving the car towards Danapur I am bit confused, so I am shocked to see car moving towards that’s resort where I have enjoyed a day with my lover Naman but now Rajan have parked his car inside resort’s premises as we came out of it to walk together towards it’s reception and lastly, we both are in a room and I put my note books with purse on table as I sits on beds corner.
Rajan sits near me as he put his arm in my shoulder and as I turned my face towards him he put his lips on my face, so in return I put my both arms in his shoulders as I kissed his face hard and there Rajan become too horny as while holding me in his arms he slept on bed and as our sandals /shoes were removed, both are on bed while I put my legs straight. Ritu with Rajan are in clothes as he leaned his face on my face and starts kissing my face and lips, so my hand starts moving on his back as he hold my left breast to squeeze but feeling my clothes getting his hands while afraid of stains on it, I just pushed him and as I sit infront of him he hold my tops to remove as I starts unbuttoning his shirt and after a while, Rajan’s bulge is in my hand while both are in undergarments only. Ritu is semi nude with Rajan as he hold me in his arms and like a slut gal I sit on his lap with legs wrapped on his waist, so he have hold my hairs and as his long tongue starts licking my lips I can’t resist for more as I opened my mouth and swallows it to suck while Rajan’s hand is rubbing my nude back with my soft boobs pressing hard on his chest and as I am sucking his tongue hard, he unhooked my brassiere as took out it’s straps out of my shoulders. Now Ritu’s mouth is full of saliva and as it starts dripping I removed his tongue and he is too hot as he is rubbing my back hard, so Ritu knelt on his lap with both thighs apart as I put my chest infront of his mouth and like a hungry wolf he starts sucking my boobs, so I am screaming ” oh ah um it sounds sexy, lot of itching in my vagina dear ” and than Rajan left my left breast but in hurry he swallows my right one, so as he is sucking my breast my whole body felt the sensation as I am in fire ” uh oh Rajan love me more ” and my nipples got erected…… So both removed eachother’s panty and underwear also….
To be continued.

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