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Kerry Teasing Part 1 – Dirty Sex Tales

 My girlfriend, Kerry and I have been going out for about 4 years now. I’m 27, she is 2 years younger than I am. We met in college and while we were there we certainly made the best of it.

She is an extremely good looking girl, my Kerry, 5’3, blue eyes, slim build, flat stomach, C-cups and an ass that you could grab on to. Natural brunette however her hair colour changed quite often. She has the cheek bone’s of a star with a look of Eva Longoria and she knew it too but was never one to walk around with that attitude. Because she came from a family of four brother and one sister she may look like a girly girl but by no means was she. Her humour is bad taste and breaks balls like no one I’ve ever met.

Kerry never dressed too outrageous which when we started going out was good as I was kind of the whole jealous and insecure type. As time went by and our relationship got strong and lined with trust I could feel this jealously slipping away, and the more it slipped away the more confident Kerry got.

One night we were in a club and she was wearing this amazing long tight pastel dress which made her ass look so good. We were both pretty drunk and as I was walking back from the bathroom when I ran into an old friend. As he was speaking to me I noticed Kerry standing at the other side of the room being chatted to by some guy while his friends were standing behind her checking out her ass. As I completely lost track of what my friend was saying I could not stop noticing how good Kerry looked and how turned on I was getting by this guy doing his best to chat her up and and his friends blatantly staring at her ass. After a while she saw me and made her way over. A little while later we were in the smoking area and I told her how sexy she looked and how turned on I had gotten watching her with all those guys around her. She said she wanted to go home straight away but we didn’t even manage to get as far as flagging a taxi and we had make our way into the park where I bent her over a bench and gave a fucking we still talk about.

It was right there and then I knew we were hooked.

We used to talk about it a lot, regularly and as dirty talk. It always turned us on so much. I used to tell her how I would like to watch her dancing while guys would come up to her and dance beside her and try and get close enough to feel her. That I would like to see her take their hands and lightly run them over her body and lead them on for a while and then walk off and find someone new. I told her how much I would like to see her tease other guys and turn them on and that I would really like to see her do it wearing next to nothing. The talk alone would really turn her on and it wasn’t long before that was what she wanted to do.

As Ireland is such as small place she told me that she didn’t really feel comfortable doing this in our home city as we new too many people. We do a lot of camping anyway and travel around quite a bit so any time we planned a camping trip we both knew what was in store. One one of our trips away she took out this new outfit that she had bought. It was a purple top with a deep plunging v connected to a pair of black hot pants that barely covered her ass cheeks. She didn’t wear any bra with this and Kerry lived in g-strings. When I saw her wearing this with a pair of 4” heels my heart started pounding in my chest.

After drinking in a few pubs we headed to the night club where things really started to heat up. It was a busy club with good techno and as soon we got in the door I could see the excitement in her eyes and all I said to her was “If anyone does anything you don’t like just give me the nod and I’ll stop it, I’ll be watching”.

We had a shot of tequila each and she said she was going to the bathroom and that she would fallow me out for a cigarette. My cigarette was long smoked and no sign of Kerry. I headed back inside and awhile I found her in the middle of the dance floor really getting into the beats. For a while she danced around the place, floating from guy to guy until she found someone she took a fancy too. They danced face to face for a minute or two and then I saw her turn her turn around and start backing into him. I could see she was beginning to grind her ass into his crotch and that he was really starting to enjoy it. She took his hands and wrapped them around her so that they were on her stomach while she put one hand up around his neck and tucked her head underneath his chin. They danced like that for a couple of minutes and then with her other hand on his she slipped them up over her breast and left his hand there while they danced.

I could see her eyes scanning the room until she found me. I was standing by the bar just watching , thinking about what I was going to do to her later. When our eyes met all I could do was smile and as I received a cheeky smile from her I saw her take his other hand and put it on her other breast. She told me later that when she saw me smile back at her that he nipples got as hard as bullets and this really turned on the guy she was dancing with as she could start to feel his hard on brushing up against her ass as they danced. She was now facing my direction while she was grinding into this guys crotch with her ass and both his hands feeling her nipples through silk v cut top as she just stared right at me. I saw one of her hand disappear into his pants and after she told me he as rock hard and she stroked it while he started kissing her neck. At this point I was getting pretty hard myself when I saw him turn her around and lean into kiss her. She put one hand on his chest and lightly pushed him back, smiled, and then started walking my direction. She came straight over to me, grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me towards her and gave me the most passionate kiss and said “I want you to be the only one to kiss me”.

We didn’t stay in the club much longer after that but we had sex twice on the walk back to the camp site and once more when we got there. We crashed out after that but when I woke briefly several hours later she still had her hand around my cock even though she sound asleep. I woke with an hard on the next morning and when Kerry noticed this she gave me the most sensual blow job while I told her how much I liked watching her being bold the night before and how I was really looking forward to the next time we got away.

Our next trip took us to the west coast, the weather was better and you can find some of the most beautiful beaches there. We packed our gear and headed off on a Friday afternoon. We got there and set up our tent and made dinner over a BBQ and drank some wine. One bottle turned into two and we started talking about the night ahead.

Kerry had bought a dress/top a few weeks before. It was green with flower patterns, long frilly sleeves, again with a v plunge but not as steep as her hot pants outfit. I had seen her wear this dress a several times over the last few weeks and as it was very short she always wore leggings underneath. The inner lining of the dress came about half way down her ass but the outer layer was frilly and see-through and came about 2” below her ass cheeks. She wore this dress with a pair of tights and her 4” black heels.

The weather was much warmer on this particular night so neither of us needed a jacket when we headed out. By the time we got the club it was pretty busy and both of us were quite tipsy and horny. It didn’t take Kerry long to wander off by herself and quickly enough she was out of my sight. I headed to the bar and got us some Jack and Cokes and had a walk around but could not see her anywhere. The longer I went without seeing her the more excited I was getting about how I would find her and what she would be doing.

After about fifteen minutes I made for the smoking area and as soon as I walked through the door there she was in the centre of four guys. I saw her before she saw me and I slipped in to the corner with a good line of sight. I watched them flirting and making jokes and was in love with how well she could work them and had them hanging on her every word. She turned round and started to whisper something into one of their ears and it was at this point she noticed me. When she was done that guy then said a quick couple of word to the rest of the group and they all seemed to close in around her. There was sudden silence fell over the group while they huddled around her and then just as suddenly an explosion of cheers and hooting and hollering.

The group then started moving towards the door back in to the dance floor and Kerry was the last to walk in the group. All four guys walked past but she slipped over to me on her way. I handed her her drink and she floored it all in one go and then handed me her bra and simply said “It was a dare, you know how I like to play dares”, kissed me on the cheek and hurried along after the group. I finished my cigarette all the while thinking about what this night was going to bring.

I found a stool by the bar inside and sat there with a clear view of the dance floor and more importantly; Kerry. She was dancing very seductively with a group of four guys with the ease of as if she was dancing with one. It was almost hypnotic. She swayed in and out between them touching them as they passed by keeping all of them equally engaged while with every move getting bolder and bolder. By the time a few songs had passed she was taking turns being sandwiched between two of them at a time. Her ass in one guys crotch with his hands roaming from her stomach to her thighs and back again with the other inches from her face with her hands around him.

She then swapped with the other two and upped the stakes further by groping the new guy’s cock through his pants that was in front of her while the guy behind her was now running his hands up over her barely covered breasts with her nipples pointing through the fabric. At one point I saw the guy behind her slightly pull one one side of the v in the front of her dress to the side exposing her nipple. I saw a lustful glint in her eye when she looked at me and while she was looking at me she didn’t notice the guy in front of her lean in and begin kissing and licking on her erect nipple. I could see that she got a fright at first and gave a little jump, but she just bit her lip, looked at me again and then pulled his head right in allowing him full access to suck on her nipple right there in the middle of the dance floor for everyone to see.

I could see her eyes darting round the dance floor and resting on any guy that was looking at her which I could see was only turning her on more. Kerry was really starting to get over taken by all the excitement now as she grabbed a hand of the guy behind her and started rubbing her pussy through her tights with it. Her hand may have left but his didn’t and the guy in front of her was now replaced with one of the others and he was working hungry on her other nipple. I could see her hips starting to thrust back and forth and I knew from her motion that she was dripping wet. The music slowed and she excused herself from them by saying she had to go to the bathroom and that she would meet them in the smoking area. I saw them say something to her and even in the lights of the club I could see that she was blushing .

She left them and headed to the bathroom and I watch them as the made for the smoking area. I ordered two tequila and by the time the barman handed the I felt a hand go down my pants, grab my cock and Kerry sweet voice whispered in my ear. “They are having an after party”, she said, “They invited me to go with them but dared me not to bring my tights…”

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