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Jhanvi aunty hot ass 3

We entered the mall and I was still angry with the Auto driver staring at my Janvi aunty… Blood weirdo

” Leave it ra, chinnu ” Aunty was caressing me on my cheeks and touching my lips.

” Aunty I would have hit that guy ”

” Leave it chinnu.. Or aunty will not talk to you.. You must control your anger.. Ok ”

I did not say anything

” Let us go shopping… I need to buy some undergarments ra ”

My dick suddenly rose up and saluted her.. She also noticed my bulge..

” Ra chinnu ” and she went up the escalator and I was right behind her holding her waist.

She did not mind at all… In fact loving all the admiration and love, probably desperate for it.

We walked into the bra store and she was looking at the collections. The girls were eyeing me suspiciously like I’ve brought an aunty for banging..

I selected couple of revealing bras for her.. Expensive.. I told aunty try out these..

” Neevu super kaanthira idralli ”

” Ok chinnu ”

” But I cant see aunty ” they would not let men enter trial room..

” I’ll show you later, chinna don’t worry muddu ” she pinched my cheek

” You’ll wear and show aunty? ”

” Be a good boy you’ll get everything ok? ” She winked at me and kissed my cheek..

Now she was totally free with me.. Like I’m her bf

Before she entered trial room, I stopped her…

” Aunty, idhu try maadi ” I had picked up some revealing wire underwear and g-string for her about 5 of them..

” Chee pora… That’s too revealing ” she threw at me..

” Please aunty, naa kosam ”

” You are becoming too naughty, I know you only for 2 days ”

” Ok aunty ” I made a sad face..

” Oh.. My little baby ” again kissed me.. Ill try ” ok ”
” happy darling ”

” Ok aunty ”

” Oh you’re such a baby ”

The girl at the counter was eagerly watching our acts and salivating.. Maybe she was missing love as well.. She was good looking

” What’s your name sir ” the salesgirls asked

” James ”

” Me Mary.. She shook my hand ”

She was cute about 18/19. She was definitely missing a bf.

We chatted for some time about things in general and then she wrote down her number.

She asked if Janvi was my real aunty. I said yes. I’m sure she believed it : )

” You are so close to your aunty James ”

” Yes. I love her and she also ”

I think she believed we ere fucking each other, maybe.

Aunty came out.. Was looking a bit casual.. Bra sticking out… Scratching her but..

” Pack all ” and touched my shoulder

” Lets go dear, I need rest room badly ra ”

” What happened aunty ” I whispered in her ear

” Nuvve.. Ra.. I’m wet ” she whispered back

I was watching her ass swaying as she walked to the rest room.

I paid the bill, hugged Mary in a delicate sort of way touched her butt also.. She didn’t mind either

” Come back dear and don’t forget to call me ” Mary said.

” Sure ”

It was a long wait for aunty. Came back sweating aunty

” En aunty. Isthotthu? ”

” Edava, nannu wet chesi nanne adugutava? ” Slapped me lovingly..

” Ra.. Lets eat something ”

We went to food court mcD.. Aunty said ” naku meal cheppu ra ”

I ordered a meal for her and a fish burger for myself..

” Coke, fries oddha neeku ”

” Led aunty ”

” Health freak.. Oohh ”

” Hahahah ” I laughed.

” Hope I can see your health today ” she laughed loud

I was really nervous. I dunno if she will like me in bed.. What was her expectation. Aunty seemed real fast.

I was eating quitely.
” Enduka ra.. Em matladtha levu, sweat kuda chestunnav ”

” Em ledu aunty ”

” Don’t worry ra.. Ill not trouble you much today.. ” She laughed again.

” I love you aunty ” and kissed her hand.

” I love you too chinna ” and kissed my forehead.

She took a large bite and said this is good.

And she offered me.. I said its ok.

” Theesko chinnu, ” she gave me a bite.. Ask I chewed she wiped my lips with tissue.

I felt a major hardon.. Her touch was killing me..

” Give me a bite darling ”

” I gave my burger in her mouth.. ” We shared our burgers. She also made me eat her fries and coke.

I was cracking non veg jokes about women and she was laughing all the time. Time was flying

Suddenly, I looked at my watch and it was 6 pm.

” Ra ra.. Intiki podaam ”

” Me initka ”

” Avnu ra.. Rava mari? ”

” Uncle? ”

” Uncle went to Delhi ra will be back on Monday evening. You can stay at my place tonight ”

Omg… My good luck to nail this hot aunty come true..

” Ok aunty.. Whatever you say aunty ” I chuckled.

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