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Giving in – Dirty Sex Tales

I caught the train everyday for work. I was always told to be careful,to be wary of travelling alone. A feat no one enjoys… until now.

Routinely I caught the night train back home. I always kept a sharp eye, afraid of thieves or men with unsavoury ideas. One man definitely stood out. He wasn’t young, I’d say in his 40’s. He had a beer gut, not in the greatest shape. However I often found him looking at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

“Urgh” I thought, “In your dreams you fat perv.”

Soon the looks became more obvious. Night after night I saw him. Inching closer. Until finally, he got what he wanted.

The bus was exceptionally crowded, we were all pressed together. The smell of sweat and the heat filling the air. I was stood, desperately holding on to the ceiling handles in the hopes I wouldn’t fall asleep. I felt someone pressing against my back. And my ass.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s crowded” I thought.

Soon the pressing sensation increased, almost rhythmic. I felt a hardness. Then I saw the reflection in the window. It was him. He kept a completely straight face, paused, then continued.

Mortified, I remained still. Hoping it would pass. But soon I felt his fingers, travelling up my skirt. I reached out to stop him, he responded by immediately cupping my pussy, grinding his palm into my clit.

I enjoyed it. I didn’t want this, but I didn’t want to stop it either. And he knew it. He gently ran his finger up and down my moistened pussy through my underwear, then his hand rapidly delved into my pants. He rubbed my clit harder each time, every so often sliding and teasing at my wet hole. I told him no, and no again. 3rd time was the charm, he rammed two fingers up my cunt unexpectedly, gently weaving in and out. I found myself squeezing and pushing myself onto his fingers, then the bell went off. My stop!!

I gathered myself and took off, as I stepped off the train I saw him sniff his fingers, seeing how wet I’d had been.

I felt ashamed, yet thrilled. I almost smirked to myself as I made my way through the dark side street. Thinking how glad I was that it hadn’t escalated. However I heard the footsteps, and attention seeking coughing. It was him. He’d followed me like a dog tracking the scent. I tried to speed up, however I found myself walking to even more secluded areas. Bait waiting to be taken.

Before I knew it, he had hold of my arm. We were around some garages. He gave me a look, and I stopped resisting. He broke into one of the garages, and pulled me inside. There was a table, a dim light, and a rope strapped to the ceiling. This was HIS garage!!

At first I thought oh god, what have I done? But before I could react, he pinned me against the wall.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”

I nodded.

“However, I’m gonna fuck you. I want to slide my cock up your pussy and make you feel good. What do you think about that slut?”

Once again, I nodded.


He crammed his fingers up inside me once again. We were no longer confined to the train. We were able to make noise. He had no reason to tease, he thrust his fingers into me as hard and fast as he could. My juices squelching around his fingers as my back slammed against the wall. He kept his face near mine.

“You like this bitch? It gonna feel so much better when it’s my cock making you cum.”

He yanked his fingers out of me, making my body shudder. He took my hands above my head, and restrained me. I was hanging from the ceiling, my toes on the floor just enough to spare me any pain.

He literally ripped off my shirt, and wasted no time sucking on my erect nipples. He made his way down and forcefully removed my skirt, tearing off my underwear.

“I’m gonna bury my tongue in your cunt. I’m going lash at your clit until you beg me to ram my cock in you.”

He gently flicked his tongue across my throbbing clitoris. Lingering until I found myself desperately thrashing myself at his face, sadly he held my hips back.

He was there, on his knees grinning up at me. Then…holy shit. As promised, he lashed his wet tongue across my clit like a man possessed. His head was moving up and down so fast as he alternated between jabbing my clit with his tongue and thrusting it into my seeping pussy, moaning into me all the while.

I clamped my legs around his head, so ready to cum. Then he pulled away. He knew how much I wanted to cum, he purposefully denied me that. Grinning away, he spun me around so once again his cock was grinding on my ass. The tip ever so gently pressing against my soaked hole.

“You want this fat cock deep in your pussy?”

I nodded with a groan.

“Say it, say you want me to fuck you hard.”

I gave in,

“Yes please, fuck me hard!!”

Before I could finished my sentence, he thrust it in me so hard I nearly got whiplash! He started with slow yet hard thrusts. Getting faster, faster, harder and harder. Soon his balls were slapping against me whilst I was screaming, my body being ricocheted back and forth by his furious cock. My legs began to buckle, I felt the orgasm filling inside me, every dirty thing he hissed in my ear bringing me closer to soaking his dick in my juices.

“You like this cock? Yeah you do. Take it you slut, I’m gonna fuck you until you’re sore. You want this cock?”


“I’m gonna push this throbbing dick in your ass, you want that?”

I’d never really tried anal before, I was hesitant. I said “No, it might hurt.”

“At first but it’ll be worth it whore.”

He unhooked me from the ceiling restrains, keeping my hands bound, and lay me face down on a thick carpet. I was nervous, but curious. I’d never taken a dick up the ass before, but he was so good. My entire body was pulsating. I was a willing slave.

He lay on top of me, stroking his cock up and down my sopping cunt. He spat on his fingers and circles around my tight anus.

He slowly but surely pushed himself inside.

Not so bad I thought, a mere stretching sensation. Until he gave a second almighty thrush then went as deep as he could possibly go. I yelped out in pain, it wasn’t agonising, just unexpected. He held down my arms and told me,

“Relax, just take it. Once you loosen up you’ll be dripping wet. Bet I can make you cum from fucking your ass, like a dirty bitch.”

He slowly pushed himself in and out. He didn’t increase the speed, but he did increase the force. Harder each time, grunting, almost with punishing rage each time.

I felt my ass loosen, there was a pressure building. It felt good. It felt REALLY good. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, he rolled us over. He was laying on his back, I was laying on his front, both of us facing the ceiling. There was a mirror, I could see myself lying there with a strangers cock squeezing in and out of my virgin asshole. He was right, I was dirty. And I loved it.

He put his hand between my legs and grinned his palm against my clit and putting his fingers inside me. Picking up the pace, cramming his clock up my ass whilst slamming his fingers inside my glistening dripping pussy.

“Come on bitch, all over my cock. CUM YOU WHORE!!”

Harder. Faster, I arched my back, I’d never felt anything like this before. My legs trembled like hell, I needed to release. I saw in the mirror, release came. I squirted up the mirror, my body jolting almost like a seizure as I had the greatest orgasm. He let out an almighty groan through gritted teeth, before filling my ass with his cum.

He was right. I certainly was a dirty bitch now.

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