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Her – Dirty Sex Tales

She was a bitch. A rich bitch at that. The company she inherited from her father. He made her CEO. She was proud she was boss. The boss.

She turned 57 this day. As usual she parked her Porsche SUV in her car park. Her ex husband had brought her for her birthday the year before. The day she found out about his other woman. Actually women. Seemed she was just the wife.

She left taking his money and the Porshe. Her lawyer did well. She stepped out her black stiletto clanking on the pavement. Closing the door she walked towards the lift shaft. She pushed the button to go up. She waited looking up. They would be anticipating her arrival. She ran a tight ship. She smiled today someone got fired.

The doors opened she stepped it turning. In a minute she would be sitting at her desk. She checked herself in the mirror in the life. She wore a purple satin blouse and a black pencil skirt with black stockings. Her long hair up in a bun on top of her head. She got to the office floor. The doors opened she stepped out everyone hard at work.

The Insurance firm her father had built up over the years now one off the top ones. She reached her office and sat turning on her computer. Her PA arrived with her herbal tea.

” Ms Hart ” She said.

” Thanks Paula ” She said ” Can you send Adam Smith in please. ”

” Yes ” Paula said walking out.

Moments later Adam walked in he wore a suit and tie. His short wavy hair held it place by gel.

” You want to see me ” He said.

” Yes sit ” she said picking up a file on her desk passing it to him. He opened it seeing his employment contract. ” Page 5 its highlighted read it. ” She said.

He looked at it and read it ” Any improper or personal use of company computers will result in instant dismissal. ” He said.

” IT have looked at your computer and you are looking at pornography during work hours. Is this true. ”

Adam stuttered. He couldn’t lie. ” Yes ” He said. Not looking at her.

” Look at me ” She snapped. ” Is this true. ” He looked in her eyes.

” Yes ” he said. ” I’m sorry please, I cant lose my job. It wont happen again. ”

Karen stood walking around the desk. Adam a 26 yr old had been at the company for 4 yrs.

” You like porn ” she said.

” Ah… ” he muttered not knowing how to answer.

” You have a girlfriend ” She asked.

” No we broke up a month ago, she met someone else. ” Adam said.

” Sorry to hear that. You know we have female employees. Our Male employees looking at pornography during work hours is sexual harassment in my eyes. ” Karen said.

” Sorry ” He said please it wont happen again.

” Do you fantasize about your boss. ” She asked.

” Ummm ” he said.

” One of your searches was hot bosses female ”

” Yes it was ” He said.

” You think I’m hot, you want to fuck me. ” She asked.

” Your a very beautiful woman, and yes sexually attractive. ” He said. What’s the use I fired anyway why not go out with a bang.

” Interesting ” She said ” Thanks for your honesty ” . She sat on the desk facing him leaning on it. His eyes trying not to perv.

” Tell you what. ” She said most people think I’m a heartless bitch. I am going to let this slide. I’ve also seen your sales record and feedback from clients. I don’t want to lose you. I should fire you according to the contract, but let’s make one thing clear. No more porn in work hours. ”

” No Ma’am ” he said.

” Don’t call me Ma’am ” she said ” Stand up. ” He stood she was inches away from him. He could smell her perfume. Her piercing blue eyes.

” My name is Karen. Do you want to fuck me. ”

” Pardon. ” He said.

” Fuck me. Do you want to have sex with me. Have you thought about it. ”

” Yes ” he said.

” Tell you what ” she said. ” My place 7 PM tonight don’t be late. Now get your arse out there and back to work. She turned sitting back on her chair.

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