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Just Another Day In The Life Of A Sex Princess by Kelsey

I’ll begin by saying that I love being the center of attention, and that includes being gang banged.

I’m currently 19 years old but I discovered the joy of pleasing multiple partners when I was 15. I surrendered my virginity just after I turned 14 and I was immediately hooked on sex.

A couple of months later, I saw an adult video featuring a beautiful blond having sex with 5 guys. She was petite and pretty and obviously enjoying the experience. It was something I wanted to try too.

Call me an exhibitionist or a narcissist or an egomaniac, but I love having guys admire me. I love wearing sexy outfits, tiny bikinis or nothing at all. I’m one of those girls who developed early and by 13 I had all kinds of older guys hitting on me. I’m a blue eyed blond, baby faced, just barely 5 feet tall, 98 lbs, with measurements of 32B, 23, 31. My legs are long in relation to my height as well as shapely and pretty. My breasts are firm and perky with pale pink nipples the size of plain M & Ms surrounded by slightly darker quarter sized areolas.

I started making out without penetration by penis at about 13 1/2. I let guys suck my tits and explore my vagina with their fingers, and I got pretty good at performing fellatio. After 7 months of resisting temptation, I finally took the leap and had intercourse and as I said, I loved it. When I felt a guy cum in me for the first time, it was such a joy. I loved the idea that I could give a guy so much pleasure.

After watching my first porno a few months later, I thought I would really enjoy having sex in front of an audience. What could be better than showing off my body by having sex while other people watched. But I didn’t get bold enough to do it until about a year later.

My first couple of experiences were threesomes meaning me and two guys. It was a couple months after my birthday, and I let two of my big brother’s friends take turns fucking me. My brother found out but he didn’t have a nutty about it. The fact is, both of his friends have cute sisters who he had fucked so how could he get upset. I had 6 or 7 threesomes before I turned 16.

At 16 I had my first foursome. But I wondered what it would be like to have unlimited, uninhibited sex with one guy after another. Last year, my freshman year of college I finally pulled train for a really large group of guys.

My college doesn’t have fraternities, but there are several houses near campus where groups of guys live together. Randall, a guy in my sociology class invited me to a party at a house he shared with about 12 other guys.

It was toward the end of the school year, late spring, so warm weather had arrived. That gave me an excuse to wear a tiny bare middle top and a cute mini skirt.

Now guys around campus knew that I’m a horny gal. I had fucked 23 guys since arriving on campus 8 months earlier. I hadn’t had even a threesome since getting to campus. But I had told friends about my previous threesomes and foursomes and I know word had gotten around.

I’m not really a drinker. At 98 lbs, I don’t exactly have the body mass to offset multiple drinks. I sort of out did myself by having two wine coolers and a shot of tequila. I was buzzed and horny, and when Randall saw me looking unsteady on my feet, he asked me if I wanted to go lie down. I whispered that lying down sounded good, but only if I wasn’t alone.

It wasn’t long before I was standing naked in his room, admiring his 6 inch dick as it pointed up at a 45 degree angle at me. He closed his eyes in pleasure as I sucked it and it wasn’t long before he filled my mouth with warm, salty cum. He paid me back with some really great tongue action on and around my clit. Then he crawled up on me and entered me. I was wet and well lubed so he entered me easily. I came, then he came. When he finished cumming, he just stayed on top of me, telling my how fantastic it felt to be inside my tight little pussy.

He asked me if what he heard was true – the stories about my threesomes and foursomes. I told him they were true, and that I wouldn’t mind going for 5 or 6 guys in one night. He said he could make it happen. I giggled, and acted a little hesitant, than said “Oh why not?” He wanted to fuck me some more so we moved to doggie style, then back to missionary and he had a third, less intense orgasm.

He then pulled on his shirt and pants and told me to stay put. He then went to recruit guys to satisfy my fantasy.

Before long I was pulling train for a lot of eagar guys. First came one of Randall’s housemates named Johah. He was a hot looking blond with a big dick, about 8 inches.

The door was wide open so anybody that wanted to look in could. It wasn’t long before several guys were watching Johan plunge his big dick in and out of me. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and stood between my legs so that we, and our audience could see his giant dick sliding in and out. I’m partial to big dicks, but 8 inches is the largest I had ever had. That was going to change.

There was a pair of twin brothers, Cory and Andy at the party – identical twins – identical twins with 10 inch dicks. Luckily, they weren’t near the front of the train.

By they time they got their turns with me, I had fucked 11 guys. My pussy was well stretched and lubed with a copious amount of semen.

The audience had grown from all the people wanting to see if a tiny spinner like me could take a double digit sized dick. Several girls had joined the crowd of spectators too.

I took Cory like a trooper. The massive head stretched my opening more than it had ever been stretched before. I looked down between my smooth tan thighs and watched it disappear inch by inch into me. I amazed myself that I took it all the way to the end of his thick stem. It filled me completely, and it hurt a little, but there was no way I wanted him to stop. The group clapped and cheered as the last bit of him sank into me. He fucked me with long slow strokes for at least 5 minutes before he had an explosive orgasm in me. My whole body shuddered as I had my own intense orgasm. Andy went next and it was almost indentical.

I fucked at least 8 more guys that night, giving me a total of 21 guys. I don’t like anal sex. But I let a couple guys double up on my pussy. It had been stretched well enough to accomodate two medium sized dicks. Of course, everyone cheered for that too. I actually had my pussy double stuffed three times before morning.

My pussy was tender for a few days afterward. Two weeks later I had a more tame gang bang with 8 guys. My curiosity and fantasy were satisfied. Now I’m fantasizing about starring in an adult video. I’m afraid of upsetting my family, but I might do it anyway. I’ll keep you posted.

– The End –

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