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This occurred over thirty years ago. I was 15/16 and my sister was 10/11. It progressed from years before when my black buddy touched/lightly fingered her vagina when she was 4/5 and we both were 9/10. This progressed to me sneaking into her room for a peek. Gradually it led to more sexual pleasure including anal sex and a foot job. This night she told me she wanted me to join her in her bed and to come naked. After every one went to bed I slithered my way into her room way past midnight and slid into her bed where she was waiting wearing only panties. We got to work and rarely spoke but if we did it was in whisper and our mouths and hands did the talking. We lightly kissed on the lips and she took hold of my weenie and made it hard while I was rubbing my feet against her soles and my hand was inside her panties fingering her vagina. She pulled me close to her and squeezed my weenie from keeping it from ejaculating to quickly. I then suckled her budding breasts and lowered her panties and proceeded to kiss and lick her torso and then her vagina and touched her foot at the same time. She usually kept her panties on and were usually at her ankles and it frustrated me she would not let me remove them completely no matter how much I tried. This time while eating her I cupped her foot with one hand and traced between her toes with my finger and once again tried to remove her panties. This time she put up no resistance and I slid her panties off with one hand and I then got off her bed and greedily put her foot into my mouth savoring her taste. My sister tasted wonderful. She made sure she was clean and fresh because she wanted me to pleasure her which I enjoyed doing. I told her she looked nice, smelled nice, felt nice and tasted delicious as I put her foot into my mouth and she used her free foot to rub against my hardness. Eventually I proceeded to eat her and this time she moaned and spasmed as she experienced her first orgasm and she pushed my head deeper into her vagina and wrapped her legs around my head as I ate her with greed and ejaculated onto her bed sheets. We rested and did it two more times which was a first because usually I left after I ejaculated but would sometimes return to her bed if I wanted more but this time I stood and we did it more. There was never no vagina insertion of my weenie in her but close to it as she wanted me to enter her and she’d guide me into her but I just tapped her vagina but I did ejaculate on the outside of her mound. I was afraid of making her pregnant. During the day we led separate lives and had our own schools and friends but at night we became close. I ejaculated three times as I wrote this. I hope you enjoy reading this and will share your stories too.

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