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Sixteen year old Tracy was not in a very good mood her mum had gone out leaving her to look after her twelve year old brother, she would rather be out with her friends having fun, her brother was upstairs watching telly, Tracy was sat in the kitchen when she saw Don who was two years younger than what she was and a peeping tom, Tracy quickly opened the door and before he could run Tracy hit Don round the ear telling him to fuck off home, Don lived next door to Tracy and staggered backwards as he did Tracy heard Don’s mum yell ” get your hands of my boy” and seconds after her brother pushed past her saying I am going to my mates house as he ran down the garden path pushing past Don’s mum who was heading towards Tracy, Tracy got scared her mum could not control her and had given Don’s mum permission to punish her how ever she thought fit, Don’s mum grabbed Tracy by the arm saying ” I will teach you to hurt my boy dragging her back into the kitchen as she did, Don’s mum pinned Tracy over the kitchen table then to Tracy’s horror undid her skirt and pulled it free, Tracy could get free and felt her panties get pulled down and off, Don’s mum said humiliation is a very good of punishment, Don said ” nice bum” Don’s mum then rolled Tracy over onto her back, Tracy heard Don as he said nice cunt, Don’s mum then pulled Tracy’s tee shirt off, Tracy was not wearing a bra and when Don saw her large naked boobs his eyes went wide, after a few minutes Don’s mum released Tracy who ran naked to her room, the next morning when she went down stairs Tracy’s mum told her that Don’s mum had told her what had happened and that it served her right, at school Don started to tease her and after twenty minutes Tracy lashed out hitting Don round the ear, Don ran off, when Tracy got home she saw three of her classmates there who were lesbians and who Tracy bullied Don was also there, Tracy’s mum told her to strip and when Tracy said ” fuck off” her mum help her and the girls and Don pinned her to the floor and started to strip her and after a couple of minutes Tracy was naked she was then picked up and spread eagled on the table with her ankles and arms tied to the table legs, Don’s mum called ” you coming in for tea missus” and as Tracy’s mum left she said ” half a hour” one of the girls said ” beautiful tits” and started to rub them, Tracy yelled ” fuck off you slag” then saw Don stood with his seven inch erection out of his trousers, a girl said ” lets watch the bitch get fucked” the three girls stood and watched as Don slid his dick into Tracy’s love tube and start to thrust in and out and after five minutes one of the girls said ” look she is enjoying it her nipples are erect” and not long after Don felt her cum and said ” she has cum” and carried on thrusting in and out while the girls played with her boobs and after twenty minutes Don felt Tracy climax again and said so, Dawn then saw Colin one of her brothers classmates stood mouth wide open watching and when one of the girls said to him have a go Colin started to play with Tracy’s boobs after another twenty minutes Tracy climaxed again then Don squirted his cum over her body, not long after the gang left Tracy’s mum returned and after untieing her told Tracy to expect more if she did nor behave, Don was in his room looking at his viagra supply thinking I might need these but Tracy behaved after that day and Don got very disappointed.

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