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FUCKED ZAHIRA – Dirty Sex Tales

Zahira as well as Garry is in rest as our sexual organs are well exhausted and we both slept till late evening. Its 05:25 pm as our eyes opened with her mobile ringing and Zahira……. “Hi Uzma, I left Vigyan Bhawan 30 minutes…… No Garry left me and I am well exhausted so I will meet you tomorrow. ” And she left the bed as she walked inside washroom. I am feeling energetic as I have slept for 2 hours and we both put our dress as she is in mood for some shopping.

Zahira is looking hot in her leggings as well as sleeveless crop-tops with a high heel sandle. We both left for room as we are walking in a busy market while holding her wrist. She took me inside a lingerie store and we both are choosing G strings as well as thongs and brassieres for Zahira. Looking at me, she said… ” Garry this black coloured thongs with push up brassier will be good for me.

(Garry) sure buy it but this red colour G string and brassier will look hot on you. ” We left lingerie store after shopping and than moved to a coffee shop to have coffee as we both have drunk wine, we are feeling headache. Its 07:15 pm as we both are in our hotel room.

I removed my dress and put a bermuda on waist as Zahira moved to washroom with bought items. Now I am sitting on sofa as I am making drinks for us, after a while Zahira came in room wearing a red colour brassier and G string. She is looking hot as well as sexy while her hot body is nude, her round boobs are looking wild in red transparent brassier as her flat tummy to waist are nude and I can see her nude pelvic zone while she is walking to me as her smooth thighs and sexy legs are making me hot. Zahira sits on my thigh as her arms are in my shoulder. She put her lips on my lips as I hold her back tightly to suck her tongue as she put her tongue in my mouth. While sucking Zahira’s tongue my hand is moving on her back and I hold her right breast to press it hard. Later on she took out her tongue and I screamed…… ” Zahira you are too hot baby.

(Zahira) sure Garry now I will drink wine and than suck your cock. ” We both drink 2-3 packs of wine and she sits on her legs on ground, pulled down my bermuda and started kissing my penis, her lips is moving from penile base to shaft and glans. Looking at me she took the glans and shaft in her mouth to suck as my one hand is massaging her breast. She is making my penis wet with her saliva of mouth and took it out, has uncovered the penis from foreskin to lick it, her tongue is rolling on the base of dick. Zahira is moving her tongue on my penis to lick, she is licking the glans as my hand is massaging her breast. Looking at me, she took my long cock in her mouth and started sucking it fastly. I am screaming in joy….. “Oohh uumm Zahira suck it hard but its time for fuck. ” And she left my cock as I went for refreshment.

I came back to see Zahira on bed as I am nude, I came on bed and removed her panty as well as brassier. Now she pushed me on bed and sits on my long cock as she has stretched her legs wide and I have hold her waist to keep it above my dick, looking at me Zahira hold my cock and she is pushing in her cunt. Lastly 1/2 of my dick is in her vagina and she is pressing her sexy ass down to swallow my 7-8 inches long cock but her vaginal flexibility is low and I fucked her from below to push my cock in her cunt, she screamed….. “Oihh Garry your dick is too hard.

(Garry) oh enjoy my dick but whats about your hubby’s dick. ” As I am fucking her from below while holding her waist to keep her bum above my dick. I can see Zahira in joy as she started moving her ass up and down, she is enjoying my dick. As I am feeling the heavy ass putting pressure on my long cock. After 10 minutes of deep penetration she is shouting….. “Oohh uumm Garry my cunt is in fire give my cunt rest. ” And I took out my long cock. Later on Zahira is sleeping on bed and need fuck in a missionary position, so I pushed my long cock and started fucking her hot vagina. While leaning on top I am pounding her vagina and she is moving her ass up and down, we both are hot as my penis is near to pour, I escalated my speed and shouted…… ” Oohhj uumm aahh I will cum soon baby. ” As my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina and we slept like a hot couple.

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