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Hotel Girl – Dirty Sex Tales

Amy felt lucky after trying for ages to get a part time job she had finally got one in the kitchens of the big Indian owned hotel but because she was only sixteen she only work a few hours a week but that did not bother her she was just happy to have the job. On her first day the bosses twelve year old daughter Mia showed her round then took her to the staff room getting her a one piece light boiler suit as she did telling Amy that it gets very hot in the kitchen and it was best not to wear anything under it, Amy started to undress and when in just her bra and panties asked what about bra and panties, when Mia told her that nobody else did Amy unclipped her bra took it off then slid her panties down and off, Mia said “wow you got big tits and no hair round your cunt” when Amy said “do you often look at naked girls” Mia smiled and said “yes but only white girls they got good bodies” Amy smiled and put her boiler suit on then followed Mia to the kitchen where she started to wash pots and pans surprised at hot how and steamy it was in the kitchen, she then saw Helen from her glass at school and saw the zip on her boiler suit was down her boobs fully visible, Amy watched as Asif who was two years younger went to Helen and cupped Helens boobs and started rubbing them and was surprised when Helen did not stop him, Asif went to a store room with Helen behind him, The boss gave Amy a tray told her to take it to the office, as she passed the store room she saw Helen on a table naked with Asif ramming his dick into her love tube, Amy watched for a couple of minutes before continuing to the office where she saw Mia who greeted her by saying “here is big tits” Amy replied saying they are bigger than yours, Mia smiled and said “let me see them again” Amy smiled and left the office bumping into Ali another class mate of hers, Ali put his arms round Amy saying hello sexy as he did and moved back into the office Amy had just left taking her with him, once inside he slid a hand between Amy’s legs saying “want me to fuck you” he then pulled the zip on Amy’s boiler suit down and the suit off her shoulders before laying her on a table where he started to lick and suck her nipples, Amy did not resist him and lay where she was enjoying herself, Amy felt her boiler suit being pulled down and off and heard Mia say “oh yes the hair less cunt” and realised Mia was watching, Ali turned his head, Amy felt fingers slide into her love tube then heard Ali say “oi bitch that is mine” with Mia saying I’ll swop you her cunt for the tits, Amy realised that it was Mia fingering her, Ali returned to licking Amy’s boobs, Amy felt the fingers come out her love tube then felt it being licked and then the tongue push inside and after a couple of minutes Amy was feeling real horny, Ali stood up and squirted cum over the floor and said to Amy “next time I am fucking you” and left, Amy was too far gone with lust to notice but felt hands sliding over her boobs then cried out as she climaxed, after a few minutes Amy stood to see Mia fingering herself, Amy put her suit back on and left the room with Mia saying Big tits is very nice, Amy could hardly believe the twelve year old Indian girl had made her climax and how good it had been, back in the kitchen Amy saw that the other girls were all naked being groped by the boys as they washed up when the boss told her to remove her suit Amy did and was soon being groped by the boss and ten minutes later was groaning as the boss who was old enough to be her dad rammed away into her love tube but went quiet when Asif pushed his dick into her mouth. Later that night Amy was walking home thinking what a job I hope my next shift will be just as good or even a lot better.

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