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HOT GIRL TARA – Dirty Sex Tales

Tara is looking hot and wild in her shorts as well as crop tops revealing her deep belly to waist line. Her sexy thighs and legs are nude as she has put high heel sandles on her legs. We both are in a coffee shop having a nice coffee with snacks. We both looks like a hot couple and are perfect match in the same age group. Looking at me, she asked….. “Garry kaam guru, where to go?.

(Garry) I think in the ridge zone of Kutub Minar

(Tara) Its all right but not safe for intercourse

(Garry) oh I see, but where its safe except in home baby

(Tara) we can move to Indraprastha park. ” As we both hired an auto-rickshaw to move to IP park..

Its a moderate weather and while carrying a small bag, we both moved inside park. We walked inside park towards dense green zone and sits on grass behind dense bushes covered with large trees. Looking at hot gal Tara I moved closer to her as she is on my lap while her legs are on my waist. She is pressing her breasts on my chest as I hold her in my arms. We both are kissing each other as our sexual desires escalates and I took her lips in my mouth to suck. She is rubbing my back as my hand is on her lower parts of back, which is nude. Tara put her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it with my hand inside her crop tops rubbing her soft back..

I sucked her tongue for 4-5 minutes as our organs are hot and she pushed me back to take out her tongue. She has put her head on my shoulder and asked…. “Garry do you want blow job or want to love my cunt. ” And I replied her while putting my hand on her shorts, its an enlarged size of a full panty. I unbuttoned her shorts as she is pulling down to her legs, so tight and now her G string has been removed. Her vaginal parts are nude as she stands in front of me with her both legs wide apart and I took out a butter cake from my lunch box and put it on her vagina to lubricate. She is smiling at me as I made her vagina lubricate. Now my lips are on her labias and hand is massaging her bum, I kissed her cunt till she put her fingers on it to wide open the vaginal hole. My tongue is licking her cunt as her legs are shaking and I pushed my tongue in her deep vagina and while fucking it, my palm is moving on her ass. She is screaming and has hold my hairs tightly…… “Oohh uumm Garry suck my vagina darling I will love to pee in your mouth if you love it. ” And I took her vagina in my mouth to suck. Its clean shaved with red face and pink inner parts, I am sucking it as my penis has erected hard inside my pant. I am waiting for her to pee in my mouth as I am sucking it and Tara shouted……. “Oohhh uumm Garry leave my vagina otherwise I will urinate in your mouth. ” But I sucked it for her vagina to pee in my mouth. I left her cunt and drink too many water..

Tara is looking hotter as she unzipped my pant and took out my cock. She made me stand while she is on her legs, her nude lower portion is making me sexy as she is kissing my penis. Her lips are moving on my penis as she started running its glans (upper soft part of penis) on her lips and tongue. Even she is moving glans on her soft face and she is running glans on her tongue. Looking at me, Tara took my penis in her mouth as she is sucking it with her head still. My penis is rock hard in her mouth and she took it out from her mouth. Now she is licking it with her tongue and tasting her mouth’s own saliva. After some time, she took my long cock in her mouth and started sucking it with her face moving faster as I have put my hand on her head’s back. She is fast in sucking my cock and after 3-4 minutes I shouted….. “Tara leave my cock soon baby, its going to urinate. ” But looking at me she smiled and responded positively as my penis urinates in her mouth and she drink it like a milk shake but took out my quickly and drink waters. Now we both are sitting on grass and she kissed….. “Love your drink. ” As our sex interval starts.

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