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Girls Football – Dirty Sex Tales

The school students were very excited for the first time in eight years their girls football team had reached the final of the school girls cup and were lining up ready for kick off, proud families were on the touch line watching their sixteen year daughters getting ready for the game, and finally after a few speeches from various people the game began. Mr. Khan the sixty year old Bengali school caretaker was sat in his office that overlooked the changing room when he saw the young cheerleaders returning he watched the five cheerleaders who were all four years younger than the footballers, he heard Karen say ” wait lock the door in case the old pervert of a caretaker comes down” he saw one girl go to the door then return to her mates and say it is locked, Mr Khan then smiled when he saw the girls start to remove their cheerleader costumes and was soon looking at five naked cheerleaders as they showered, he admired their love tubes and developing boobs after twenty minutes the girls were drying and getting dressed then one by one they left the changing room. Mr Khan went to lock up the school and heard a big cheer and guessed somebody had scored, After quite some time Mr Khan heard that the school had won and saw families drifting away a hour later the girls were still in their football kit and were boozing and knew it would be a long night after another hour Mr Khan saw that the girls were all drunk and still boozing then slowly one by one the girls started to fall asleep. Mr Khan knew that apart from the team the school was empty and all doors were locked, Mr Khan looked at the girls and thought my retirement fund then went to Cindy the biggest racist bitch he knew and after getting no response from shaking her lifted her jumper and on seeing her naked boobs smiled he then pulled her jumper off followed by her shorts they slowly did the same to all the girls and then stood back and looked at the entire team including subs naked bodies he got his camera and started taking photos he then went to each girl and rubbed their boobs and love tubes. During the night the girls started to wake up and by five in the morning they had all dressed and gone. The next day Mr. Khan was five thousand pound richer and the Bengali community were having great fun looking at the pictures of the naked girls football team None of the girls could remember how they had ended up naked but all agreed nobody had had sex with them and decided it must have been their boyfriends, A week later there was a big retirement party for Mr. Khan during which he took a last walk round the school during which he saw Cindy with her top down sucking off a boy from her class and two more waiting. Mr Khan watched from behind a pillar using his phone to film events, after a few days the film that Mr Khan had took of Cindy was circulating the school, Cindy started to get. lots of phone calls from boys asking for a blow job and Cindy became very unpopular with the girl friends of the boys she had blown at Mr Khans farewell party.

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