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His Lucky Day – Dirty Sex Tales

Cindy who was a loud mouthed violent sixteen year old thug had been bunking school and was in the large set of woods on the edge of the town where she lived, her and her boyfriend had arranged to bunk school and spend the day together in the disused wood cutters cottage in the woods where they planned to have plenty of sex, Cindy had come prepared and had not worn any panties or a bra but their plans did not go according to plan, not long after being in the old cottage the school truancy officer appeared with the police, Cindy had saw them approaching the cottage and had managed to get out through the back door and run but her boyfriend Steve had tripped as he tried to escape and had been caught and was now on his way back to school. Mark who was two years younger than Cindy and hated because of being a peeping tom and a flasher was also bunking school and was in the woods he saw Cindy and was watching her, he had noticed that she was wearing a wrap round skirt that fastens at the top and bottom by a safety pin but the bottom had no safety pin and when she walked he could see right up the side of her leg, Cindy was feeling very horny, she had been to the Chinese  Herbal shop and brought some powder that would get her horny but despite the old Chinese man telling her to take no more that one packet a day Cindy had taken five as there was only a small bit of powder in each and now she was feeling extremely horny and wishing that Steve was here to satisfy her, Cindy sat on a fallen tree trunk then saw Mark, Mark was stood about thirty yards from her, Cindy noticed the bulge in his trousers and saw his zip was open and thought all II need a flasher, Mark then pulled his dick out, Cindy saw it for the first time ever and was surprised, Mark used a penis developer and his dick was nine inches when erect, Cindy looked at Mark’s erection and thought that is bigger than Steve’s and fatter, Cindy stood up, Mark got ready to run, Cindy placed one foot on  the tree trunk as she did her skirt fell open, Mark’s eyes went wide, he could see Cindy’s love tube, Cindy started to rub her love tube then stopped and unclipped the remaining safety pin letting her skirt fall to the ground, then she started to unbutton her blouse and once it was open took it off, Mark stood looking at the now naked Cindy noticing the very large pointed erect nipples sticking out from her firm boobs,  Cindy lay down on the ground spreading her legs as she did, Mark walked over to her and stripped naked then knelt between her legs bent forward and slid his throbbing dick into Cindy’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could. As Cindy felt Mark’s dick slide in she groaned, Mark started to thrust in and out pushing in as deep as he could and loving the way Cindy was groaning and saying fuck me, Mark continued to thrust in and out and after five minutes felt Cindy cum but carried on thrusting in and out till she came a second time and then a third, Mark stopped thrusting and started to massage Cindy’s boobs and gently squeezing her nipples which were still very erect, then after a few minutes he started to thrust in and out of her love tube again making her groan loudly and soon felt her cum again, Steve had managed to give the truancy officer the slip when the copper had ran off after getting an emergency call over his radio, Steve was hiding in bushes when he saw Cindy’s sister Tina who was four years younger than what she was and was also bunking school, Steve saw Tina look around then hooked her skirt up and slid her panties down and step out of them he then saw her lay down and start to rub her love tube and thought oh yes you sexy little bitch he got up from the bushes and walked over to where Tina lay and saw she had her eyes closed, he said “what you doing” Tina opened her eyes and saw Steve she moved her hand from her love tube and said  ” I am flying a kite” Steve said ” your doing it wrong” and undid his trousers letting his seven inch erect dick spring out, Tina smiled, Steve knelt down and was sliding his dick into Tina’s tight moist love tube, Tina cried out, Steve started to thrust in and out of the virgin girl’s love tube making her groan as he did and after five minutes he felt her cum, as she did Tina cried out ” yes oh yes” Cindy was now bending over the tree trunk with Mark slapping the cheeks of her bum as he slid his dick in and out of her bum and after ten minutes Mark squirted his cum up Cindy’s back. Twenty minutes later Cindy was dressed and walking on her own through the wood hardly believing that she had let Mark use like he had but was very glad that she had and thought that it was better than anything Steve had ever done. Tina was also walking through the woods happy that at long last she was no longer a virgin and thinking that what Steve had done to her was a lot much better than getting fingered by Mark and giving him a hand job, A few days later Cindy was walking home from a night at the pictures with her best mate Sara, Mark saw the two girls and saw them go into the grave yard and after a couple of minutes he went in and after walking around for a couple of minutes he saw Cindy sitting naked on a bench her nipples erect and Sara sat beside her also naked and with her nipples erect both of the girls had their legs wide open, Sara said to Cindy ” oh look it is that dirty pervert Mark with his cock out and it is hard do you think he is going to fuck us” Tina was laying naked on Steve’s bed moaning as Steve thrust in and out of her love tube while  her best mate stood naked by the bed saying ” hurry up I want some as well” Every Friday night Sara and Cindy went to the cinema and were now making a trip to the grave yard after while Tina and her best mate went to Steve’s flat all four girls always slept solidly on Friday nights.

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