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She kissed my lips and it felt like my heart flew out of my chest and landed on a cloud. Her long dark brown hair blew in the wind as the sun highlighted her full face, her ice blue eyes sparkled like a million diamonds. I watched as she sat there waiting for the bus, putting a thin layer of gloss on her full bubble gum pink lips. Emily was my dream, and to see her in her full glory makes my cock stiffen still. She stood up as her short red pleated skirt blew up into the wind, she giggled and pushed it back down, I saw her white cotton boy shorts she had on since last night. As the bus arrived she turned around and waved at me she shouted as she got on, “Kevin I’ll call you after school!” That was the first time Emily has ever spent the night over my house and if I could help it, it would not be the last, boy was that a night to remember. My first time with my best friends daughter.

Hi I’m Kevin Doytal, I’m forty two, medium to muscular build. 6 foot even with dark brown hair 9 inch cock , no gray hairs, … yet. I’m in love with my best friends daughter, and have been since Emily was six years old, now that she has blossomed into a young curvy seventeen year old woman, I love her all the more. She is the reason I never married, I always dreamed of Emily being my significant other but, at once she has always just been a fraction of my age and I thought she could have never loved me as much as I loved, and adored her. That was until last night, I’ve always noticed that my young sweet delicate Emily has had a thing for older men but, I had no idea just how much older.

Last week my best friend Jim had to leave town on a business trip. Leaving Emily at her cousin Michelle’s house for the week. Unfortunately, Michelle came down with a bad case of pneumonia, putting her in the hospital. Emily being left all alone, her father called me and asked if I mind taking care if her for a day or two, I jumped at the opportunity. So many thoughts of the beautiful supple British teen ran through my mind, as my dick hardened, I realized that I was still on the phone with her father. I quickly rushed him off the phone to let my mind run free with his daughters big voluptuous d cups completely exposed, with her tiny tummy quivering, I enjoyed the thoughts of her rubbing her plump little fair toned unshaven pussy. With her every stroke and rub, I jerked my cock harder with her every moan, I went faster. I imagined Emily was riding my dick, I could almost smell her soft apple scented hair hit my face and see as her beautiful breast bounced while,her hips propelled her pussy further on my prick. Emily was all I could think of as my dick stiffened I let out a loud grunt and thick sloppy streams spunk covered my walls, I realized what a big mess my house was and began to clean.

A few hours later as I vacuumed the last spot in my two story house a ring of my door bell, Emily had arrived. I quickly ran back into my room combed back my short brown hair threw on a pair of dark blue basket ball shorts and a clean t shirt sprayed my best smelling cologne on and went to open the door the dark haired beauty with the long legs, was chewing a piece of bubble gum and said, “hey Uncle Kevin so you gonna help me with my bags?” Although I was no relation to Emily she called me her uncle; I picked up her bags and brought them into the house. Emily was wearing an oversized sweat shirt that fell off her shoulder exposing her creamy fare skin and a bit of her blue bra strap, a pair of extremely tight black jeans that outlined the contours of her sweet pussy lips and, a pair of navy blue flip flops she had on no make up with her mid back length hair tied up in a loose bun showing of her beautiful face she had chubby cheeks some baby fat she had yet to get rid of.

I tried my hardest to control my massive raging boner as Emily leaned in for a hug I could fee her large firm breast squashing against my chest and smell her cinnamon perfume and my cock stiffened I had to push her away to adjust my self in my basketball shorts she looked at me with a puzzled uncertain look and asked, “Uncle Kev you OK” I quickly replied “yes dear just had to fix something.”

We began talking at first it was everyday things like school how’s her grades then the subject of boys came up, then she told me that she wanted to tell me something.


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