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From love life to wild sex (part-1)

In this extremely superficial world

And they lose their virginity with love !!!

Chapter 1

Dex (Boy) and Nicks (girl)
On occasion of their anniversary and valentines they both decide to go out, To spend some good time. . . Dex and Nicks was on their first pvt date, he had booked one hotel room in Lavasa .

*Saturday 14 Feb *

Unexpectedly black clouds gathered silently, and they could feel the breeze while driving in car, her favorite romantic songs were being played on music system. (might be to make her mood romantic)
Sun was about to settle down, it was way more than beautiful 😍 and mesmerizing scenery she had seen ever. Living all those moments they reached to hotel, he took small peck of her soft pink lips, and told her to wait in the car.
He ran upstairs, went inside the room, the view from hotel window was like all beauty of nature has merged in front, the fetish pink red shades in sky were mesmerizing. Later Dex ensured that were all the arrangements he had planned.
He rushed apart and informed tge manager to spray her fav fragrance, the wild rose to add a perfect touch to the hotel room. Soon he realised that he had left his beloved in the car downstairs, he makes a way towards the window to call her out… But she was no where to look for. Suddenly all romantic mood and tickle of having fun, were grumbled to worry, Where is she??? Where did she went???

Chapter 2

He tried to call her, but she was not reachable just like the way I had lost her in reality. Suddenly The door bell rang. He rushed to open the door, and got numb, astonished. There she was wearing knee size Red one piece dress with net, enough to kill him with her beauty. Every inch of her was just beautiful, that he couldn’t took his eyes off, her bare shoulders, her curvy waist, and those heels, that smoothie soft lipstick, her eyeliner, she had beautifully attired herself, like every boy craves to see his soulmate till the last breathe of his life … Where words had no role to play…
She snapped her fingers to bring him to reality and blushed away, again he got assassinated by her smile. He just lifted her and went back to his dreamland.

Chapter 3

He kept revolving around until she giggled a lot, and told him to stop… As he stopped, she took her lips closer to his… And he was about to kiss her passionately but she made her way back, again came closer, again he was about to take a bite of her lips, and again she went back, Her teasing made him more passionate… And finally he grabbed her lips with his…. It lasted a much longer than any other, from one wall to another, they kissed each other passionately. He had a thought to breath for a while but her naughtiness had no end… she held his lips harder… and soon made him fall in love again, and grabbed his hand behind his head, and started to kiss on his neck… The only thing that Dex could do was to groan and feel her wildness…
And then after tearing away his shirt she was looking like real cowgirl who takes over her man… But suddenly cloud stroked each other, lightnings scared her, and made her hugged him very tight, like not just their bodies but their soul would get to become one!!! There was a heavy shower outside.

Chapter 4

He ordered a single cup of hot coffee so that they both could taste.
They both had fantasies to have hot coffee watching rain, being as much as closer they could.
Everything was going as he had imagined and planned for. He sat on a chair with naked upper body, watching rain, sipping some coffee! He turned back to see where Nicks was busy… And there She was waiting for him to turn back… As she noticed it, she started walking towards him in very seductive way, that was enough to melt any guy and turn him on he glanced her, red one piece, her sexy legs… Long open hair… She came closer to him and sat on his lap.
Nicks – still we are not much closer to each other and she winked.
(Dex kept his glass on table…)
Dex – let me tell you how close we can be.
(and he pulled her more closer, so they could feel each others breath)
He slowly made a liplock with her red lips .. Suddenly a thought struck his mind … He told her enjoy the taste of coffee .. As she sipped coffee, he took her head closer to his… And kissed her, and licked the coffee off her lips… She was stunned, what’s going on… ?
But he made her feel the romance that she was waiting for.
Rain down the windowsill was the only witness for their passionate kiss.
He started moving his finger from her ear to shoulder, to explore every inch of her hot shoulders… She started to feel butterflies in her stomach… And she lean a bit back. As she made her move Dex held her right in the open window making her wet in the rain water. And there she was a red hot angel just made to love you .. He kissed her cheeks, and then slowly bite her ear lobes… Ouchh she mourned … She could feel His warm breath tickling her ears as he put his head in her hairs… To feel her long hair… Way down he touched his lips on her naked shoulders. And bite, that’s what girls want, to get hard bite on shoulder, isn’t it? Dex knows that all tricks. And he removed her one piece, she was wearing matching hot bikini. With print of micky mouse, he giggled apart. And he explores saying, I am gonna play with this micky mouse, she blushed and closed her eyes.
He touched her sexy navel, slowly started moving his fingers to explore her chubby tummy, she got strong feelings. And he placed his lips on her hot navel. And started licking every inch of her body. She started moaning. Which increased his passion. Now he had reached to her soft cleavage.
He touched her nipples gently, and could feel they were getting hard. Softly he moved his finger, started circling them. Now they both could feel each others hotness. He pulled blanket over them as they were about to get nude. The cold breeze, rain and burning souls, cuddling naked, in hot blanket, great chemistry had begun.

He kissed her nipples over her bra, and start squeezing them with fingers. He grabbed her boobs in his both hand. Perfect round shape, boobs! He played with them. She leaned on his body blushing, and hugging him. Now his fingers made way to her back. He started exploring her back. Smooth and soft. His fingers touching her skin gently, slowly, making her feel good. That’s the only trick to turn the girls on. He knows it well, how to love his babe! He started rubbing her back softly and slowly initially … He pulled her bra strand with his teeth’s, and released them too, he was teasing her, as much he could.
Slowly, he took off her bra… And there she sighs…
He kissed her shoulders again. And he turned her up and let her lie on sleeping​ chair. He grabbed her boobs, started squeezing again. And placed her lips on pink hard nipples. She moaned again. He started licking boobs, and teasing them with his tongue. He took whole boobs in his mouth with creating tremendous vacuum in his mouth…. She pulled his hairs… Whether it was to stop or to bite harder… Who knows. After All she was girl, unable to predict. He played with them much long he could…
He started going down licking her navel, he started licking her thighs, gorgeous, soft as feather, fleshy as fish, he kissed on every inch of hers.. And simultaneously he rolled his fingers on to her legs. To create more feelings… And to turn her ON!!!, after loving her legs… He placed his two fingers on her clit. And started rubbing over panties. She moaned loudly… Yes baby, its all yours now. He started using all fingers to rub her clit. And licking her boobs simultaneously. She stood up and started walking towards the sofa.. She was looking bombshell, she was wearing high heels, in all certain might forget to remove down, but he got the best hot look from her, ever he had seen, tall girl, topless, just in panties, wearing high heels, walking in her damn fucking hot seductive style. Enough to turn his machine gun on. She nodded him with her fingers, “come to honey, baby!” and rest on sofa, legs were spread widened and squeezing one nipple she winked. He got high… Ran towards her, and started kissing her more passionately than before. And put his head in her private body part, and removed her panty with his teeth’s…. And she took her panty off in more seductive way… she was wet like the heavy rain, and it was a clear indication that she is ready to take the ride. He placed his lips on her clit, and started licking it. He ate her wild…
She grabbed his hair. And leaned backwards, to let him eat her up.. she was enjoying it… She kept moaning, yes baby, its yours eat it good! She was on cloud 9. And held his head more deep down. While eating he started fingering her sexy pussy, she felt some troubles to handle the pain, she ached her back… As it was her first time, she had a very sensitive stuff, but it was him, Dex pleasuring her gently. One after the another his finger inside her were unable to bare, she tried to pull his head out. But Dex knows, it was just the beginning towards pleasure, so he told her to enjoy it, and to wait for few minutes so you will get use to it. And he kept eating her, and fingering her slowly… She ached her back and told him, she is feeling something hot inside… And its very satisfying. She had cumed. SHE leaned on sofa moaning high, yeah, you made it, smiling, her pretty face, Dex was feeling happy. Now it was her turn, she pushed him off on the black sofa… And started dominating as a cowgirl, he took his pants off, he had a naughty banana print on his undies. She mentioned it as my fav. Banana, I wanna ride it. And winked. 8 inch rock hard curvy, was enough to astonish her. She touched its top. And started teasing him with her soft fingers touching his balls, and top of dick. And she spitted on top head. And giving naughty look she started sucking his dick, now he was on cloud 9, and as he had a very sensitive dick too, he was unable to bare it, but watching her passion, he let her play with it … After taking his dick deep in her throat, she gave him great blow job. His dick was erect fully now. She gave him clue, to put it in her, let the fire burn their souls. He let her lie on sofa. And he took his dick near to her pussy… He throbbed his dick head on her clit, she felt it hurting but enjoyed it too. .. He guided his dick inside her slowly, 2 inch of it went in, she had a tight pussy, and his dick was monster, it was a terrible moment, and slowly he started moving in and out… She was feeling damn good, he took pace, and now stroke her harder, and faster. Both was enjoying it, simultaneously he sucked her boobs, and started biting them as well, she was experiencing hell of tremendous pleasure.
He started to finger her again, and fucking her harder and more harder, she was moaning, yes baby bring it deep, more deep, faster… Yeahhhh, yesssss, her soft mesmerizing moans, made him crazy… He was riding her with speed, harder, as he could. And they both reached to climax, her heavy boobs, pink pussy, and hot figure, Dex was lucky guy to have her, he cum inside her pink pussy she said, I’m enjoying your hot cum inside, and today you took me to this heaven. They kissed each other with satisfaction and slept as they were, his dick was inside her. They hugged each other… The best day best evening she had experienced ever before!

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