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HOT LADY ZAHIRA – Dirty Sex Tales

Zahira is nude on bed as I moved closer to her. We both are in drunken state and looking at her bell shaped breasts, I leaned my face on her breast as I took her left breast in my mouth to suck with my one palm massaging her right breast hardly. She is moving her nails on my back as my penis got fully erected and I took her other breast in my mouth to suck, she is screaming….. “Oohh uumm Garry you are too hot. “As I moved down to her tummy and while kissing it, my hand is moving on her thighs.

I put a pillow under her ass as she has stretched her legs wide open, now my face is in between her thighs and I put my lips on her vaginal parts. Its clean shaved and reddish as I can see her both labias too close, now I wide open her vaginal holes as my 1/3 rd tongue is licking her cunt. She is moving her legs as I am licking her glory hole and Zahira screamed….. “Oihh uummm Garry, suck it I will cum soon. ” And I took her both labias in my mouth and sucked it till her cunt poured vaginal juice in my mouth. I tasted it. Zahira is a hot lady, her 23 years of age with height of 5’4 feet and white complexion have made her sexy and wild. She is on bed as she pushed me and while sitting near my waist, she hold my penis in her palm. Now leaned her face and uncovered my penis from outer foreskin as she is kissing it, now she started rubbing glans on her lips and face as I am screaming in joy…… “Oohh uumm Zahira suck my dick baby. ” Now she took my glans in her mouth to suck as she pushed my long cock in her mouth to suck and started sucking it with her head still. Like a matured cock sucker she is trying to make my penis hard and hot soon, looking at me she took out my wet dick and her tongue started licking my base to shaft as her tongue is out of her mouth, she is running the glans on her tongue and my penis is rock hard, need a glory hole to fuck.

Zahira is near my waist as we both are enjoying sex for first time, we are bit shy and she asked….. “Garry if you love 69 position for oral sex. ” And I responded positively, now I am sleeping on bed with my legs straight as she is on my top with her face near my waist and my face is in between her thighs and just below of her vaginal parts. I can feel her mouth sucking my long cock while I put my tongue in her cunt to lick it, she is swinging her face to give me nice blow job as I am licking her vagina. After a while, Zahira is moving my glans on her lips and started licking it with her tongue as I am fucking her glory hole, she is licking my penile base to shaft and glans. Later on her mouth took my cock to suck as she is sucking it fastly and I took her both labias in my mouth to suck. After a nice blow job, I shouted…. “Oohh Zahira drink my cum. I will pour it soon. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her mouth as she drink it and we both are well exhausted.

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