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Martin was a sixteen year old bi sexual boy who was hated by many people who lived in the same town as he did, Martin was a peeping tom and had been chased away from windows a few times. One day as he was walking home from school over the waste ground near to the estate he lived on he spotted a naked bum bobbing up and down, Martin had started to creep closer hoping for better view as he did he saw Sara who was two years younger than him, as he saw her Sara shouted out loud ” it is the fucking peeper” seconds after she had shouted out Steve who had been fucking his girlfriend Tina rose up, Martin saw Steve’s nine inch erection sticking out in front of him, Martin turned and started to run but tripped falling flat on his face, he was stunned but soon felt his body being kicked and Steve shouting calling him a pervert, he then heard Tina and Sara shouting calling him a pervert as well as other names, Martin spent six weeks in hospital after three weeks of being in hospital Steve who had been arrested for the assault was sentenced to a year in detention the same night Martin was on his own in the garden area of the hospital when Sara appeared, Martin learnt that the police had spoken to her concerning the attack and she was scared she would be charged and put away in detention and wanted Martin to say she was not involved, Martin had looked and said ” why should I keep quiet” Sara then started begging and Martin could see she was close to tears, and when Sara said to him ” please don’t tell I will give you a wank if you don’t tell” Martin smiled and said ” let me fuck you and it is a deal” Sara said ” no” Martin pulled his phone out” Sara got more scared and started to cry then said ” ok it is a deal” Martin went with Sara to a disused wing of the hospital and watched as Sara lowered her jeans and after Martin told her to take them off Sara did, Martin looked at her love tube and smiled then said ” tits out” Sara raised her tee shirt over her head revealing her ample firm boobs, Sara lay on an old table and closed her eyes and when Martin slid his eight inch erection up her love tube pushing in deep Sara opened her eyes in surprise, Martin started to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube and soon noticed that her nipples were now erect, Martin gently squeezed Sara’s nipples and smiled when she started to groan and after five minutes Sara cried out yes yes yes as she climaxed, Martin carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube making her cum three more times before he squirted his cum on the floor, Sara lay with a dazed look on her face for ten minutes when Martin had promised her he would be telling Sara walked away. The next day Martin was in the garden when Tina appeared and after telling Martin that Sara had told her what it would cost to keep quiet Martin took her to the disused wing and after five minutes was looking at her naked body admiring her large boobs and love tube, when Martin started thrusting in and out of her love tube Tina just lay still looking into the air but after five minutes her nipples were erect and she was breathing heavy and five minutes later Martin felt her cum and after another twenty minutes Martin had felt Tina cum twice more before he squirted his cum over the floor, when the police spoke with Martin he found out that Steve had bragged about attacking Martin, Martin confirmed that Steve had attacked him but said he could not remember anybody else being their. Martin was now out of hospital and walking home when he saw Sara in the woods, Sara saw him and walked off the track, when Martin followed her he found her in a small clearing laying naked on the floor with her legs open, Sara smiled at Martin and after a few minutes Sara groaned as Martin pushed his dick into her love tube and after a couple minutes Martin saw Tina standing there her jeans wide open and pokies in her tee shirt and when Tina said ” save some for me” Martin thought I will, and two days later as he thrust into Tina’s love tube he thought they are sure making sure that I do not tell on them.

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