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GARRY WITH NINA – Dirty Sex Tales

Its 08:45 am as our mom and dad left for Amritsar. We have a nice coffee all together, as Nina locked the door and walked towards balcony with a bed and pillows, Lisa is sitting with me on sofa as she is thinking about her work. After a while she took a bottle of oil and butter cake, I walked towards balcony……. “Nina you will sleep here baby.

(Nina) yes a nice massage from you Garry, come on. ” And I sit on bed as she is wearing a crop-tops with shorts. Now I removed her tops and pulled down her shorts, like a hot blonde she is naked as I made her sleep and leaned on her face to kiss. I am kissing her face to lips, as I moved down to kiss her boobs and took her breast in my mouth to suck with one palm massaging her right breast..

While sucking my sister’s breasts, I started licking her areola with my tongue as she is screaming and I moved downwards to kiss her tummy and deep navel. She is rubbing her thighs as I put my lips on her thigh to kiss, now her thighs are going away and I put a pillow under her ass. Now Nina has stretched her legs wide apart, looking at her, I put my thumb in between her labias to rub her inner hole as I opened the bottle of oil and put it on her boobs to tummy and waist. My palm is moving on her soft breasts to waist, giving her a nice massage on her breasts to make it hot. Now her hot body, covered in oil is shinning with sun rays reflecting on it, I took butter cake and started rubbing it on her vulva as well as labias. She is screaming in joy as butter cake is in between her labias to make it lubricate. Now I leaned my face in between her thighs and started kissing her labias as she opened her vaginal hole to have my long tongue in her glory hole. My 2/3 rd tongue is fucking her vagina as she is screaming…… “Oohh uumm Garry fuck me dear, my vagina has some itching. ” As I am fucking her cunt with my tongue, I can hear some sexy voice….. “Oohh Garry, you are having your breakfast. ” And she sits on bed. I took her labias in my mouth to suck as I am sucking it, Nina pushed my head back to liberate her vagina from my mouth..

I walked away as I have to drink water. After a while, I came back as I can see Lisa smiling on me…… “Garry will you provide me a good massage.

(Nina) aunty please leave us for my need and I know you have got a nice fuck with Garry. ” And Nina pushed me on bed and pulled my bermuda down to make my cock nude. Now Nina is on my top as she is kissing my face to lips and I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She is sucking my tongue as my hand is moving on her nude back, my fingers is moving in her ass crack and Nina left my tongue to kiss my chest. While kissing my chest to flat tummy her breasts are brushing on my body. Now Nina is sitting near my waist and I looked towards Lisa…… “Aunty why are you so sad, come here. ” And Lisa came near my face..

Garry is sleeping on bed as Nina has hold my penis tightly to kiss it, she leaned on my penis as she uncovered the foreskin of penis and guided my long cock in her mouth to suck. Now Lisa is looking towards me as I pushed my hand under her night gown to touch her thighs and pelvic zone, she came on my face and lifts her gown upto her waist. Now my face is below her vaginal zone and I put my lips on her labias to kiss as I can feel Nina licking the base and shaft of my penis. While sitting on my face with her legs wide apart, Lisa put her fingers to open her vaginal flexibility as I pushed my long tongue in her vagina and started fucking her glory hole. Nina started sucking my cock fastly as I licked Lisa glory hole for some time. Now we three are sitting on bed as I removed my aunt’s gown to make her nude. Now I hold their boobs to press hard and asked….. “Now what you both want ?

(Nina) I need a fuck Garry.

(Lisa) ok Garry fuck her as I will enjoy later with you. ” And Nina is on her knees and elbow, I pushed my long cock in her juicy vagina and while holding her waist, I am fucking her fastly. Looking at me, Nina started swinging her ass fast and my penis is fucking her with speed as well as power. My long cock is hitting her vagina as my hand has grabbed her boobs to press it hard. After 10 minutes of deep penetration my penis ejaculated cum inside her cunt as we both moved to washroom.

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