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Tracy was a sixteen year old loud mouthed violet racist girl who was well hated and feared, She drank cheap cider and was often seen drunk, as was normal Tracy was bunking school and hanging out in the derelict factory, despite not going to school she was wearing her uniform because it gave her boyfriend easy access to her body, her blouse was not tucked into her skirt which was a wrap round skirt secured at the top and bottom by a safety pin, but Tracy did not have the bottom pin in which made things easier for her boyfriend, as Tracy waited for her boyfriend to arrive she noticed that it was starting to rain and get windy and after awhile it was pouring with rain and the wind had got quite strong, Tracy got a phone call from her boyfriend who could meet her, Tracy was annoyed and knew if she went out side she would get soaked and decided to move further inside the factory as she moved out of the little room she was in the howling wind blew her backwards, after regaining her balance Tracy started to move forward slowly fighting against the wind to keep her balance with the missing safety pin not holding her skirt down it kept blowing right up, the five Bengali boys who were on a upper floor smiling at the sight of the thug girl when her skirt raised up, Tracy had no idea at all that the boys were there watching her she thought that she was the only person in the building and battled on against the wind, then with out any warning the top safety pin on Tracy’s skirt gave way under the pressure and her skirt blew away from her body and carried off by the wind,, the Bengali boys liked seeing Tracy with out a skirt and the way her blouse was being held tight against her body by the wind but had noticed the way the bottom of her blouse was blowing up in the wind the bottom two buttons not done up, Tracy was suddenly flung backwards by the wind which pinned her to the wall Tracy then felt the force of the wind popping the buttons on her blouse which was soon blowing open giving the Bengali boys a good view of her ample naked boobs, Tracy was finding it very hard to get away from the wall and could feel her blouse sliding off her shoulders but was glad that the wall was preventing it from blowing right off Tracy started to shuffle along the wall thinking it was better than trying to go forward, Tracy did not see the large gap that had once been a hatch and as she shuffled across it the force of the wind blew her open blouse right of as it did she felt a sharp pain in her leg and not realising that her skimpy panties were snagged on a piece of wood pulled back as she did her panties tore of to her horror Tracy realised that apart from her shoes she was naked a fact the watching boys had also noticed and were admiring her naked boobs and love tube, Tracy carried on moving along the wall and got to a room where there was no wind and managed to get inside and lay on the mattress she had intended to make use of with her boyfriend after a couple of minutes a door opened and Tracy saw the five Bengali boys enter and before she could react they were on the floor beside her rubbing every part of her body then after a few minutes her wrists and ankles were being held down tightly with her legs apart and no matter how hard she struggled she could not get free and when she saw one of the boys kneeling between her legs with his trousers open and his eight inch erection out Tracy struggled harder to get free but could not and when she felt the erect dick slide into her love tube she cried out, Tracy lay there unable to get free as the boy thrust in and out of her love tube and after five minutes felt it pull out but soon after felt another slide in and start to thrust away she heard one boy say ” look her fucking nipples are hard she is enjoying it” Tracy then felt her nipples being gently squeezed and not long after the third boy started to thrust in and out of her love tube Tracy climaxed the boy pounding her shouted out ” she has fucking cum” and carried on thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube after five minutes Tracy felt the fourth dick enter her love tube and start to thrust away and when the fifth dick started thrusting away Tracy climaxed again and by the time he was finished Tracy had climaxed a third time, Tracy then felt herself being turned on to her stomach and screamed out when she felt a dick slide into her bum and start to thrust away and after half a hour had felt five dicks enter her bum and thrust in and out of it and was now laying alone on the mattress and after a few minutes felt somebody sit on her bum then hands slide under her and start rubbing her boobs and squeezing her nipples then fingers slide into her love tube and start to masturbate her and knowing it was no good fighting she relaxed and started enjoy what was happening to her and after five minutes climaxed and as she did heard a girls voice say she has cum and realised that a lesbian had just made her cum then heard another girl say my turn then the fingers in her love tube pull out and another set slide in and start to masturbate her and after ten minutes Tracy climaxed again and not long after felt the fingers pull out of her love tube and the person sitting on her bum get up Tracy looked over her shoulder and saw the girl who lived next door to her and was two years younger than her stood there. Tracy lay where she was hardly believing that she had been forced to cum so many times but was planning to get her own revenge and very soon.

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