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Indian sister finally got agreed

Hello guys.. This is a story of me and my sister. I am 20 year old boy and my sister is 2 year elder than me.

So it happened like that. At that time I was 19 and she was 21. We come from a conservative family. Therefore both of us were not allowed to have relationships. That’s why both of us were virgin. I have never looked my sister in that way but one day I caught her masturbating. She thought I went to coaching but I was in my room studying and I entered her room. She was all nude lying on the bed touching her boobs and fingering her vagina. She was shocked and embarrassed. I was also in shock. I have never seen a girl like this without clothes in real. I started masturbating imagining her. For two days, both of us didn’t make any eye contact with each other.

After some days, my parents went out of town and both of us were home alone. I started imagining her in different way. Before thinking like that, I have never realized that she is my elder sister and I shouldn’t think like that. But this age is like that only. In the night, I got horny and my dick got hard. I pressed my dick on her ass. She was not moving and she was very still. She was sleeping sideways showing her ass. Steadily, I started touching her boobs. Before that I have never touched anyone’s boobs. It was first time and I was feeling so good. She was not moving again but I know she was awake. She was enjoying the act but acting like she is asleep. In few minutes she got up and went to bathroom. I know she went to masturbate. After that I didn’t do anything and we slept.

Next morning, she was not making eye contact. She was embarrassed. She went for bath in the morning. I decided to see what she is doing in bathroom. I saw from the bottom of the door. She was lying down on the floor and masturbating. I was surprised. I thought, she liked what happened last night. I was feeling very different. I started watching porn on laptop. After the bath she came in my room and sat beside me. I switched the tab and opened FB. She knew that I was watching porn and saw porn site name on tabs. She told me to go and take bath. She wanted to use internet for some time. I went for bath without closing the porn tab. I was excited. I knew she is gonna see that porn. I was watching brother sister porn and I knew something is gonna happen when I will return from the bath. After some time, I came back from bathroom and saw her. She was looking redfaced. She was horny too. But we did nothing.

In the night, I was sure something is gonna happen but I was nervous too as she was my elder sister. That night, she went early for sleep. I thought it is some kind of indication. I also went for sleep. After some time my dick got hard, and by surprise. She started touching my dick. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly touching my dick. Slowly I started to touch her ass. After that I got some confidence and I touched her boobs. And slowly started pressing her. Both of us were well aware of the situation. Then she pulled my lower down and then she was holding my wet dick in her hand. Her eyes were still closed and I slowly started putting my hand in her shorts. She was all wet and I started pulling her top down. Her boobs was gorgeous. I started licking her nipples and finger her vagina. Both of us were feeling at the top of the world. After all the foreplay I went to my mom’s bedroom and got condom and fucked each other. That night was amazing. In the morning we didn’t look each other. We were feeling bad but at the same time satisfied. We lost virginity with each other. It was totally different. Sorry for grammatical errors. This is a true story of an Indian boy 😊😊

And guys comment if you find this story sexy.

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