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James And Dave Have A Birthday Party For Anne

On Monday after work James took me to the Rose Tattoo Shop. I already have 2 tattoos from the shop. Aaron paid for my Queen of Spades Tattoo on my mound. I also had a scroll writing on the inside of my right thigh. It reads,” James’s” HOT WIFE. I wanted James to see my piercings being done. Carol the artist would pierce my tongue, lip, nipples, belly button, clit flap and rings on my pussy lips. James watched as the work was done. I did have some brief pain and discomfort. Once everything was done. Carol gave me a little gift box with instructions on how to clean the piercings with balms and salves. She said, “if swellings get worse to go to a doctor.” “If you follow instructions you should be fine. All my surgical tools are sterilized.” When we left the shop Carol had given me shaved ice in a cup to calm the tongue piercing. Everything was just sore but manageable.

Wednesday I was feeling much better. The piercings had healed. I learned to adjust to my tongue piercing. When James came home I was in the kitchen preparing our dinner. He kissed me and pressed my body against his bulge in his pants. I dropped to my knees. I unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and shoved his cock into my mouth. I used my tongue jewelry to stimulate his cock. I tilted my head back to be throat fucked. Out of respect for the man I am serving I keep eye to eye contact with him showing my respect for him. His body stiffened as he was ready to squirt my mouth with sperm. When he squirted the his love juice it was powerful and copious. He had never squirted my mouth with such force and amount cum. I had all I could do to swallow it as it filled my mouth. When he finished I licked, sucked his cock and balls clean. James helped me stand up. He hugged and kissed me. He said,”I love you Anne. I am proud of you. You are beautiful. You are my Hot Wife. You are loved by many men and I am honored to share you with them. They know how fortunate I am to be your husband.” Later that evening Dave called. Anne was taking a shower. I answered her cellphone. It was Dave. He asked for Anne. I told him she was bathing. He wanted to know what we are doing this Saturday? I said it’s Anne’s birthday. We are going out dinner and dancing. Dave said, “ I would like to join you 2 and the evening is on me.” Anne came to the bedroom drying her hair. I told her Dave has a surprise for her. I handed her the phone. Dave told Anne, “ he would take her and James to the Hotel for dinner and dancing. He asked her if she would like to meet his 6 men friends for a gang bang on her birthday?” Anne replied, “thank you Dave. We would be glad to party with you. Where are we meeting your friends?” Dave replied, “at the “cabin.” (The “ cabin” is a code name for a suite Dave rents on a monthly basis. It’s at the Mountain View Motel. He is best friends with the owner. It’s close to home and his wife Ruth would never think of it.) Dave said Ruth’s gone to Wisconsin to visit her daughter and the new grandchild. I am looking forward to being with you Anne. The 6 friends are wealthy educated men. Some are ex-military officers. They have seen your photos. They are in their 50’s and 60’s. They are healthy virile men.” I said, “I am getting horny just listening to you Dave.” Dave said, “He would make reservations for dinner and the nightclub.”

We arrived at the Hotel at 7:30PM for dinner. James and Dave wore their formal dress clothes with ties. I wore my orange red sequined miniskirt with matching tube top. Also matching high heels and clutch purse. We ordered meals with wine. The food and service were excellent. After dinner we went to the nightclub to dance and have some drinks. I danced with James and Dave. Other guys stopped by our booth and asked me to dance. I did. The men gave me their business cards with their private phone numbers. They asked me how old I am? I said, “old enough to drive my father’s car.” Then I would laugh. I gave them my cellphone number. Dave came to the dance floor that we were going to the cabin for another party.

We arrived at the motel about midnight, There were 6 guys who got out of their cars. Dave greeted them we followed Dave to the second floor of the motel. Once inside Dave introduced James and me. The gentlemen put envelopes and gifts on the little kitchen table. Dave introduced us to the gentleman. They were all handsome. They are businessmen. Dave put some Disco music on for background music beat Drinks are served. Everyone is feeling good and horny. Dave puts a twin mattress in the middle of the floor in the living room. He puts sheets on it and pillows for Anne. He turns down the lights.

James helped me undress in the living room in front of the guys. The guys quickly undressed. I laid on the mattress and was quickly joined by the guys. I was kissed and French kissed. My breasts were sucked and licked. The guys kneaded my nipples with their fingers as well as sucking my nipples. My clit was massaged as my pussy was fucked. I was told to get on my hands and knees. I sat on Stan the jeweler’s hips. I put his cock into my pussy. Big Bill (300 pounds) pushed his 10 inch thick cock into my ass. He had a handful of my hair. He pulled my hair keeping my head up as he fucked my ass. Stan on the bottom was ramming his cock into my pussy. I was making love sounds and squealing as I orgasmed. I did a lot of squealing. When they finished squirting my holes bareback, John and Karl were next. When possible as I was fucked I also sucked and pulled cocks. John and Karl wanted to double stuff my pussy. I straddled John’s hips and pushed his thick cock into my pussy. Karl was behind my ass pushing his cock in alongside of John’s cock having 2 cocks stretching my pussy and double stuffing or double fucking me. They fucked me at the same time. I really liked 2 cocks at the same time. I felt so connected and fulfilled. The stimulations in my vagina were overwhelming. Especially when they squirted copious sperm into me. Dr. Carlos, Rocky (the weightlifter) and our friend Dave were last but not least. The three guys fucked all of my holes. I sucked their cocks stimulating the guys to fuck my holes they missed before. When they finished with me Dave got a cup and spoon. He spooned the sperm from my body, pussy and thighs. The guys watched. I told them I love them and spooned their copious sperm into my mouth showing them it filled my mouth. I swallowed it. I showed them my mouth is empty. I spooned more sperm in to my mouth and swallowed until it was gone. Stan the jeweler took me to the bathroom to shower. He bathed me. He kissed me as he washed me stimulated my clit with his fingers.. I put my arms around his neck. He brought me to orgasms. I told him to fuck me. He did. He squirted warm sperm into my pussy. I turned around on my knees. I licked , sucked his cock and balls. I cleaned him with my tongue and stimulated his cock to another erection. After bathing I put a robe on. I opened my birthday gifts. The guys gave me a birthday cards with money in it. A lot of money. The guys wrote a message. “Buy yourself anything except clothing. WOW!!!” I opened the gift from Stan. I was totally surprised at what in the small black velvet covered box. It is a large marque diamond ring. It is beautiful. James and the guys were impressed how big and beautiful the ring is. I told Stan, “that maybe I didn’t deserve such an expensive gift.” He said, “I made that for you. I love you Anne. You are beautiful and you deserve beautiful things. Besides a message is inscribed inside the ring.” I looked inside the ring. The inscription read, “To Anne with love, Stan.” I kissed him. I thanked him. Out of respect for his love I pulled my wedding ring off and placed the marque ring on my finger and put my wedding ring back on. James said, “for me to take my wedding ring off as now this new ring is a symbol that I belong to all men.” He held his hand out and I gave him my ring, He will put it away. James loves me and supports my relationships with other men. The party is over as it is early morning hours. Four of the guys left. Dave, Stan and Rocky stayed the night. I chose not to sleep with James. He understood I would be fucked all night and he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

I slept on the mattress on the floor in the living room. The guys took turns fucking me during the night. Rocky is my favorite lover. He is a weight lifter. I love having him pick me up and carrying me to a bed in his powerful arms. I love having his muscled body thrusting his cock into my holes. Just standing with him while he is holding me in his arms makes me lust for him to fuck me.

Sunday morning I showered getting the cum washed off. James towel dried me. I kissed him and thanked him for my 24th birthday party. Dave said he would take us home as he had brought us to the motel. Stan the jeweler kissed me goodbye. Rocky needed transportation as one of the guys that brought him went home last night. Dave said he would drive Rocky to our home. But he had to get home to take care of the farm animals. We said we would get Rocky home. Dave drove us to our home. Rocky offered to buy James and me breakfast. We went to the diner as we were hungry. After breakfast I drove James home. He had student test papers to grade. I drove Rocky to his home and business. While I was driving he put his fingers up the pant leg of my short shorts and finger fucked me. It was not easy being finger fucked while driving. I parked the car behind his place. I was so horny. I went to Rocky. I dropped to my knees, pulled his zipper down, pulled his cock out of his pants and did throat fucking with his cock. He likes holding one hand on the back of my head while throat fucking me. He had me stop as he wants to fill my other holes. Rocky’s apartment is upstairs. Downstairs is a complete gym and training equipment for his students. He teaches weight lifting, exercise classes, yoga and self defense. We went upstairs. He made us some hot tea. We kissed and French kissed. He picked me up in his arms, kissing me and carrying me to his bed. He pulled off my top and shorts. He undressed next to the bed. I reached up and held his 10 inch thick cock. He laid on top of me. He rolled me over on my stomach. He pulled my hips getting my ass up higher. He fucked my ass. When he finished squirting me he kissed and French kissed me. He said, “he was amazed how much James was happy to share me. How opened minded he is. He asked me if I have had sex with men at our house?” I replied, “on occasion.” He said, “I know you like lots of cock. I can arrange with discreet friends at your house a Holiday gang bang.” I said, “would you ask James about that?” He said, ‘”yes.”

Anne And James Host A Holiday Season Gang Bang… cont’d

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