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Full Show – Dirty Sex Tales

It had been a very hot day with a lot of people finding that the heat was to much bear, the local swimming pool of the English town had become crowded with a maximum time of being allowed in the swimming pool being put into place to allow more people to be able to have a swim. The local park was packed with people trying to get a tan. Twelve year old Asif did not know what all the fuss was about he knew that in his home country of Bangladesh it often got a lot hotter than what it was here in London, he was on the balcony of the flat where he lived with his parents, the flat was on the tenth floor of a tower block which he was not keen on, Asif was looking over the edge of the balcony when sixteen year old Emma who lived in the flat next door to him walked out of her flat onto her balcony as she did she greeted Asif with her normal friendly greeting of hello titch, Asif smiled noticing that Emma was wearing bikini bottoms and a tank top, Emma lay down on a sun lounger putting on her sunglasses as she did, Asif went back inside his flat returning a few minutes later with a book which he started to read after sitting in a deck chair, Asif was distracted when Emma stretched as she did her crop top rode up a bit, Asif smiled and thought hello you two as the bottom of Emma’s ample boobs showed, after Emma had relaxed Asif thought stretch again, after a hour Emma got up from the sun lounger and went inside her flat, Asif carried on reading his book after, after nearly a hour Emma returned to the lounge with wet hair wearing just a towel, Asif thought I would have come in and washed you if you had called me, Emma sat in a chair combing her hair with Asif having sneaky peeps out of the corner of his eye, After a few minutes Emma got up from the chair and stood on a wooden chair then reached up above her head and into a cupboard as she did her towel fell from her body to the floor, Asif’s eyes went wide when he saw that Emma was now naked and he could see her bum, Emma got down off the chair turning as she did to pick her towel up, Asif could not believe his eyes as he saw Emma’s boobs and hairless love tube, Emma picked her towel up and walked from the lounge as she did Asif got another view of her bum, twenty minutes later Asif heard Emma’s door slam shut and knew that she had gone out, a few hours later it was a lot cooler and now dark, Asif knew his mum would not be home for a couple of hours and was sat in his lounge with out the lights on when he saw Emma’s balcony suddenly light up and knew that somebody was now in the flat, after a couple of minutes Emma walked out onto the balcony and waved at somebody before going back inside, Asif looked out and could not see Emma but after a few minutes Emma walked into the lounge completely naked, Asif saw her and thought wow twice in one day, Asif watch as the naked Emma sat in a chair loving the sight of her naked boobs and love tube, after a few minutes Emma started to rube her love tube, Asif thought go for it noticing that Emma now had erect nipples, Asif watched in awe as Emma rubbed her love tube and played with her very erect nipples and when she pushed her fingers inside her love tube and started to masturbate Asif thought better than the porn videos my cousin has got, Asif sat watching Emma as she masturbated and after ten minutes saw her gush, not long after Emma left the room, Asif thought come back, in her bedroom Emma phoned her best mate and said ” got naked and masturbated saw him peeking, it is your turn next.

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