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From city boy to country girl 5

Jim’s brothers were quick to greet us, both asking how I felt and apologizing for the accident. I thought the boys were going to have a fight over who was going to bring me a drink. As quick as I could say “beer” they took off shoving and trying to trip each other, Jim yelled “in case anybody wanted to know I’ll take a beer too”. He laughed and said “I told you they are smitten, please don’t encourage them, oh unless of course you already got an eye on one of them. You know lane is your age and Steve is only a year younger, if you go for that”. Matching Jim’s facetious tone I replied “I don’t know, tough choices I may have to think on it. The young ones are easier to teach, eager to please and let’s not forget stamina, they have lots of stamina. Boys my age are “tweens” kinda caught between being a boy and becoming a man, too moody and high maintenance. Now someone a little older might not have the stamina he once did or have bad habits that are deeply ingrained making them difficult to break, but maybe they have some redeeming qualities… like patience, experience, confidence, oh yeah a driver’s license…. so many choices, maybe I shouldn’t rush, you know, get a look at what options are available to a single girl”. I was interrupted by Steve’s return, out of wind, covered with dirt he said I between breathes “here is your beer…. Terri…. you want me… to show…… You around?”. I thanked Steve then ask him where Lane went. Steve puffed his chest out then told me they had agreed neither one of them had a chance with me if they kept sabotaging each other. The solution they decided was a wrestling match to settle which one of them could be my escort tonight and that he won. “Told ya” Jim muttered and ask Steve where his beer was. It was hard not to bust out laughing but I managed to offer my beer to Jim with a straight face. “No that’s yours I get my own” he said and walked away. Steve seized the opportunity to grab my empty hand and lead me around like a prize show dog makings introductions as we went. I felt like a ribeye steak surrounded by horny… I mean hungry dogs lol. There were only 8 girls and 15 boy/almost men and since the other 7 girls were taken, the rest of the guys appeared to be focused on me. Emboldened by liquid courage of two beers I fanned the flames, flirting with each guy I met. Steve’s mood seems to change as we made the rounds and got back to Jim’s truck. “You know you are throwing a match on gasoline Terri, there will be a fight or two before the end of the party”. “Why” I ask, “over you of course, not to mention it doesn’t appear that you are making any female friends” Jim answered as he walked out of the darkness and stood next to me. He leaned over and ask me if I was finished checking all the options and that if I had them he had something to show me. Turning to face him, I rested my head on his chest and apologized for being somewhat of a bitch, but he had started it by asking if I had eyes on one of his brothers. “Busted, he is staring at my cleavage, mom was right about these” I thought as I looked up and ask innocently “what are you staring at”? Jim’s face turned red and stammered “nothing, so are you done, looking at options I mean”. I took his hand saying “I think I will take maturity over enthusiasm, lead on old man”.

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