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Garry is in washroom with her hot mom Lousie and aunt Uzma. Uzma is my mom’s best friend and a hot dirty lady for me. We three are nude in washroom, which is attached to bedroom. Its a Christmas evening and we three have nice bath under cascade. Lousie and Uzma is making me hot with her sexual skills as I can see Uzma walking away nudely and my hot mom is sitting on her legs to put gel on my body. She is putting gels on my thigh as well as penis, its in sleeping mode. Now I can see Uzma walking towards me with glasses of wine and I took a glass to drink wine as uzma gave other one to Lousie, she is sitting behind me. Now Uzma put gel on my body and she is rubbing my chest with her palm and Lousie put gel on my back. After a while I can feel Uzma brushing her hot body with me and Lousie is licking my ass hole with her tongue..

I am standing with Uzma as I am putting gel on her hot body. Now her both boobs are in my palms and I am massaging it hardly while Lousie is drinking wine as I can’t feel her kiss or touch on my back. Now Uzma took my lips in her mouth and while sucking it, she is holding my penis tightly and now my whole body is covered with gel. In a sudden I screamed….. “Aahh mom what are you doing ?

(Lousie) fucking your anus hole with my fingers. ” She has put her two fingers in my ass hole and I knelt on floor to kiss Uzma’s cunt. I kissed it and licked it for a while before putting gel on her thighs and vagina. Now I moved behind uzma to love her ass and while sitting on my legs, I put my lips on her round sexy bum and my tongue is licking her ass hole while I can see Lousie standing in front of Uzma and both are holding each other tightly to kiss. Now my penis has some erection but not in full energy, so I put gel on her back and can see both friends enjoying french kiss. Lousie is sucking Uzma’s tongue and I am sitting behind my hot mom. Now I put my lips on her ass and kissed it, she has spread her legs wide and now my tongue is licking her anus hole. I loved my mom’s back and put gel on her back, now we three are nude covered in body gel under cascade and I opened the tap to have bath. My hand has grabbed their boobs in my palms and I am massaging their breasts hardly. Our bath ends and we three are in bath towel, came to room and sit on sofa. Now Uzma took intercom and called room service and ordered for dinner, which will be served at 10:30 pm..

Uzma is making drinks for us and we three are drinking it. Now Uzma pulled down my towel to make my dick nude as I put my hand on uzma’s towel and pulled it down to make her glory hole and boobs nude. Now we three are nude and moved to bed, my mom asked…… “Garry just be on your knees and elbows darling. ” And I am in doggy position on bed while I can feel her finger in my ass hole fucking it fastly. Now Uzma is also sitting near my ass and she is kissing it. Lousie took out her finger and her tongue is licking my ass hole as I can feel my dick in some erection. Now both lady slapped on my ass and lastly I am sleeping on bed like a hot Indian lady waiting for her hubby to come and fuck. Uzma leaned on my face as she is putting lips on my face and lips and I am feeling energetic, so I took her tongue in my mouth to suck and my hand has grabbed her breast to massage it hard. Now Lousie is kissing my thighs and rolling her tongue on my strong thighs. As both hot lady is making me hot and Lousie hold my penis in her hand and started masturbating it for a while. Its in semi erection, when Lousie took it in her mouth to suck and Uzma like a hot lady is sitting on my face as she has put her fingers on cunt to make it wide and I pushed my tongue in her vagina to lick. Lousie is sucking my semi erected penis while my hand is massaging Uzma’s breasts and fucking her cunt. Now my penis is in fire and my hot mom put her tongue on it lick it. Now a hot lady is licking my penis while other one is enjoying my tongue in her vagina. After a while my penis is in full erection and they made me hot as well as wild to fuck them. We are in a short break.

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