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Johnny Walker Black by CaroleAT

There’s a club in Pennslyvania, called Johnny Walker Black. It’s a swing club. Nothing special there, but this one is quite different because it’s an interracial swing club. But even that is special. It’s only for white couples and black males. No black women are allowed and no white single guys get in. On a typical night they’ll have about forty white couples and maybe about that same number of black men. Since a number of the couple are there just to watch or participate only with another couple that generally means that a woman who wants the Black experience will have her choice of black men – and a choice of one, two or many.

The first time we heard about it my wife said, “No way.”

We had been to Deenies in Florida a few times and while we’re not traditional swingers – we usually drink, dance, engage in play and once in a while Carole will go with a guy if he’s special. Being special means, he’s somewhat intelligent and engages her in conversation and she finds him interesting. Most of the guys say, “Hi, wanna fuck?” So when a guy is considerate he gets Carole’s attention.

I didn’t think that Carole was into the black thing. Oh sure, she watched and seemed curious, but it was mostly a watching interest and I never felt she’d participate.

I’ve always had this thing about watching my wife with another man. And the idea of seeing her with a Black is incredibly exciting for me. But, while it’s happened a couple of times with white guys at Deenies, and once on a beach in New York, I felt she’d never let a Black make love to her. But, sometimes dreams do come true.

We’d first heard about Johnny Walker Black from a friend on line. I was intrigued and mentioned it to Carole but she was very reserved. Then one night at Deenies we met a couple that had been there.

The woman told Carole that it was the most incredible experience; that she’d never been so excited and had such fulfilling sex in her life. “They made me cum like I’ve never cum before in my life. You HAVE to try it.” I could have kissed her!!

After that, Carole was a little more interested and a few months later we found ourselves driving through the scenic hills of Pennsylvania heading for JW Black. I’d done some calling and learned a few things. First of all, it was the most restrictive club I’d ever heard of. They required a health certificate and a blood test from your doctor – and a letter of reference from another well established swing club. then you had to show positive ID when you entered the place. I was a little put off by all this because of the privacy thing, but we were assured that they use double encrypted files and that only the owner and his wife have access to their membership lists. You’re given an assumed name (if you wish) and that links to your health and ID clearance. So, if you want privacy, you’ve got it. Nobody knows who you really are.

The Check-in was friendly and efficient. Since we were new, we were given a tour of the facilities, which was an old farm house. Many of the interior walls had been removed on both the ground and second floor. There was a third floor that was all large private bedrooms, each with a private bathroom… a nice touch. The main floor consisted of a large bar with mirrors on the ceiling and behind the bartender. It was kind of neat and a little kinky to be able to look up and the ceiling and see what people all around the bar were doing.. A little voyeuristic touch. Next to the bar on one side was a lounge with some tables, and a few sofas; on the other side was an elevated dance floor with multicolored lights. A DJ booth was just off to the side.

The rest of the main floor comprised a game room – pool tables mostly, a dark lounge with large bed- like sofas and of course mirrors all around – even on the ceiling. And in the back there was a large Jacuzzi surrounded by lounge chairs. This led to an outdoor pool and patio complete with a huge gas barbecue.

The second floor was taken up mostly by a huge mirrored mat room, with some semi-private rooms off to the side. There were doors to these rooms but windows provided a nice view for the voyeurs.

After the tour we headed to the bar for a drink… there were a two empty seats, one next to a nice looking black guy and on the other side there was a white woman sitting with her husband. Carole chose the seat next to the woman. I sat down next to the black guy who looked up from his drink, smiled and said hello with a very British accent. We introduced ourselves, he was Maurice, “Please call me Maurice – not Mo,” he asked. I nudged Carole and introduced Maurice to her.

“You have lovely eyes,” he said to Carole extending his hand. She took it, smiled and thanked him. He lifted her hand to his lips, kissed it and then released it. Carole looked at him for a long moment, then smiled. He’d just scored big with my wife. She then turned and resumed her conversation with the woman next to her.

The bartender arrived to take our orders. It was a BYOB place. You had to bring your own liquor and they kept it behind the bar. Carole ordered a screwdriver and thanked Maurice for his generosity. Maurice was making some good headway with Carole. I had a glass of wine. Nice place.

Carole’s friends next to her left to tour around and after a few minutes another Black touched Carole’s arm, “May I sit here?” he asked. I’ve never seen such politeness. She was pleased at his approach and answered, “Of course.”

“I’m Dave,” he said shaking her outstreched hand as he sat. They immediately fell into conversation.

Maurice smiled at me, “You have a very lovely wife. Have you been here before?”

I explained a bit about our history, and he asked, “Has your wife ever been with a Black before?”

“No, but I have hopes about tonight. I’m not terribly optomistic, but I think maybe if things go very, very well, she might take the plunge tonight.”

“How can I help make that happen?” He seemed sincerely interested in us – not just another guy in heat.

“I think you’re doing it. Be nice and polite and go slow. If she’s pushed she’ll rebel and that will be the end of it.”

At that point, Carole leaned over, “Say, what are you guys talking about?”

“Oh, we were just admiring you and what a gorgeous creature this guy has for a wife.”

She blushed, and just smiled.

At this point, a young woman with a very serious camera stopped behind us and asked if we’d like to have our pictures taken. I was very surprised and asked about it. Oh, we shoot still and video here, but as you might have read, there’s very strict control over prints and the negatives. They’re mostly for the pleasure of our guests while you’re here. We show you the pictures and if you like them we put them in the display board. If you don’t, we destroy them. Same with the videos.. If you like we pipe them through the system here and you can watch them on the TV. Like what’s showing now. We looked above the bar to see a white woman giving oral sex to a black while another black man was entering her from behind. Very graphic and very sexy.

I looked at Carole and she just shrugged. I guess a couple of pictures would be okay. She shot a couple of the four of us and then suggested that we change around. I dropped out and Carole was centered between Maurice and Dave. Carole was wearing a black chiffon dress with a full skirt. It had gathered shoulder straps that crossed well below her breasts giving a deep plunging look. It was very sexy and her nipples showed prominently. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Closer, closer,” June directed and soon the three of them had their heads together, giggling as she shot some more pictures. Carole’s white skin and blonde hair were a stark contrast to the skin of the two very black men.

“Hey Carole,” cried June, “Lets see some cleavage!” Carole blushed but leaned forward and pulled the top straps of her dress apart a bit showing a deep clevage between her breasts.”

“Oh come on! You can do better than than.” complained June. Carole adjusted some more and the tops of her breasts were now visible. I felt a stirring in my trousers as my erection started to grow.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” teased June, and to show she was good to her word, June pulled the front of her dress down displaying her very large breasts.

Carole looked at me and started to protest, but I nodded and winked. She finally shrugged and pulled her dress apart even further showing just the edge of her nipples.

“Hey Maurice! Dave! Help me out here. Give Carole a hand, she needs some help. She seems to be having some trouble with her dress.” Simultaneously, both Dave and Maurice reached up and pulled aside Carole’s dress revealing her full breasts and lovely nipples. The camera flashed as the two blacks gently played with her nipples. Carole turned to scold Maurice, but his mouth found hers and I could see his tongue sliding into her mouth. I could almost see her swoon as she responded to his kiss. This was going to be a great evening.

“Whoa… ” she finally broke the kiss. “This is going too fast. Can we dance?” She stood and, with a shrug of her shoulders her breasts disappeared back under the chiffon dress as she led Dave to the dance floor. The began dancing and it quickly got real suggestive. He pulled her in close to him and his leg drove between hers. I could see his hips grinding into hers and she was responding to him. She tilted her head up and he put his mouth to hers. Dave’s hands were all over her and she was moaning with his touch. He pulled back away from her and I heard him encouraging her to, “Let it go, Let it ALL go.” She responded by thrusting her hips into his.

Then he pulled off his jacket and threw it, following that with his shirt. He reached out and tugged at her dress and with a smile, Carole shrugged the straps off her shoulders and the dress fell to her waist, her lovely breasts giggled and bounced as she danced. It was very, very sexy.

I looked up at the TV monitor and saw that the cameraman had focused in on Carole and her two black friends. This was all being recorded on high resolution digital video. It would be something we would enjoy on cold winter nights in the future.

Their bodies, naked to the waist now glistened with perspiration in the colored dance floor light. Sliding off the bar stool Maurice joined them on the dance floor, and soon he, too, was shirtless. The three of them swayed to the rhythm of the music, sometimes touching and sometimes just moving together. At one point the two men sandwiched Carole; Dave in front and Maurice from behind. She laughed as they squeezed her together. I could tell they both had huge erections (as did I and nearly every other man in the room) and they were stroking their cocks into Carole. She was rubbing back, obviously enjoying the sex play.

Then the music ended and they all returned to the bar. As she climbed onto her barstool, still topless Carole looked at me, her eyes glazed. “Did you like it?” she asked.

“I loved it. And I love you. Did you enjoy it?”

“They’re wonderful dancers. It was very exciting, and it made me feel very sexy.”

“Do you want more?”

She hesitated, and looked at me for a long time. There was a look of panic in her eyes, but then it faded and with just a hint of a smile, she nodded and said, very quietly, “Ok.”

It was going to be a long, wonderful evening, and I was finally going to see my lily white wife fucked by two very well hung black men.

– The End –

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