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I Am Imobile – Dirty Sex Tales

I am immobile. With my hands tied behind my back. My red hair is falling in curls around my face. My blue eyes look up at you adoringly. My big 40DD tits thrust out proudly I am wearing an opaque black bra and panties, waiting for you to use me.


Yes I kneel in front of you to worship your massive cock. I am breathing hard. I know in a few moments I will be having my throat stuffed full of your dick. I will not be able to push you away. It may be hard to breath.


You feel my breath on your dick. I can see the veins running along your hard cock. Your dick head is swollen and red. Your balls hang below that mighty cock. I hope those balls are full of cum. I need your cum in me. I want you to drown me with your orgasm. Only that will satisfy me.


You take your hard dick and slap my face with it.


I ask you, “Yes my love. Slap me again, please.”


You raise your right hand. My face feels the sharp pain as your open palm hits my face. I can feel my cheek turning red. Will I have a hand print on my face from this slap? I do not care. I love you so much that I will allow you any liberty with my body. You see that love and desire as I look at you with my blue eyes.


You press the head to my lips. I open my mouth wide. You thrust as hard as you can between my waiting red lips. You thrust roughly into my mouth so that your balls are resting against my chin and hold it deep in my mouth.


My blue eyes look up at you with desire. I feel the weight of your cock on my tongue. I feel my throat constricting around your dick head. My mouth pumps salvia as I react to the invasion of your dick into my mouth and throat.


I get so excited. My nipples swell and extend from my massive tits. I feel my labia get puffy. My tiny clit grow erect. My cunt sends a flood of wet pussy juice down my thigh. Wish my hand were free to fondle my on big tits and plug my needy cunt. But no, you desired my tied and kneeling before you. And I will allow you to use me any way you desire.


You grab my red hair and hold my face pressed against you. I move my tongue along the base of your cock. You moan and pull your cock out until just the head is between my red lips. I lick the head. You groan as you ram that fat dick back into my throat.


I wish I could reach my tits to twist and pinch my nipples. I wish I could Use my fingers to plunge in and out of my sopping wet cunt. I wish I could rub my engorged clit. No, I will be satisfied with making you cum. I will be satisfied with the taste of your cock. I will be satisfied with the taste of your cum.


You start to piston in and out of my wet mouth. I can not believe how hard you are fucking my face. My eyes see the savage desire in your face.  My mouth feels each brutal thrust. My tongue runs from the head to the base with every thrust. My lips are red a swollen from the beating they are taking. I feel your balls slap against my chin. I fight for every chance to breath. Each thrust goes deeper into my throat. I am making copious amounts of spit to lubricate each thrust. Some is leaking out of the corners of my mouth. I am also getting very wet.


I feel your balls tighten in their sack as they make the cum I need so much. I can feel each vein on your cock as your cock swells. I feel your dick begin to pulse in my mouth. Your cock head swells so large I fear it will not enter my throat. Suddenly you yell out. I feel the first blast of cum as it erupts into my mouth. Your cum is hot, molten, sticky and salty. My taste but delight in the taste. I swallow and swallow. You keep shoving your dick into my mouth and I keep swallowing. It feels like a flood of cum.


Finally your dick starts to get smaller. You whimper. The flood of cum subsides. You pull out of my mouth leaving a pearl of cum on my red lips. My tongue snakes out to lick it up. I am so happy.

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