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How I fucked my Phupo (Aunt) Part 1 (Real Story)

Hi, my name is Jamal & my family call me Jim as it is cute for them. I’m 25 now. Let me introduce my family we are 5 members mom 43, dad 51, an elder sister ( Saman ) 32 years old married almost 11 years ago and my younger sister age 22 Maria about to get married after 2 months.

This story is about 6 years ago when I was 19. This is my first time sharing my life incident so please forgive my mistakes. This is a real story and a little long one so please be patient.

Let’s start. I was in the first year of my university and in semester break I went back home and my family give me news that phupo ( father’s sister ) is coming from Canada. She got married a Canadian Pakistani and after every 3, 4 years she visits Pakistan for 2, 3 months. She has a daughter and son and she got divorced 5 years ago due to my uncle drinking habits and after that she didn’t get married. We were very excited because my phupo is very friendly and whenever she comes our family has so many get togethers and small traveling. Everyone like her as she is very dear in our family.

The day when she arrived, I went with my dad to receive her from airport and bring her home. Everyone was excited and at that I was 19 and I used to have girlfriend in university and I got a chance to fuck her so I always find opportunity to fuck any girl. Before I used to see my phupo with very respect because I was a kid but this time when I saw her I feel little different. I noticed her body, black normal length hair, white skin, and a little chubby body feels like well-maintained and good round ass and boobs which looks perfect. I was stunned to see her. My dad is very religious and phupo also know this so she used to wear full clothes and everyone knows my dad is strict so everyone has to obey my dad’s order. Even in full clothes I can feel her beauty. I don’t how this desire come into my mind to fuck my phupo maybe because I always wanted to fuck older woman then me and my phupo was really beautiful and she was also pretty young. She was 35 years old.

My home consists of 2 portions. Upper portion is on rent and in our portion have 2 bedrooms kitchen a guest room. In one bedroom My mom, dad and my sister sleep and in other room I sleep. So my phupo has to sleep in my room. My room has queen sized bed and whenever guests come they sleep in my room and I sleep in guest room. Guest room just have sofas and no bed. We are middle class family by the way.

First night I tell everyone that phupo can sleep in my room and I can sleep in guest room but phupo said she is here for long time so it is not good that you will sleep in guest room for 2 or 3 months so It’s better you sleep with me. First night she was very tired so she sleeps early. My dad was very busy at job so I used to take my phupo everywhere to see other relatives, shopping so she got more friendly with me. After a week I can’t stop myself thinking about fucking phupo in different styles and it was driving me crazy. I wanted to squeeze her ass and boobs so badly so I start making plan how to fuck her as it was not very easy because my family is conservative. And I also had limited time. I couldn’t figure out the proper plan and I was start frustrating.

On 4th day my dad came back home and he said he is very tired so my mom said me to give massage to my dad’s foot and legs to make him feel relax and it is normal in Pakistan to massage parents feet and shoulder if you know the culture of Pakistan… So I massage his feet and legs and suddenly an idea go through my mind I said to my mom that let me also massage your feet. First she said no then she said ok. After finish I went to my room and my phupo was about to sleep and I tell her that I massage my parents’ feet and they feel relaxed so you also try and without she said yes or no I put some oil on her feet. She said no and I said now oil is on your feet so let me do. She said ok. I start massaging her feet and slowly move upward and also massage calf. I wanted to go slow and I also don’t have any other option. She thanks and we went to sleep. Next day I plan to become more frank with phupo to achieve my goal. When I wake up I hug my mom and say good morning and my phupo was with my mother in kitchen and I also hugged phupo from back and kiss her on her head and greet her. This was first time I hugged her. Because I also hugged my mom so she thought it is normal. We had breakfast and phupo said she wants to go market. I said we can go by bike because market streets are crowded and it is difficult to drive car there. She agreed. I sit a little behind on seat so that she has less space and I want her body rub with me so that she also feels attraction. While driving she bumped me many times and I felt her soft boobs and I enjoyed a lot. I asked her “phupo are you comfortable” she said yes son just drive a little slow. I said hold me tight because road is uneven, she holds me little tighter and I was feeling her body on my back. In the market I took her hand when crossing the road and in this way I start touching her so that she become comfortable with my touching. My plan starts working. At night I again massage my parent’s feet and then my phupo’s feet and legs but this night I massage her till knees. She said you are good in massage I said I’m good let me massage your head and shoulder too she said it’s ok but I insist her so she agree and I massage her head and neck and shoulder. She was closing her eyes so I got chance to see her boobs from very close. It was night time so she was wearing lose t-shirt and that’s why I can see her boobs a little. My dick started getting hard to see her beautiful white boobs. Her boobs were really amazing. I just wanted to eat them but I control myself. Next morning I give Phupo morning hugged little tighter and I touch my dick a little on her ass while hugging. And I pretend nothing happened but she felt a little and she thought it might be an accident. I used to wake up little late because of vacation.

Now I was feeling that she has become comfortable with my touching so I don’t want to waste my time. At night I said phupo today you lay down on your stomach I will give you massage like I used to give grandmother. She said ok because she also started liking getting massage as it is very comfortable so she lay down on her stomach. Her juicy, rounded and in perfect shape and sized ass was in front of me. I wanted to squeeze it kiss it and rub my face on it but this little poor boy can’t do anything. This time I give her massage from toes to thighs. How can I tell you my feelings my friends. It was like a biryani in front of hungry man. By the way I control my feelings and I didn’t risk to touch her ass but I smell her ass for some time. Phupo became very comfortable with massage and said thanks to me. I thought I should get some rewards now. So before sleeping I start talking to phupo.

Me : How’s your life going in Canada?

Phupo : very good. The life in Canada is very smooth. Etc bla bla bla.

I wanted to take her towards sex side so I asked innocently.

Me : I see in movies girls wear small clothes in Canada even people can see their body parts. ( Let me tell you it’s not common in Pakistan to wear small clothes )

Phupo : yes its common. People there are open minded. When you will live there you will also feel it’s normal.

Me : Do you also wear small clothes there? Don’t worry I will not tell my dad. I asked in a naughty way.

Phupo laughed and said yes but not very small clothes as you see in movies but don’t tell your dad. Shhhhhhhhh ( she made a joke ) we laughed.

I wanted little deep talk because I felt phupo is becoming frank.

Me : then many men stare at you and you feel shy. ( I started talking in naughty way. )

She smiles and said yes but it’s normal there.

Me : I saw in movies girls have male friends there and is this also normal. ( I asked in an innocent way. )

Phupo : yes that’s normal too. Canada is very open.

Of course I knew I just wanted my phupo to open with me.

Me : do you have male friends?

Phupo : yes there are many.

I become a little near to her and whisper “have you ever went to bars and clubs”.

Phupo hesitated but I again naughtily said don’t worry I will not tell dad shhhhhhh and we are friends and we can share our secret. I hold her hand like I’m promising her. She smiles and said yes but very few times like friends’ birthday parties etc.

I said wow phupo you are very cool girl.

I said then you must drink a little beer, whisky etc. and dance there. She laughed and said yes but please don’t tell anyone. I said don’t worry phupo. I grab her shoulder and shake a little in a friendly way.

Then she asked.

Phupo : Do you have girlfriend?

Me : Promise me first you will not tell anyone. I raise my hand. I wanted this time she takes initiative to grab my hand. She grabs hand and said I promise I will not tell anyone.

Me : yes I have girlfriend and she is very cute and beautiful just like you. ( I said this intentionally. )

Phupo : like me. Am I beautiful and cute?

Me : yes you are very beautiful and cute. Look at yourself. Don’t you feel?

Phupo : thank you maybe ( she laughed ).

Tonight we were lying little near to each other.

She was becoming more and more friendly with me and my plan was working.

Phupo : how long do you know each other?

Me : 4 months.

Phupo : focus on your studies you will get many girlfriends.

Me : Can a boy have many girlfriends at a time? I smiled.

Phupo : no I mean then you will have many choices.

Me : But she is very nice and she listens to me and she has a beautiful body like you. ( I wink )

Phupo : ahan so now you are grown man. ( Hahahha )

Me : Do you like movies?

Phupo : yes.

Me : let’s watch. What movie do you like?

Phupo : any. Just a good one.

I wanted to watch “friends with benefits” as this movie have many kisses scene but I can’t say by myself.

I said let me find. I will say the name of movie you will choose. First I said horror movie names and I knew phupo don’t watch horror movies then I said friends with benefits.

Phupo : What kind of movie is this.

Me : Google says comedy and romantic.

Phupo : ok let’s watch this.

I have laptop but I play the movie on cellphone so that I can lay down a little nearer to phupo and luckily it worked.

When I start movie phupo said I can’t see and she moves a little towards me and I moved a little towards her.

While watching movie when we move we often bumped into each other and our feet was touching each other. I get some courage and I put my leg on her body and I said “ahh so tired you should give me massage today” phupo said young boys get tired so quickly. She said where you need massage? I said on legs so while watching she start massaging my legs and I was feeling electricity in my body and my dick starts getting hard. Already phupo was lying very close to me and I was praying this night become magic night. There were many intimate scenes in the movie and I didn’t skip and phupo also didn’t ask me to skip.. We both enjoyed movie. After the movie phupo said it was not a good movie.

Me : do this happen in Canada? I asked shyly.

Phupo : yes sometimes. Now it’s getting late let’s sleep.

Me : do you want get massage again. You will feel comfortable and sleep tight.

She said no. But I insist and I said because of me you get up so late so let me give you reward.

I sit and hold her feet and start massaging.

Me : In Canada must have massage center?

Phupo : yes many. People often go there to get relaxed but very expensive.

Me : you are lucky you are getting it free everyday but don’t worry I will get reward from you one day.

We both laughed.

Me : have you ever got massage from center?

Phupo : yes. Once. It was so good.

Me : how they massage?

Phupo : same as you with oil.

Me : do you get massage from man or woman. I asked naughtily.

Phupo : of course girl.

Me : so, I’m the first man giving you massage ( and I did a little spank on her thighs ). She laughed and said hmm.

Me : does she massage you on full body?

Phupo : Yes.

Me : If I am in Canada will a man or woman massage me?

Phupo : your choice.

Me : then I will choose a woman beautiful like you.

We both laughed.

Me : I also want to get full body massage. I said sadly.

She said wait till go to Canada.

I gather some courage and start squeezing her ass like massage. I knew she will stop me but I was shocked she didn’t. She started liking it.

While doing this I touch my finger at her asshole and make it feel like accident. She again didn’t say anything.

Me : Do you like it?

She smiled and didn’t answer. So I squeezed her buts in different way. ( Remember guys she was still wearing pajamas and trousers I haven’t got the chance to touch her juicy ass without clothes on it )

Me : Now I’m tired you give me a little massage just like you get in Canada.

Phupo : you are so mean. It’s too late now and I’m sleepy. Some other day.

I didn’t force her because I knew my goal is near I just need to be patient.

From next day I start touching her more often and it became normal and in the morning she was in the kitchen with mom and I again gave her hug from back and put my dick a little tight between the beautiful ass.

She moved quickly and I neglect it like nothing happened.

Me : phupo what are you cooking today?

Phupo : your mom is cooking and I’m just helping her.

My mom was there so I knew nothing can happen here.

At night I again massaged her on her ass and it became normal. I said phupo your ass is very soft and beautiful.

Phupo : shame on yourself. You are saying this to your phupo.

Me : I’m saying this to my friend. I like touching your ass.

Phupo got little nervous but she was also enjoying.

Me : tonight you give me massage like you get in Canada.

Phupo : but there we need to take off clothes and here if your dad see he will kill us.

Me : everyone is sleeping you just give a little. Don’t worry.

Phupo : lay down.

I get up and locked the door and she said what are you doing. I said I will open the lock after massage.

I took off my t-shirt. I didn’t dare to take off pajamas.

She starts rubbing her hands on my body and I start enjoying and my dick starts getting harder. She noticed my dick but neglect it because she knew it’s normal.

Me : you are giving me massage can I also give you at the same time.

She understands my intention that I wanted to touch her body.

I start squeezing her ass and with time to time I was also touching her asshole. Phupo was not saying anything. While massaging, her boobs came near to me many times and because of loose t-shirt I can see them a little ( To be continued )

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