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Tony is looking nice in her Indian traditional outfit. She is wearing a yellow saree and sleeveless blouse which is deep necked and backlash. We both are walking on grass at India Gate and eager to enjoy weekend together. Her hubby is out of station for 2-3 days and we have planned our weekend together. Now Tony and Garry is sitting on grass at India Gate and while looking at me, she said…… “Garry its a crowded place not safe for love, so I think we shall move to other place. ” And I surprised her while putting my lips on her face as she tried to show her reluctance while moving her face away.

Tony is bit shy and I moved closer to put my hand on her thigh while moving palms hardly on her soft thighs. She looked me…… “Garry you are too hot

(Garry) yes my sexy baby, see the couples busy in their work. ” While I put my lips on her lips again to kiss her. She is moving closer to me and her breasts are pressing against my chest. While holding her tightly I took her lips in my mouth to suck as Tony is pressing her breasts on my chest. Now she pushed her long tongue in my mouth and while sucking it my hand is moving on her back. After a while she took out her tongue from my mouth and feeling shy, she said… “I think garry if we move to deserted place, we can enjoy more

(Garry)sure hot baby, lets move with me. ” And we walked for 500 metres to reach a deserted park located near Patiala house. Its an official zone, so being a holiday park is almost deserted. We both are inside park with packed lunch as well as chilled beer. .

Tony is relaxed on grass while I took out cane beer from a small bag to open it. Looking at her, I opened the cane and lit on the cigarette to smoke. I am drinking it while Tony is smiling on me, now I throw the cane and took Tony in my arms. She has hold me tightly while my lips are kissing her face, she is brushing her breasts on my chest and lastly I made her sleep on grass. She has put her hands under her head and I pulled her saree from her chest. Now my both palms have grabbed her boobs to massage and she is screaming in joy. A deserted peaceful park has given us chance for fun and after massaging her breasts for some time, I asked her to move her bum upwards and I put a small bag under her round dome shaped ass. Now I can love her vaginal zone with my mouth and while sitting near her waist, I pulled her saree and peticote upto her waist and she has put her thighs crossed to cover her glory hole. Now looking towards each and every area of park, I sit near her waist and removed her G string. Now I leaned on her thighs to kiss it and later on licked her smooth thighs and put my face in between her thighs. .

Tony is on grass and my lips are on her labias to kiss it while my hand is moving on her tummy to breast. Now she opened her vaginal hole with her fingers and I pushed my 2/3 rd tongue in her vagina to fuck it. She is screaming in pleasure and I am licking her cunt with my hand pressing her breasts fastly. Now I took her vagina in my mouth to suck and she is spreading her legs wider. My penis is in full erection. After a while I left her gloryhole. Now I put her saree as well as peticote down to cover her vagina and thighs. Tony wake up and walked away towards dense bushes and I can see her sitting on legs with her clothes lifted to urinate. She came back and I have already removed my pant and brief to liberate my long erected cock. Looking at cock, she smiled and sit near me, she leaned her face on my penis and started kissing it, she is moving the glans on her soft face and lips. Lastly she guided my cock in her mouth to suck and while sucking it her saree has come down from her chest giving me nice visibility of boobs. I hold her both boobs in my palms and started pressing it while she is sucking my cock fastly. After some time her tongue is licking my penis and I am rubbing her bare back. Tony took my penis in her mouth and she is sucking it fastly with her head moving fast. Now I can feel pre cum oozing from my penis. So I took it out of her mouth. .

Its 12:25 am and a pleasant day for us in a deserted park. Tony took out a bottle of water and drink it. We both are in rest and looking at me, she asked….. “Garry are you ready to fuck me? My cunt is wet now. “I replied her and she is on her knees as well as elbows, like a bitch and I put her saree and peticote upto her waist. Now I pushed my cock in her juicy cunt and started fucking her with speed as well as power while Tony is swinging her ass fastly. My penis is moving inside at a great speed feeling the smooth path while she is moving her round dome shaped ass to enhance our pleasure. After 5-7 minutes of fuck her cunt become dry as she is shouting for cum, I poured my cum in her vagina to satisfy her. We both took rest there and left the park.

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