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Cathy is looking too hot as well as sexy in her modern outfit. She is wearing a leggings with kurti and has put sandle on her legs. I am standing behind her with a large bag, now both sister Cathy as well as Lousie kissed each other and aunt Cathy put her purse on table to move inside washroom. She is in a weekly trip to Delhi and my mom moved inside kitchen to prepare coffee for us..

Cathy is in her mid thirties and 4-5 years younger to my mom Lousie. She is a nice looking lady with slim figure and height of 5’5 feet. Her lovely tits as well as round dome shaped buttocks is attractive and we both have enjoyed physical love twice. She is sitting near me on sofa and Lousie came with coffee. We three are having it and Cathie asked….. “Lousie in which room I have to stay

(Lousie smiled) as you wish Cathy

(Cathy) ok I will stay with Garry. ” And I am in joy. I put Cathy’s bag in my room than moved for evening walk. I am walking on path towards shopping mall when my mobile started ringing and I received the unknown call….. “Hello !

(A lady) Hi Cathy speaking

(Garry) yes aunty say

(Cathy) buy some condom for us. ” And I got the invitation from Cathy. I bought condom and have a chilled beer also before coming back to home..

I took refreshment and came in dinning hall to join my mom, aunt and sister. Looking at Cathy I smiled…. “Aunty I think you are too tired due to long journey

(Cathy) sure Garry, we will have dinner together and than I will sleep. ” Its 09:15 pm and we all have dinner together. Cathy is wearing a night gown and I moved to my room after having dinner. I am on bed with my mobile on hand and after some time Cathy came inside with my mom. I woke up on bed and Lousie….. “Garry sleep early, no disturbance to Cathy

(Garry) sure mom I will sleep early. ” And mom left room while closing the door. Now Cathy locked the door from inside and opened her bag, she took out bermuda as well as boxer to change her dress. Now she switched off the bulb and in dark, she is removing her gown as well as putting her dress but my dirty mind act fastly. I switched on the torch of mobile and looking at her, she has removed her gown and in hurry she is putting her dress but I wake up and snatched the dress from her..

Cathy is naked while I hold her tightly in my arms. My lips are on her lips as well as face while she is trying hard to push me back and I fell on bed but she came on bed like a nude hot couple. I am sleeping on bed and Cathy switched on the night bulb before coming to me. She is bit shy but pulled my bermuda down to legs and we both are nude on bed. Cathy is on my top with her lips kissing my lips as well as face. My hand is moving on her nude back even her soft boobs are on my chest and Cathy pushed her long tongue in my mouth to suck. While sucking it my hand is on her ass, slowly I guided my long finger in her cunt to fuck. We both are in french kiss session for 3-4 minutes and Cathy took her tongue out while moving down on my body. She is kissing my chest as well as tummy. Now my finger is out of her cunt and she is putting her lips on my thighs. After a while she licked my thighs and left me..

Cathy is near my waist and she hold my penis in her palm. Looking at her I pointed her for 69 position and Cathy came on me. She is on my top with her face in opposite direction, she has kept her face near my penis while my face is in between her strong thighs. Now looking above, I hold her waist tightly and put my lips on her labias to kiss while Cathy is moving glans on her lips and face. Later on she took my long cock in her mouth to suck and I am licking her cunt with my tongue. She is sucking my penis fastly and after a while, Cathy left my body and moved to washroom. She came back with smile on face and I make her stand on bed like a pro. Now while standing in front of Cathy, I pushed my cock in her cunt and started fucking her with speed as well as power. Cathy has spread her legs wide and I am fucking her from the front, she is kissing my lips and face. Now we have hold each-other tightly and our fuck session is in process. Now her cunt become dry and I took out my penis from her cunt. Cathy is on bed on her knees and elbows like a bitch as I am sitting behind her ass, put my glans on her cunt and fucked hard. Now my penis is roaring in her deep vagina while Cathy is swinging her ass fastly, after 10-12 minutes of deep penetration she…… “Oohh aahh Garry my cunt is in fire

(Garry) yes baby I will cum soon have it. ” And my penis poured cum in her cunt. We slept like a hot couple.

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