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Hard Massage by jane – My Sex Stories

Back in the 70s I lived on Penang Island in Malaysia. It was common knowledge among the expatriate women that their men were regular visitors to a variety of massage clubs on the island and that as well as a genuine massage their were extras to be had. The all inclusive body massage was just that.

After a particularly strenuous day of sport I decided to treat myself to one of these massages I had heard so much about. I went to a local 5 star hotel in Georgetown (Penangs main city) where I knew there was one of these clubs and, thinking of nothing more than the massage, in I went.

A variety of services were on offer ­ all at very cheap prices ­ and it was then that I recalled all of the stories I had heard. For safety sake I chose the all inclusive full body massage with two masseuses, thinking that with two girls massaging me there could be no funny business. I was also asked if I wanted a hard massage or soft. Thinking about a deep tissue massage I elected for the hard massage.

I was asked to have a shower and put on a large fluffy toweling robe. The hot shower was marvelous and I stayed in for a while soaping my 5’10 38-26-36 body. I was 26 at the time and in good shape because all I had to do for our three year stay up there was to play sport and relax.

On entering the massage room I was greeted by my two masseuses and quickly realised that neither spoke much English. Both were no more than 5 feet tall with tiny slim bodies and small delicate hands. English or not, they soon made it clear that they wanted me to remove the robe and lay face down on the massage table. Feeling completely comfortable with the two young women in the room I did as they indicated and lay down totally nude, face in the hole made for the purpose, arms by my side and feet together ­ for modesty of course.

Then began the most fantastic massage I have had before or since. One on each side they started in at my neck and worked up and down my back until I felt like my spine had dissolved. I was totally relaxed and jumped just a little when the girls took a buttock each and began vigorous circular squeezing motions of those large muscles. After a while they eased the pressure and I was startled as they were obviously easing my buttocks apart as they worked their magic. My feet were still together but I realised that my nether opening and a large part of my pussy was on display each time they separated my buttocks.

As I reflexively clenched my butt cheeks together both girls started making soft cooing noises, gently rubbing my back at the base of the spine. Again I relaxed and again they began easing my buttocks apart. I realised then that this was not accidental and the realisation hit me like an express train. I was instantly wet and I felt my sexual juices begin seeping towards the outer lips of my cunt. The girls obviously noticed as well because I heard them whispering to each other followed by soft little chuckles as they discussed my obvious arousal.

Gradually their grips changed and before long they were gently spreading my cheeks with one hand each whilst the other explored the very sensitive inner thigh area. Soon I felt fingertips brushing my fur and the edge of my cunt lips. By now I was fully aroused but was too embarrassed to move or object. I was torn between pleasure and embarrassment but soon pleasure won. What tipped me over was when one of the girls wriggled a tiny finger into my bung hole and began massaging the internal walls. Just as I was about to cum she maddeningly withdrew her finger and both girls moved to my feet leaving my squirming on the table trying to rub my clit against the table but without success.

As they worked their way up my legs I was silently begging them to return to my cunt. Closer and closer they eased until once again they were working on the inside of my thighs. I tensed, waiting for the moment when they would again touch my most intimate areas. Then, just when it seemed inevitable, they stopped altogether leaving me totally tense and frustrated.

One then tapped me on the shoulder to turn over. As I did she said ³hard massage?² I could only nod shakily thinking that this must be the code for them to give me the release my body craved. I lay on my back and they lay a large warm towel over the front of my body and I began to settle down a little confident that they would bring me to orgasm sooner or later.

They began at my shoulders and worked down toward my wrists. Even the palms of my hands and the fingers were massaged. As they finished and lay my hands at the edge of the table I was almost dozing. Then I realised that my hands had been secured to the edge of the table by soft wrist cuffs. I immediately panicked but again one of the girls soothed me back down and repeated ³hard massage, hard massage² nodding reassuringly.

As this was happening the other girl had secured my left ankle to the corner of the table which really began to freak me out. I must have been making too much noise because suddenly there was another girl in the room and between the three of them I found myself gagged with a thick padded leather strip. All the time they were repeating ³hard massage’ and ³good time² and other stuff like that but I was wondering what I had really let myself in for.

Finally all three grabbed my other ankle and, spreading my legs wide, secured it to the other corner of the table. As if this wasn’t enough, they also put a cuff just above each knee and separated my thighs even further. I should point out that at no time did they hurt me despite my panicky state. They were firm but gentle. Laying on my back spread out and nude I was in no position to argue anyway.

The third girl left the room and the other two locked it behind her. The other two were still making soft cooing noises, stroking my head, arms and legs and despite my predicament I began to relax again ­ but only a little ­ I had visions of some Asian giant coming into the room to rape me but my fears proved groundless.

Again, both girls approached me one from either side. This time they poured a heated scented oil onto my belly and began to massage my stomach which was still heaving from stress and not a little fear. Then they did my legs from the ankles upward towards my crotch. I was well aware that my cunt was on full view to both girls and that thought together with their now gentle manner and skilled hands, soon had my pussy juice seeping from my cunt again.

Then, the same girl bent to my ear and whispered ³hard massage² for the final time. Despite my bonds I was hot again and nodded urgently. She spoke to the other girl in Chinese and as if on signal the hot oil was poured onto both of my nipples, which by now stood out proudly from my breasts. The oil felt very hot but not enough to burn. Instantly each girl took a breast and they began to work their magic.

Starting at the base, they took as much breast as they could in two hands and squeezed firmly. They then stretched the breast up and away from my body but at the same time letting my heated flesh slide through their grip. It was as if each girl was masturbating a giant cock, but in this case each was firmly massaging one of my breasts. I quickly found out that those small delicate hands were also very strong. As the pressure increased I began to realise what they meant by hard massage.

Before long, the stretching of my tit flesh was culminating in a quick squeeze of my nipples on each upward stroke. Very soon again, these tweaks turned into serious stretching exercises in their own right. My nipples felt like they were being torn off but these girls knew their business. I was pouring juices as my nipples and breasts swelled beyond anything I had ever experienced. As one girl backed off, the other took to both nipples, twirling them around her slim fingers and stretching out the entire tit just by her grip on my nipples. As the pain began to get too intense she eased off at just the right moment and went back to just massaging both of my reddened breasts.

I was almost delirious with pleasure by now despite the rough treatment of my breasts. Surely now they would let me come.

I felt the table move slightly, opened my eyes and felt a shudder course right through me. The other girl was kneeling up between my legs rubbing some sort of lubricant all over her hand. I was shaking as she lowered her glistening hand toward my cunt but at first I felt nothing. She was so gentle and her fingers so small I couldn’t tell how many she had in me, but I certainly felt her thumb on my clit.

The two girls exchanged glances and the other resumed massaging my tits. As I neared orgasm, the girl at my cunt said something to the other girl and instantly she stretched my tits up by the nipples. At first this was sufficient to quell my desire to cum but soon it just added to the stimulus. She found it neccesary to pull harder and hard to stop me from cumming.

By now I could feel my cunt stretching. I knew her thumb was still on my clit so she must have had four fingers in me but up to the palm of her hand. Again I began to build toward orgasm but as I got closer her thumb left my clit. The sudden loss of sensation made me open my eyes. Just in time to see her brace herself and nod to the girl at my head. Then several things happened all at once. My cunt flared out as she shoved her fist well up into me and both breasts exploded in agony from two very hard slaps. The girl fisting me must have gripped my clit with her other hand because I felt it stretched out from its folds and squeezed.

Sensations piled in on me from the extreme nature of the experience. The girl between my spread legs felt as if she was fucking me right up to her elbow although I know this isn’t possible. My tits were on fire and I could see them bouncing across my chest from the repeated slaps. And my clit felt like it was the size of a baseball and had every nerve ending in the world concentrated in it.

Within a few seconds of having her fist buried deep up inside me I started what must be for me the mother of all orgasms. My tits filled to bursting and my cunt clamped down harder than ever before. These are my lasting memories as I passed out.

When I woke up both girls were gone and I was alone in the room. I was unrestrained and my first thought was to check for damage. To my surprise there was only a slight reddening to my breasts but my cunt felt like I had been fucked by a telephone pole. Obviously I was not treated as roughly as I had believed.

I showered again and quickly left. As I was leaving the girl who had fisted me gave me what looked like a business card with Chinese writing on one side and English on the reverse. ClubFem. This massage proved to be the beginning of an unforgettable two year period where I experienced almost every sexual deviation anyone could imagine.

I learned not only that I have high threshold of pain, but that I also had a deep passion to “play” with other helpless females at every opportunity. But more about that another time.

So remember, if ever you are in that part of the world and they ask if you want a ³hard massage² make sure of what you are getting. I never would have agreed had I known what I was getting into but I am certainly glad I did.

– The End –

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