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HOT LADY SARA 2 – Dirty Sex Tales

Sara has sent me a message on whatsapp. As I can think its a invitation for physical love and always thinking for sex with lady or gal is not new for me. I have a strong addiction of sex as I prepared myself for a hot day with my friend’s step mom SARA. I hired an auto-rickshaw to reach her farmhouse in Munirka. I reached there at 10:35 am as I have left my home for college but having a secret plan with her (Sara).

Sara smiled as I walked towards her as she is waiting for me in her farmhouse. She took me in her well decorated dinning hall as a maid came there with two glass and a bottle of wine. Maid left the hall and Sara walked towards door to close it. Now looking at me, she smiled…… “Want to change your clothes

(Garry) no need of it lets have drink. ” She is looking wild in her crop-tops as well as long skirt. Now sitting near me, she started putting wine and soda in two glasses, we both are drinking wine as my hand pressed her breast hardly and she shouted…. “Oh Garry don’t press it hard. ” But my palm is still on her soft breast. Now moving closer to her, I put my hand on her skirt and pulled it down. She is looking wild in her thongs and tops as I hold her tops to lift it up. I removed her tops and she is in her brassier as well as thongs only, looking at me Sara put her hand on my jeans and after a while I am in my briefs only.

We both are in drunken state as Sara sits on my thigh and put her arms on my shoulder. She is kissing me as my hand is moving on her bare back, her lips are on my lips as she moved her long tongue in my mouth. While sucking her tongue, I am feeling her left breast pressing on my chest as I put my hand on her back to remove the string of brassier. Her both boobs are nude as she pushed my head back to take out her tongue, now my hand is running on her nude back as we walked towards bedroom. I am lying on bed as she moved on my top and her face is near my waist, she pulled my briefs as my face is in between her strong thighs and below her vaginal zone. She is holding my dick as her lips are kissing my dick, slowly she pushed my long cock in her mouth to suck as I pulled down her thongs to make her genitals parts nude. Her vagina is glittering as she has kept her vagina clean shaved, labias are well distanced and I opened her vaginal mouth to put my tongue in her vagina. My tongue is fucking her cunt as she is sucking my cock fastly, her pink coloured inner vagina to cervix is making me hot as my tongue is licking her cunt. Later on, Sara took out my wet penis and her tongue is rolling on it. I am still fucking her vagina as she started sucking my penis again and I took her vagina in my mouth to suck, after a while her cunt poured cum in my mouth as I licked it to taste the vaginal juice.

We both are in washroom to urinate. Coming back on bed, Sara knelt on bed and while sitting behind her ass, I pushed my long cock in her vagina to fuck. My penis is fucking her vagina with speed as she started swinging her ass fastly, my penis is too hot as pre-cum started coming out of it but my penis is roaring in her deep cave as we both are enjoying fuck. After a while, Sara started shouting…… “Oohh aahh uumm Garry pour your cum its in fire.

(Garry) shut up you bitch aahh oohh have it. ” As my dick poured cum inside her vagina. We are too tired.

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