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I didn’t know it was my dad

So I’m just 16 and it’s the summer of 2002 and I’m out on my bike enjoying the sun like most boys my age were. There was this wood just outside of the village where I lived and all of my friends were telling me that it was haunted, but the inquisitive side of me wanted to check it out so I cycled off towards the wooded area. When I got there I left my bike by the big gates that welcomed you into the wood. I instantly caught a view of someone walking towards a hut about a minute walk into the woods. I should have just turned around I kept joking to myself that I was seeing things and decided to go and check out what was in the hut. As I approached I had heard some rustling in the leaves but ignored it and opened the door to the hut. Inside was nothing like I had expected. There was what seemed to be a black sheet hanging from the roof to the floor with a hole in the lower part of the sheet. Just then I heard a whisper and I jumped out of my skin. “come closer” I heard it repeat. I just froze, I couldn’t move, my eyes fixed on the hole, I saw something appear through. A cock, it was not hard it just hung there. “Touch it if you’d like”…. I still couldn’t move, then my arm just moved towards the man’s penis my mind screaming at me to turn and run away but my body welcoming the touch. I placed my hand onto his cock and instantly it grew hard and the moan was something else. I could feel my little bulge too busting to get out. I started to slowly stroke the cock feeling him get harder and harder then the voice said “close your eyes”. I did as I was told and the man came from behind the sheet to be stood in front of me. “I can turn you into a real man today, would you like that, boy?” ….. I kept my eyes closed I wasn’t sure what I wanted. “If you say yes, you do everything I say, if not I’ll make you anyway” … “Yes…..ok……”

He told me to keep my eyes closed until he told me I could open them. I opened my mouth as I could feel his cock pressing against my lips and I took as much as I could into my mouth but he was very big. He kept trying deeper with each thrust and my eyes were watering. He grabbed my head with both hands and very slowly slid his cock to the back of my mouth. My tongue tried to stop him but he pushed into my throat. I was gagging, choking, he pushed so far down then quickly pulled out. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’ve never thought about being with a boy but now here I am becoming a man….. He began to fuck my mouth harder and faster his grip on my head tightened and with one big thrust he entered my throat and shot his big load straight into it. I had no choice but to swallow his hot load and he pulled out and said “Open your eyes”…. WTF….. NO…….. DAD!!!!….. I Felt sick my heart racing. He just looked down at me smiling. He was still hard stroking his cock… Again I’m just frozen with shock… I just sucked my own dad’s cock.. He doesn’t even care…. Now I’m staring at his cock, it’s pointing at me, my heart still beating so fast. Why can’t I stop staring at it… My dad walked over to me he stood me up and we changed positions, he sucked my little cock so fucking well my hips bucking as I fucked his mouth. Its gone too far now no turning back I thought as I came in his mouth. He didn’t swallow it he just held it in his mouth and smiled. He stood up and leaned in to kiss me. My seed still in his mouth, we kissed, our tongues lapping up every drop. I tasted my cocks seed and it tasted amazing. Then something happened, I saw a fire in my dad’s eyes he looked Wild. He tensed up and grabbed me, turned me around and bent me over. Without any warning me shoved his cock straight into my tight arse. He was rough he grabbed me held me tight and fucked me like a jackhammer. I was screaming both with pain and pleasure. I wanted it to stop but I didn’t too. He went all tight and quickened his pace and as he was about to come he let out a massive moan “FUUUUCCCKKKK” His balls banging against mine he came so hard. We stayed still for a minute and then he got up, smiled and said “See you at home Son”.

What a day! !!!

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