# Goa trip with Manjulata #

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Hi guys m Kushal again with new story..
Recently I have posted the story
# Affair with friend’s mother-in-law #
So her name is Manjulatha..

As I have said about Manjulata, so in this story I’ll tell little bit for information..
Manjulata is a 52yrs old widow, staying in Mumbai, she is very fair and beautiful lady, coming to her stats 34-30-36.. Superb sexy structure anyone can fall in love with her structure OMG such a sexy slut.. 🙂

We had sex regularly from the time we met since her husband died 10yrs ago and she is very desperate so she gave up everything for me now she is my personal slut..

Coming to the story, I and Manju had sex in hotels, in my flat and same as her home, we wanted to try new and enjoy our sex life so we planned to Goa trip… It was 6 in the evening, We both book a flight tickets, our flight was @11am, so we went out for shopping, normally Manju used to wear sarees and chudidhar.. I asked her to buy pair of bikinis to play in beach, and I took Bermuda and vests, she purchased her jockey.. Tshirts and skirts and some tees for me too.. Then went to out for dinner and returned home and packed our bags.. It was very thrilling and excited to visit Goa with my sexy slut at 9:30 we booked cab and left the home. @10:15 We reached airport and finished all our formalities in airport finally it was time to move on….
@12:30 We reached the Goa, we took a taxi and asked driver for the best resort.. He took us to GOA MARRIOTT RESORT & SPA it was an amazing place for the couples to enjoy…
We took a room and went to room we were in excitement.. It was an awesome feeling… We placed our luggage down & closed door
Manju: wow nice room
Me: yeah baby
Manju: love you dear
Me: love you too baby
We both hugged each other, and started kissing passionately… Biting each other lips.. With warm air passing through out breathe… Rolling our hands on back.. We went to bed, laid her on the bed I removed my shirt she was in chudidhar, I slept on her again started kissing… I pressed her soft boobs, hmmm… Uhhh… Breathing heavily uhhh… I came down to her navel lift her chudidhar up & kissed her navel hole.. Inserted my tongue in her deep navel and started licking her navel.. She couldn’t control she pressed my head through her navel making me hard and moaning ohh… Uhhh… Sssss…
I kept her in her leggings.. Rubbing her wet pussy on her panty… She ejected her precum.. I made her to sit removed her chudidhar top and bra, squeezed her boobs hardly… Uhhhh ochhhh… Hmmmm she started to moan, she holding my dick on my pants and rubbing my dick on pants.. Uhhhh.. She unhooked my pants and removed my boxer I was fully naked… She bent in front of me hold my erect cock on her hand giving me a handjob.. Hmmmm huuummmmm ohhh… Later she kept it in her mouth and sucking my dick.. She gave me a blowjob for 5min.. I removed her leggings and panty.. I licked her pussy and same time rubbing her clitoris… She was moaning louder…. Ahhhhh…. Now we changed to 69 position I slept down and she came on top of me where she is giving me a blowjob and I was licking her pussy, now we are ready for the session… I slept in same position she came on me took my dick in her pussy and started to ride my cock.. Her huge tits are bouncing like balls I hold them and pressing hardly…. Ohhh…. Hmmmm…. Uhh…. Then, I made her to sleep side of the bed I came down on bed standing I took her legs and placed on my shoulder I inserted dick… In her pussy hmmm…. I started fucking her… Slowly… Later increased the speed she was screaming like a hell ohhh god… Uhhhh… Fuckk…. Baby love uuuu fuck me…. Uhhh… Fuck… More…. Uhh…. Uaa….. Ya…. Mmm… Fucked her for 10min I came in her pussy she took my dick and sucking it


What happened in Goa I’ll tell you in second part…

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Waiting for your replies…

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