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Game, Set and Match – Dirty Sex Tales

Erica was a girl I met in college. Tall, willowy, short ash blond hair and a complexion to die for. Eyes of the most startling blue. Freckles over her nose. Every guy on campus wanted to get to know her a lot better! Erica was rather aloof to most guys and I wondered about this. One night, after a few glasses of wine in my dorm room, I got her to open up. Here’s her story.

When I was 10 years, my father introduced me to tennis. At that age, I wasn’t all that good, but a series of tennis instructors worked me hard and, believe me, I got a lot better! By 14, I was winning matches at the high school level and had some interest directed my way from various private schools, but I convinced my parents that the local high school was where I wanted to go. Most of the limited number of my friends went there and, like most teen age girls, I just wanted to fit in.

I made the tennis team in my freshman year. The coach (Mr. Jacobs) had seen me play in the amateur league and couldn’t wait to get me out on the court.

“Erica, you’re a natural!”, he told me. “We’re going to win plenty of titles over the next four years if you stay focused on your game.”

I believed him. I knew I was good and all I wanted to do was get better. So, I kept my focus and many of the opportunities that other girls had sort of went by the wayside. I didn’t have much to do with boys (“Boys are a distraction, Erica!”, said my mother), friends, cloths, social functions, any form of drugs but most of all, sex – all these were a ‘distraction’!. It was tennis, tennis, tennis! By the time I was 17, I was All State Champion and competing in the national matches.

Around 16, I found that, if you touched yourself ‘down there’ in a special way, you could have what the other girls called a climax. During our ‘girl talk’ sessions, I found that the other girls on the team had started doing this within the past year or so. Since I was very sheltered by my parents, I really didn’t know too much about boy/girl interactions. Sure, from Sex Ed, I knew the mechanics of sex, but I only had the technical terms for various body parts. From the girls, I learned lots! Sex ed in 6th grade had taught me that what I had was a vagina. They called it their pussy, cunt, box, twat or snatch. That little nub at the top of my pussy was my clit. I blushed the first time I heard these names! Of course, I knew that guys had a penis, but there were lots of names for this! Cock, prick, dick, willy (for a small one!), whopper (for a big one). I didn’t know they came in various sizes, as the pictures in the sex ed books all made them look alike. Some of my team mates had actually let a guy put his cock into their pussy, which they called being fucked or getting laid. Well, that was an eye opener!

I would wait ’till I knew my parents were asleep, pull my night gown up over my chest and fondle my breasts, pinching the nipples. I would really start to feel warm and wet in my pussy! As things progressed, I would move one hand down and slip it under the elastic band of my panties, moving down until I had found the little nub at the top of my cunt. I would rub and pat that little nub, getting hotter and wetter. Sometimes, I would slide my fingers down through the slit of my sex, gathering the moisture that leaked from it and bring it to my mouth. I found that I tasted and smell of my sex was really good, and added to the great feeling building there. Usually, I would slide my panties down and spread my legs wide open, bending my knees, then slide one or two fingers between the inner lips and the channel just beyond. I couldn’t go very deep as there seemed to be something in the way and, when I pressed on it, it hurt a little bit. When I asked the other girls, they said it was my hymen or cherry (“OMG, Erica – you’re still a virgin!?!”, one of them shrieked. I was SO embarrassed! I could get my fingers in about two inches all the same. I would move my fingers in and out, all the while rubbing my clit with my thumb. I found I could get myself to climax within five to ten minutes that way.

When I graduated from high school, I had several offers from various college for full ride scholarships to play tennis for them on their women’s team (boy – I went from ‘girl’ to ‘woman’ overnight!). We (mom and dad, really) picked a school they thought would do the most for me and Dad submitted an application to a very selective 4 week tennis camp for that summer. They only took 14 students for each of their two sessions and I was admitted that year. The camp was out of state so I flew there with my parents, who were staying at a nearby hotel. They weren’t allowed in the camp and we students were confined to the grounds for the four week duration of our stay. We each had our own room and were separated by sex – boys in one building, girls in another. Our day started at 7:30, with a mixed breakfast. We would meet our instructor at 8:30 and begin our morning lessons.

Lunch and dinner were mixed affairs and we got to chat with our fellow students. One of the boys was really cute and he seemed to like me a lot as he made a special effort to sit near me when we would all gather in the common area after instruction was over for the day. His name was Neal, and he was from Denmark, here on a student exchange. My parents were from Denmark (actually, I hold dual citizenship as I was born in the US, but my parents still held onto their Danish citizenship) and I spoke pretty good Danish, so Neal and I could converse in that language. and he was about three inches taller than my five foot six height. He was well built and a strong tennis player (although I beat him in three set matches out of the nine we played against the boys during our stay there!). Neal and I became friends – and a lot more. I felt really close to him and we started seeing each other after the rest of the camp got quiet at night. We weren’t exactly confined to our building, but with a 7:30 start time, you really needed your sleep! Neal and I would sneak out to the vacant courts and sit and talk in the empty bleachers. Other then bringing myself off with my fingers, I was very uneducated in matters of what happened between the sexes and what a boy did with a girl. Based on what the girls in school said, the first time you got laid, it could hurt, but after that, it was wonderful. Just make sure the guy had a condom or that he pulls out before he cums – unless you want to get knocked up!

I let Neal kiss me and that was really nice. The next night, he kissed me and moved his hand to my breast, tweaking the nipple through the material if my blouse, just like I did at home and, just like when I did it, I started to feel my pussy start to get wet down. Somehow, his fingers squeezing the nipple felt so much better than when I did it to myself. My arms were around his neck and we were locked in a kiss. His other hand slide under my skirt and along my thigh, moving higher and higher. By now, my panties were soaked with the fluid leaking from my cunt, the smell of my arousal heavy in the air. Oh, I didn’t want him to stop!

His fingers slide under the hem at the leg of my panties, pushing the soaked band covering my sex aside, and finding my clit. This felt SO much better than when I did it myself and I opened my legs to give him access to my whole pussy, the slick lips spread wide, and I could feel him seeking the opening they enclosed. His fingers slide back up, traced a circle around the my clit, sliding back down to play at the opening of my pussy, one of them pushing in and out.. My hips were moving up and down, seemingly of their own accord!

“Erica, this isn’t the place for us to go much further”, he said. “ Let’s go to the club house. I’m sure it’s empty now.”

We climbed down from the bleachers and went to the club house, finding no one there. To be sure, we went in the back way, finding an empty conference room. Neal closed and locked the door, to make sure we weren’t interrupted. There were several couches in the room and he led me to one. I wasn’t sure if I would let him fuck me but, by now, I wasn’t sure I would stop him! I didn’t want him to stop! We sat side by side and he turned me to kiss me, his hand moving back under my skirt. I opened my legs again, and he was rubbing my slit through my panties and playing with the clit again.

“God, Erica, you’re really wet!”, he said (like I didn’t know it!).

He got the band aside again and slide two fingers between my cunt lips and into the opening between them, rapidly pressing them deeper and deeper. I felt him pushing against my hymen and scooted back a little because it started to hurt. He slowed down, twisting and moving his fingers around just inside the opening, still pressing against my cherry.

He removed his hand and moved it to the waistband of my panties, hooking it and pulling them down over my abdomen. By now, I was laying so my ass was hanging over the edge of the couch and he was able to get my panties over my hips, down my thighs and finally pooled at my feet. My legs were open, widely separating my pussy lips, my clit hard and begging for attention. The cool air on my overheated sex was great! I felt the liquid seeping from my vagina running along the insides of my thighs. Neal now came down on his knees between my legs, lowering his face to my upturned, wide open pussy. I felt his tongue lick me from my anal rose bud all the way up to my clit, where he stopped and flicked his tongue over it several times. His hands were at my breasts, kneading the soft tissue and pinching and squeezing my nipples. The sensation was awesome and, in that moment, I knew I was going to get fucked right here and right now! I wanted this more than anything in the world – I needed to be fucked!

Neal continues to slurp away at my pussy for what seemed like an hour, but was really only moments. His tongue invaded my channel, lapping up the nectar that continued to flow from me. His hands left me breasts and I heard him unzip his fly and undo his belt. He somehow managed to get his shorts down and freed his cock without his mouth ever leaving my flowing pussy. He finally raised his face, coated now with my girl juices. He leaned forward and kissed, letting me taste my own pussy juices which were smeared on his lips and face. I was turned on even more as I tasted myself and knew my pussy was about to be impaled on his cock! He moved forward and brought the head of his dick to rest against my cunt, rubbing the underside up over my clit. My hips were rising and falling, following that hard tool as it sawed up and down between my pussy lips.

He rose up slightly, just enough to bring the head to the opening of my vaginal channel. I looked down between us and saw he had at least an eight inch cock, with a wide plum shaped head, which was slowly disappearing into my pussy, pushing the lips aside, opening me to his hardness. The head was in about an inch when he came to my hymen. He stopped and backed up a little, than slide it forward, increasing the pressure on it, now not stopping as he thrust it forward, tearing it apart! God, it hurt! I had just been deflowered! I squealed and buried my head in his shoulder, my hips trying to retreat from the male presence invading my deflowered cunt! He wouldn’t let that happen, as he continued to slide his cock into me, not stopping, stretching me wide, thoroughly fucking me!

I felt the base of his cock tap my clit, his balls slapping my upturned ass. He was completely seated in me now, his cock buried to the hilt! His hips flexed back, his cock sliding up, the top of it dragging over my engorged clit and the pain of being deflowered started to recede. Every thrust of his hip lessened the pain, increased the pleasure I was receiving from my very first fucking! “God, Erica! You’re getting laid!”, I thought. “I guess Mom would say that this is a distraction – but it’s one I’ve needed like forever!”

Neal now had my bra pushed up over my breasts and was nipping first one then the other nipple as he continued to pump into me. In and out his cock would slide, building my climaxes to heights I had never reached with my fingers! I came again and again, the sensations never coming completely down before I would feel yet another building deep inside, like a balloon inflating in my belly and abdomen, radiating waves of pleasure from my cunt all the way up to my chest! His cock felt SO GOOD!

He kissed me again, his tongue, which had so recently been buried in my cunt, now invading my open mouth as his cock invaded my open pussy. He had taken me completely – dominating my body. My pussy belonged to him! The cords of my neck stood out as I went through one soul shattering climax after another, I was holding onto his neck, with my legs wrapped around his hips, my toes curled, my hips bouncing up and down to match his thrusts.

I felt him start to clench and, somehow realized he was going to cum. “Neal – PLEASE don’t cum inside me!” I whispered hoarsely. “I don’t want to get pregnant! I’m not on any kind of birth control!”

He looked down at my upturned face and smiled. “I’ll pull out”, I heard him mummer. I trusted him.

He pumped a few more times, and I watched as he grabbed the base of his cock, pulling it completely out of my distended pussy, holding it and shooting jet after jet of his cum onto my belly. It felt so hot! The emptiness in my pussy was disconcerting – I had just been fulled to the breaking point by the greatest cock I could imagine, and now there was nothing in there! His cum pooled on my abdomen, running down each side of my hips. It had started to cool and, man, was it sticky!

Well, he had fucked me! Completely, thoroughly fucked me! Now the clean up (“With what?”, I thought). We found some paper towels someone had left from a coffee hour and used them to wipe the couch off and clean both his now deflated cock and my pussy. As I stood there, my legs open, more of his cum ran down my abdomen and over the front of my thighs. I was wiping myself, trying to clean off all the girl juices which still ran from me. Neal sat there, smiling at me.

“What’s so funny?”, I asked.

“You are. You funny and beautiful and wonderful! I can’t help myself! Every time I look at you, I smile.””

We got back to the resident buildings without anyone seeing us. Neal and I made love for the duration of the camp (just about every night!) and I didn’t get as much from the instruction as my parents had paid for as I was pretty tired each morning. Neal went back to Denmark at the end of the camp. We kept in touch and he asked me to marry him next year. I’ve accepted, but my parents don’t know so I’m just going to tap my savings, get an airline ticket and fly over after New Years. That’s why I seems so distent to the boys here at school – I already got the guy of my dreams!

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