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K9 Life Style – An Evolution by Bobbie

I am 41 and my wife is 39. We have been married for 20 years and have two children, 20 and 18. Yes, I know we had a baby three months after we got married, but we love each other and are good parents. Both kids are in college and mostly away from home. I was lucky enough to work for a company, in an important role, that grew very large and made me a lot of money and so I retired. I still do a little consulting but I am doing less and less and soon will be completely retired.

I bought a computer with all the bells and whistles and a high-speed modem and in my travels thru the web discovered some very sexy places. As I discovered these places I would show my wife, Eileen, what I was looking at and we both enjoyed it very much. I was particularly into interracial sex and we got hundreds of pictures and hours of movies of big black dicks doing any and all things to beautiful white women. Eileen knows how much I enjoy watching this hot action and I get up in the morning and turn on the black-white sex almost before the coffee is made. Many times she will come up behind me as I am viewing hot action and since I am naked she will fondle my cock and usually get in front of me, sit down in front of my chair, and suck me to orgasm as I watch the screen. I have tried to put on the screen many different types of sexual practices to see what would turn her on. She seemed to like all of them but I could tell none really did it for her like black-white did for me.

One day I put on a movie of a large dog fucking a beautiful young woman with the husband’s help. Eileen stopped what she was doing and sat next to me and watch with growing arousal as the couple fucked the large dog. The woman would back her lovely ass up to the ass of the dog and the man would take the dog’s ten inch cock and bend it back so that it aimed into the girl’s very wet cunt. She started moaning and moving her ass in and out and rubbing her clit to several large orgasms. When the dog was ready to cum, she pulled out and turned around as the dog shot squirt after squirt into her eager mouth. After the dog unloaded into her mouth, the husband put his cock in her mouth and also gave her a large dose of man cum.

Eileen was going crazy with passion. I dropped down and started licking her very wet cunt as she came over and over. I had never seen her come so much and so fast before, so I knew that I had finally hit her secret fantasy. The movie then went to another large-cocked dog with two very young women who were taking turns getting fucked by him. I continued my licking as Eileen moaned with pleasure while watching the two girls. When the dog was ready to cum, the two girls laid next to each other and let the dog spray his substantial load of cum into both of their mouths. Eileen was now in a steady orgasm that didn’t stop until about a minute after I stopped licking her cunt.

After she calmed down I asked her why she had never told me about this fantasy. She confessed that when she was 12 and had just started having periods, her male Lab climbed on her bed one day when she was having a period, and started licking her pussy. She almost swooned with pleasure as he slurped her cunt hole and asshole. She continued with the dog licking thru high school and would have still gone on but the dog died at the end of her senior year. In the meantime, she was so embarrassed about her secret that she never told anyone. As the dog licked her, he often got hard and she said his cock was very red and about eight inches long. And at the end of his dick, next to his body, was a large red ball about the size of a tennis ball. She didn’t know what to do but she had him lick her almost every night. Finally, because the dog was whining and was very edgy she tried getting on her hands and knees and dropping down so her pussy was at the right height for the dog. He sniffed around and finally mounted her and after some poking around, buried his cock in her pussy. It hurt because she was a virgin but as she started to bleed, the dog pulled out and licked her pussy and the pain quickly turned to pleasure. The dog stopped licking and started to fidget around her. She got in her “doggie fuck” position and he jumped on her and after a few tries, buried his big cock into her hole. This time it felt much better and he humped her very fast and hard until he squirted a huge amount of cum into her little pussy. She confessed that she did little dating in high school because she was getting so much pleasure from her dog. When I met her, which was a few years after she graduated from high school, she had only had three other men before me.

After that I went “doggie sex” searching and found a huge world of women (and men) who liked getting fucked by animals. Eileen insisted that whenever I was looking for this subject, that I tell her so that she could watch with me. We found that there were many doggie clubs all over and several within riding distance from where we lived. Eileen started a dialogue with one of the women who ran a club about ten miles from our house and I never saw Eileen more excited or interested in anything! The two women hit it off and the lady sent us a video that was a club meeting that they always film. It looked like about ten to fifteen couples who were all naked and watching around a large room at a mattress in the middle, where the doggie action occurred. All of the people looked like an average collection, some fat, some tall, etc., except they were all naked and absolutely not self-conscious of their bodies. None of the people seemed to be in their twenties and several seemed to be in their sixties.

There were about ten to fifteen dogs available, one for each woman I thought, all picked because of their cock size, and clearly had fucked the women before. Eileen’s friend, who lived in the country, supplied almost all of the dogs. To avoid the women being scratched, the dogs front legs were put in a sleeve of material. As soon as the sleeves went on the dogs, they started to get hard and excited. We found out later that most of the women have their own dogs at home. Most of them had more than one dog.

It seemed like any woman who wanted to be dog fucked would get in the middle of the room, get on her hands and knees, and various men would get a dog, lift it into position to fuck and the dogs, as they got into the women, would hump very hard and fast until they came. The women all seemed to love what they were doing and were very vocal about how good it felt. Several times there were three women at a time being fucked and often, as the evening went on, some man, either their husband or not, would put his cock into the woman’s mouth for a blow-job. One woman, who seemed to love the dog-fucking more that the others, had about six dogs fuck her and she loved to suck several men as she got humped. Also, we discovered what the big bulge was at the dogs body. Sometimes, the dog would put the ball into the woman’s cunt and then both would stay in that position until the dog got soft. It didn’t happen every time but about ten times it did. The women loved it, because the ball was about the size of a tennis ball. Women started to get in the middle and eat each other as dogs were inserted into their holes. One pair of women sat down, one on her back with her legs spread and the other on her stomach with her face in the first woman’s cunt. The smallest dog got on the lady who was on her stomach and fucked her in her ass. The other woman took one of the biggest dogs in her mouth until she swallowed almost all of the big black dog’s cum. The woman getting ass-fucked started fisting the woman who was sucking the dog and the woman being fisted got very excited. We couldn’t tell how long the people fucking had been going on, but as the camera would pan to the women in the middle, you could see couples sucking and fucking each other as they watched the action.

While this incredible movie was being played, Eileen was very quiet and rubbing her clit. As she came she would moan about how she wanted to be there getting fucked. I came in her mouth twice during the movie and I licked her to several orgasms in between watching the film. When the film ended, we fucked like rabbits and asked each other if we would mind if the other person joined in the human fucking activities. We both decided that we would like to participate and Eileen said that she would set up a time for us to join one of their meetings.

There was to be another party in two weeks and we got directions to the farm. In that two weeks I think we both fucked more than we had in the previous two years! Now Eileen could really tell about her fantasies and it got her very excited to talk about dog fucking.

The big day arrived and we went to her friend’s farm at about 7pm. There were about eight cars parked already and when we entered, we saw her friend, Nancy, for the first time. She had been naked and she threw on a thin sheer dressing gown to answer the door. She was about 45 years old and quite attractive. She was a big woman, not fat, but just big. Her breasts were enormous and she had broad hips and a shaved pussy. I got a hard-on immediately and Eileen point it out to Nancy who hugged me and said she would have been very disappointed if I didn’t get hard. She suggested that we take off our clothes since everyone who would be here this night would also be naked. She waited for us as we stripped and since I was still hard, she took my cock in her hand and told Eileen that she wanted to suck this, holding up my cock, before we went home. Can you imagine starting a party in a better way? With that she took off her gown and we three naked people entered the big room we had seen in her video.

It is interesting to meet people for the first time with everyone nude. You end up shaking hands and then both couples stand around and look at the two hard-on’s of the men and the tits and asses of the women. After all the intro’s had been done, Nancy told everyone that we were new and Eileen had not had a dog in 22 years and she thought that Eileen should be the first lady of the evening to get a “good fucking” as she put it. Eileen was escorted to the middle of the room in the center of the mat and was introduced to Sam, a very large Great Dane. As the socks went around Sam’s front legs, his very red, ten-inch cock slowly immerged from his sheath and he was ready. Eileen was put on her hands and knees and the rest was up to Sam. He licked her ass and cunt for a few slurps, as Eileen let out a series of low moans, and then he mounted her. His cock went right in and after about two humps, his entire cock disappeared into Eileen’s beautiful cunt.

She started to moan and repeat over and over “yes, yes, yes” in between deep moans of passion. Everyone in the house was very turned on to this beautiful woman with the huge dick in her cunt and the obvious pleasure she was experiencing. People who were sitting began to fondle the person next to them and a few pairs started doggie fucking with both of them aimed at Eileen so they could fuck and enjoy the doggie action at the same time. Nancy was next to me and dropped to her knees and said she thought she would have her blow-job right then. I was so hard and excited that I lasted about two minutes and blasted a big load down Nancy’s throat. Two other women went to Eileen and one dropped down and sucked her nipples while the other pushed her smooth-shaven pussy into my wife s lips. I knew this was a first for Eileen but she started to lick and suck the woman s cunt lips and pussy like she had been doing it all of her life. The woman sucking Eileen s nipples had her ass lifted and a pillow put down so that her pussy was up about six inches. A black lab came into the ring with his socks on and licked and then mounted the nipple-sucking lady. She started to squeal and spread her legs and we all got a good look of what a dog s red cock looks like as it slides into a wet, willing cunt. In the meantime, the big dog in Eileen s cunt pushed his tennis-ball sized knot into her pussy and she groaned with pleasure. The dog was now hung-up in her pussy and stayed that way for about five minutes while my wife must have had ten to fifteen consecutive orgasms. The women all cooed about how lucky Eileen was to take Sam s knot. As Sam got soft his knot and cock popped from her cunt with a loud smack. My wife was temporarily exhausted and put her head down with her ass up and we all watched the dog-cum ooze from her open, wet cunt. A man I barely remember meeting got up and put his sizeable cock into Eileen s swollen cunt and started to fuck her hard and fast. That revived her and she got her body and head up and arched her back and began to hump into the cock as it went forward. I think she surprised herself as she had another big orgasm as the man pushed hard into her hole and stopped as his cock shot its juice into Eileen s willing cunt.

That was the start of the night. It went on for about six hours and Eileen said that she tried to remember who and what she had done. She knows that seven dogs fucked her but only six came in her cunt. She also got fucked by ten men and sucked six. She said that was a pretty good start to our new hobby. I only fucked four women and got blown three times but seven orgasms for me in a six hour period was quite a lot and I was looking forward to the next party as well. The next morning we held each other and both felt it was a fabulous time and we wanted to do it some more. She told me how surprised she was to find that she loved being looked at as she fucked either with a dog or a man, woman or all of the above. She also said that when she is on her hands and knees with her head down just waiting for the male dog to enter her, she thinks she is his bitch, good for nothing but mounting and fucking. When they enter her, she feels like a bitch and gets very horny thinking about what a slut she must be. She says it is hard to describe but it makes her incredibly hot and she stays that way for a long time after she has been mounted by one of her mates.

Our life has been changed forever. We now have four dogs of our own and they fuck Eileen at least forty times a week. When we first got them they didn’t know what to do and I would do everything including putting their cocks in Eileen s cunt so she and they could have a good fuck. We got her a leather smock that she puts around her hips and back so that the dogs don t claw her as they climb into her. They now know that when they see that smock, they get very high strung and start to show their cocks, knowing they are going to get fucked. They are pretty good when she doesn’t have it on but if she is naked, they smell and lick her cunt until she gets excited and they try to mount her. So far they have never gotten too bad with the girls and the girls just get embarrassed and leave the dogs. I tell them that is one of the disadvantages of having a male but I don t like female dogs.

I fuck her or get blown at least twice a day and we think of nothing but our next piece. We rarely dress and we keep the house warm so that being naked is not uncomfortable. The dogs mount her anytime they want so that when people other that our dog people come over, we must keep them away from the women. We have a real problem when the kids are home and we are encouraging them to enroll in colleges away from here, including Europe, and they are very excited. If they only knew that we were trying to keep them away from the dogs they would be very surprised.

We have a big get-together with our dog crowd at least every two weeks, usually at Nancy s. We have come to know and love this crowd more than any group we have known. The total size of the group is about fifty couples. Some come as far away as Chicago and a few can only come four or five times a year but they usually stay for a week. Since we have privacy and some dogs, we are on the list of people to stay with for those in town for a week or so. Sharing a taboo hobby and fucking each other makes for good friendships. Eileen and I swap beds about once a week with one or more of the couples so that we are constantly getting new sex and it is wonderful. All of crowd seems to be beyond the jealous phase so that anything we do to one another is ok and the experience is shared by each mate. Eileen has become attracted to ass fucking and has even had dogs up her ass. It isn’t that I didn’t like ass fucking but not to the extent that Eileen does. Other men love to ass fuck. So now, she gets a lot of ass fucking and my real passion, blow-jobs and cunt licking, get all the action I want. We are on the preferred list of fuckers since the word is out that Eileen likes it in the ass and I love to lick pussy. Women love to be eaten and think that a good blow-job is the price they pay. If there is a heaven, I m in it!

– The End –

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