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From city boy to country girl 4

Jim quickly got out and opened my door, put his hands around my waist and lifted me up onto the seat. Smiling like he had won the lottery he strutted around to the driver’s side and got in then ask “how are you feeling tonight, the knee is bruised but you aren’t limping on it anymore, has the knot on your head gone down”. I watched and listened, amazed at how hard he tried to keep my attention leaned over giving him a peck on the cheek then said “thank you for the invitation it’s nice to get out of the house”. I finally noticed that his brothers were not in the back of the truck and ask Jim “why aren’t your brothers with us?”. He blushed and answered “well to be honest I wanted you all to myself and they both think they have a shot at being your boyfriend”. As we road along talking Jim paid more attention to my legs and breasts than the road. After the truck drifting onto the gravel shoulder several times I said “if you want pull over and get a closer look instead of getting us killed trying to sneak a peak”. The truck skidded to a stop in a cloud of dust and gravel, turned straight down into a large drainage ditch then clawed it’s way up the other side. Screaming like I am topping the first downhill of a bad ass rollercoaster the adrenaline rush of my first four-wheel drive experience hit me like a double Expresso coffee. Jim parked a little ways I from the road in an oak grove, I was on him before the truck stopped rolling. Facing each other I straddle him, looked into his eyes and waited (about 2 seconds LOL) for him to kiss me. The warmth of his lip’s caused me to moan, just a little, until Jim’s lip’s parted and I felt his tongue encircling mine. When we broke the kiss, I wiggled my ass back forth and stopped right on top of his swelling cock. “Okay do you think you can focus on driving?” I ask sarcastically and moved back to my seat. Well I’ve heard the term “looking like a deer caught in the headlights” and although I had never witnessed it would apply here. Jim was somewhat flustered taking a few moments before turning towards me and almost stuttering say “I believe so”. The look on Jim’s face was undeniably one of desire (combined with a pinch of surprise, well maybe more than a pinch). Once again though the ditch back on the road (gravel) we headed to the party. We crested a large hill and seeing the lights from the town (village, community, settlement) Jim proudly pointed out the “juke joint”. My hand made its way into his firm grasp, he pulled me closer and without protest I moved next to him. Laying my head on his shoulder I said “Jim you know I am 14 yrs old, you never asked me so I didn’t say anything, I don’t want to get you in trouble, maybe I should have said something earlier, but I really wanted to get out of the house and….and….be with you”. He squeezed my hand saying “that’s all good babe but I just made 15 this month, how old did you think I was”? Smiling big I responded “they grow the big out here, I thought you were at least 17, I mean you shave don’t you”? He told me he started shaving after he turned thirteen, when puberty hit. He smiled and ask “How about you, been through puberty yet? It for sure looks like the boob fairy came by”. I answered “Yes puberty came by, gave me periods, but made up for that by leaving these.” Then together to show off my cleavage. We were almost there so I flipped the vanity mirror down freshened my lipstick and straightened my hair, finishing up just as we found a parking spot. Jim leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips before getting out moving quickly to open the door and help me down. Taking my hand he said “ok babe let’s go introduce you to the guys”.

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