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Fucked My Friend’S Wife | Kannada Sex Story

Fucked My Friend’S Wife

Hey this is Ravi and This is the real story which happened 7 months back.

I’m going to tell u how I fucked my neighbour.

I’m Ravi, my dick size is 6.5 inch from bangalore.

I’m from a decent background, but I had lots of crush on aunties because of there boobs and ass size and also I liked there boldness.

Her name was Shardha, age 28, size – 34 30 32, she was so hot and insane to see.

I did not had any such feeling on her and she was wife of my friend too… So I was bit afraid.

But I used to keep an eye on her, like when ever she bends I use to peep. This kind of things was going on, but she did not caught me, I was professionally in that.

Once I went to terrace to take some fresh air, she came there to wash her clothes in nighty.

We talked for awhile-

S- en madtha idyaa??

M- sumne gali thogoloke

It was a normal talk… After sometime, she started to wash, I just turned back to she her, I saw her big and perfect ass. I didn’t know what to react and I was horny too, seeing her ass.. So I thought of flirting with her.

M- en full sound bartha ithu nightu What I meant was they were fighting, so asked in double meaning.

S- with smile, en soundoo

M- gothila pa.. Neev ibru en madtha idre antha.

S- thu…. Athara en irlilaa tension agbeda.

I felt like I can talk in double meaning as she was not taking it in serious way.

That day I left her… Saying bye…

And next day, there was hug rain, I went to terrace to remove the blocked water, that time even she came to help me.

I was horny by seeing her in nighty. My tool was in standing position 6.5 inch, she say my tool more than 3 times. Even I was happy, because she saw my tool.

Next day, I was waiting for her appearance. There she comes… She was sweating, I could see her bra strip on nighty.

I sat next to her,

M- nim age enu??

S- nindh helu

M- 25

S- nin kintha 3yrs doddavlu

M- so nim aunty antha kariyala, shardha antha karithine andhe

S- nin ista kano… With smile.

M- en plans ivth

S- ganda and maklig massage madbek andlu

M- howdaa… nang body full pain kanne andhe

S- nan chenagi massage madthine… Kano

M- nangu madthya… Free idhaga andhe…

S- haa adik enu antha smile kodlu

Nan thunne full tent agith…. Avl nodi smile kotlu

S- enoo adhu andlu

M- ning gothilva kalli

S- nan astu dodd nodilvo andlu

M- howda… Nindh thullu paapa kanne…..

S- hmm.. Nan ganda du chikdu kano.. Neev bidu nin hendthi ge kushi padsthya andlu.

M- ningu bekaa kelu andhe

S- beda paa…. Andlu

After some hot chat, I had some work, so I said bye and left.

After 2 days, there was no one in our building, even my parents were out and her husband was to his offices.

Even she waited for that day and also me.

What happens, I will let you know in next part.

Text me (Kannada or English)

Email id- [email protected]

Jan. 31, 2023

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