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Jogging – Dirty Sex Tales

16 year old Karen woke just after 7 in the morning yawned stretched and slid her legs out from under the covers of her bed putting her feet firmly on the floor before standing up stretching again then pulled her nightie over her head throwing it on to her bed and stood naked before putting on her joggers and zip up top followed by her trainers, Karen brushed her hair then opened her bedroom door walked out in to the corridor saw her step brother Kevin’s 12 year old friend Simon who had slept over, Karen saw the bulge in Simon’s pyjamas and new he had been watching her through her bedroom door key hole, Karen went down to the kitchen had a glass of orange juice the went out of the house and jogged to the end of the street where her best mate Sara was waiting, the two girls greeted each other then started off on their morning jog, they went to the park where Sara’s boyfriend 16 year old Steve was waiting the trio waited and soon Paul Karen’s boyfriend after a brief chat the four friends who all attended the same school and were in the same class started jogging round the park, after a couple of laps of the park Karen noticed the old Joe one of the local homeless watching, Joe was watching the way the girls boobs bounced up and down in their tops as they jogged wishing he could get hold of them, Simon’s twin sister Kim waved at the four older teens as they jogged by as she waved she was watching the back and to movements in the boys shorts. Other people in the park were also watching the movement in the clothes of the teens as they went by, after another two laps the teens headed into the wooded are of the park and jogged down the dirt track, after a short while Steve stopped went into the tree’s and lowered the front of his shorts pulling his 7 inch soft dick out,  Kim who had taken a sort cut through from the park into the woods smiled when she saw Steve’s dick as she hid behind a tree, Sara appeared behind  Steve put her arm round him and started stroking his dick which was soon standing up erect at just over 9 inches, Kim watched in awe as Sara stroked Steve’s dick and when Steve squirted his cum in 3 long spurts Kim smiled broadly thinking about time I saw him spunk I seen his cock a few times.  Sara and Steve walked back to the dirt track with Sara saying to Steve bet she enjoyed that little show, after a hour more jogging the 4 teens went back to Karen’s house,  Kevin and Simon were out. there was a knock on the door Karen answered it and found Kim standing there, when Karen asked her what she wanted Kim told Karen I want to watch to watch you and Sara being fucked by Steve and Paul, Karen looked at Kim who pushed past her went to  the kitchen where she told the older teens that she had worked out that they were flashers and that she had watched Steve shoot his spunk earlier and that she had seen them all naked and knew that they knew she was there each time she then added I want to watch you all fucking while your naked, the four teens looked shrugged their shoulders and all 4 stripped naked and after a few minutes Steve was pounding into a moaning Sara while Paul banged into Karen, Kim sat watching with a big smile on her face.

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