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I wanted it so bad part 3

The week passed quickly I was busy running around, hiding what I was doing, where I was doing it and why I was doing it. Friday was spa day, l found one advertising as trans friendly and they delivered beyond my expectations. Mandi (that’s the female me) had made the appointment for a 14 yr old girl and the staff didn’t ask any questions or stare at me like I was an alien. True to their advertisement I was absolutely treated as if I were a real girl. My package included full body waxing, manicure/pedicure, hot oil soak, facial buffing then a massage. Everything was pretty much what I was expecting until the massage. After introducing himself as Jerome my masseuse ask if I had an event planned or a date with special someone telling me how gorgeous I looked and that I should enjoy this experience to the fullest, before he rolled me onto my side. From behind me he spread my legs, slowly and gently pushing my balls up inside before pulling my cock back over the empty nut sack firmly with the loose skin divided equally by my stretched penis. “Please spread your cheeks with both hands as far as you can” he instructed. I complied and felt his finger applying lubricant to the head of my cock and inside my boi pussy. Next he told me keep them spread open while pushing out, again I complied. He positioned the head of my penis directly on my hole and when I pushed out I felt him apply pressure until the head entered me. Leaning over he ask “do you have a cock when you go into girl mode”? Hardly able to speak I managed to moan “no I don’t have a cock, I want to be as much like a girl as possible”. “Ok then, all girl it is” he said and secured the tuck with flesh tone medical tape. While carefully smoothing out any imperfections he explained that this technique creates the most realistic looking vagina and the precum continuously lubricates so you are always ready. I finished my massage session and took a look in a full mirror, completely hairless and smooth, bright red nails (hands and feet) with a very real looking pussy, I was beautiful. One of the hostesses then led me to a dressing room that contained a huge vanity stocked with makeup, lashes and every hair styling device imaginable. A tempting as it was to complete the transformation and go home dressed as a girl I skipped the vanity then put on the same clothes as wore here. My masseuse stop by and thanked me for the tip I had given him “wow you’re a cutie, someone is a lucky guy, or girl” he said after giving me a good looking over. I smiled and said “it’s a guy and I hope I get lucky”. Jerome pulled up another chair in front of the vanity then patted the seat and motioned for me to sit down with him. “Is this your first time being with a boy? Do you plan to have sex? Have you masturbated by anal stimulation?” He asked. Feeling a wave of relief wash over me, finally somebody with answers to questions I couldn’t ask anyone else and advice about things I hadn’t even thought about. My head down eyes on the floor I said “yes, yes and yes. His name is Marcus and he a couple of years older than me, but he is still a virgin so I’m sure he would hump a fire hydrant. I guess I should not say anything about him being a virgin so am I.” Jerome reached over and took my hand while telling me everything was going to be fine. I summarized my crossdressing history for him including how and what I use to masturbate. I laid out my plan to be alone for the next two nights with Marcus, pausing for a moment before asking Jerome if he had any advice. He smiled and said, “I believe you know what you want but you must realize things may not go as planned and once the genie is out of the bottle there is no putting it back.” Jerome walked me to the exit, kissed me in the cheek then handed me a shoe box size package and said “there is a note and a few items that may be useful, have a great weekend dear”.

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