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HOT LADY LINA – Dirty Sex Tales

Lina is in Delhi with her hubby for business deal. Her hubby left her here for shopping after his work. Now we both are feeling on the top of the world. In the evening Lina came with me for evening walk. Looking hot as well as wild in her leggings and short sleeveless top, she hold my wrist on the way to shopping mall and smiled… “Garry I am here to enjoy with you but its possible in home

(Garry) some how, I will arrange for hot night. ” And both walked towards mall. We both entered a coffee shop to drink coffee and our eyes are meeting like a hot lover. We spent some nice time and came out of mall but Lina moved to a medicine shop and I was bit shy when she asked….. “Hello give me a packet of Today pills. ” And we reached home..

Lina moved to her room where she has to spent night with Nina while I moved to my room to change my cloth. I am in my bedroom, when Lina came inside in her night gown, its above her knees and sleeveless also. She is sitting on bed while I am standing near her, she asked…… “Is this the safe time for fun Garry. ” And I closed the door. Now we are standing on ground while holding each-other and Lina put her lips on my face and lips to kiss while my hand is lifting her gown upto her waist. Now my hand is feeling the soft touch of her nude round bum while I am kissing her lips and feeling her breasts on my chest. Lina pushed her long tongue in my mouth while my hand is on her sexy ass. She is pressing her soft breasts on my chest and I have pushed my long finger in her cunt from the corner of panty. After 4-5 minutes of french kiss Lina took out her tongue from my mouth as I am fingering her cunt fastly. Lina took bold move while pushing me back and I fell on bed and she is sitting on bed near my waist. She than pulled my bermuda and took my long cock in her hand, now she leaned her face on my penis and put her lips on my glans to kiss it. Even she is putting the glans on her nose to smell its odour and lastly she took it in her mouth to suck. Lina is sucking my cock while her head is swinging fast and my penis has erected like a iron fort in her mouth. She is going hard on it with her fingers in my dense pubic hair and I am feeling the heat of her mouth. After a while she took it out and her tongue is moving on my penis but she loves cock sucking and took it again to suck. I am bit afraid of my mom as well as sister if they come inside my room but Lina left my cock and put my bermuda on waist. Now she opened the door of room and walked away while I moved inside washroom to pee. After refreshment I am on my bed with my hard rock penis inside bermuda looking for glory hole..

Its 09:10 pm when Nina came inside room to ask for dinner and I moved to dinning hall. Nina and Lina is on sofa while my mom is carrying meals from kitchen to table and lastly we all have dinner together. My erected penis has lost his heat and its behaving normal inside bermuda. I am on my bed trying to sleep for some time. So I slept and my eyes opened as well as I woke up in hurry after an hour with feeling of hand moving on my penis. So I can see Lina near my legs and I hold her tightly in my arms and started our sexual act. She has already made me nude while I am sucking her lips and after a while Lina is on bed like a hot lady. Now I took out her gown and panty to make her nude, I pushed a pillow under her ass and leaned my face in between her thighs. My lips are kissing her labias as she is screaming and I opened her vaginal hole, my tongue is fucking her cunt as she is shouting…… “Oohhh aaahh uummm Garry please suck my vagina baby I will cum. ” And I took her vagina in my mouth to suck, she ejaculated her vaginal cum and I got the taste..

Lina is sleeping like an Indian lady waiting for fuck with her hubby and its a missionary position, I put my cock on her vagina and slowly pushed it inside her vagina to fuck. Now I am on her hot body fucking her fastly while she is moving her ass up and down. I am kissing her lips while my penis is roaring inside her cunt and we both are feeling the friction of sexual organs and Lina is bouncing her bum fastly. After a short break, she is on her knees while I pushed my cock in her cunt from behind. Now she is swinging her ass in speed and we both are enjoying fuck. I can feel her cunt dry and after 12-15 minutes of deep penetration, I shouted…… “Oohh aahhh darling its out have it baby my cum. ” And my penis poured cum in her cunt. Our hot night ends.

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