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Leaving – Dirty Sex Tales

Mark was walking up the drive way to the house where he was to do some work packing stuff away into boxes. The people who lived there were moving out of town and going to live miles away. Marks’s dad owned the firm that was doing the removal, Mark worked for his dad when he could. Mark knew the family had connections to the criminal world and that they were very rich, he also knew they could be very violent. John rang the door bell and waited for the door to be opened and after a short while 16 year old Amy opened the door and let Mark in, Mark knew Amy had a very bad reputation for being violent and loud mouthed, Mark knew Amy was a couple of years older than what he was and had recently dumped her boyfriend. Mark asked if the packing crates had arrived as arranged, Amy showed Mark where the packing crates were and left him to work. Mark looked at his work sheet and decided to start upstairs got one of the crates and went upstairs and started packing stuff away. Mark looked up when he heard a door open and went wide eyed when he saw Jill Amy’s sister who was a couple of years younger than what he was come out of a room, she was naked, Mark saw her budding boobs with stiff nipples and her hairless slit and as she walked to the bathroom Mark admired her cute bum, Jill went into the bathroom closing the door behind her, Mark carried on working happy at what he had just seen. Jill appeared and told Mark she was going out and if he needed anything to ask Jill as Amy left Mark thought would Jill give him what he wanted, as he worked Jill came out the bathroom Mark smiled seeing she was still naked, Jill walked up to Mark said ” your not breaking anything are you” Mark said ” trying not to” Jill turned walked away telling Mark if he wanted anything just ask, Mark thought I wish, Jill went into her room leaving the door open, Mark saw Jill lay on her bed her legs wide apart giving him a good clear view of her love tube, Mark could feel his dick throb inside his overalls, he saw Jill look at him and smile, she then said ” well what do you want” paused then added ” if you want to fuck me you better come in here and do it” Mark walked to the door of Jill’s room stopped looked at Jill who told him well come on in and fuck me, Mark went in the room undid his overalls let the drop to the floor, Jill smiled when she saw Mark was naked under his overalls, she looked at Mark’s 7 inch erection, said ” yes at long last the cutest boy in school with a hard cock” Mark climbed onto the bed and started to rub Jill’s love tube before inserting his fingers into it and finding it moist, after fingering Jill for a minute Mark with drew his fingers and positioned him self between the panting girls legs lowered himself and pushed his throbbing dick into Jill’s wet and waiting love tube making Jill moan as he did, Mark started to gently push in and out getting deeper with each inward thrust, Jill was breathing heavy with loud groans Mark pounded into the groaning girl getting harder as he did, after a few minutes Jill said ” yes oh yes” and Mark felt her cum, Mark pulled his dick out and stood up, he smiled at Jill who looked at him said ” that was great” got off the bed and went to the bathroom, Mark put his overalls back on and went back to packing stuff away, after a few minutes Jill came out the bathroom, Mark was disappointed to see she was dressed, Jill looked at Mark and said ” don’t ever tell anyone that you have fucked me” after Mark had promised her he would never tell Jill went out, Mark was packing when Amy walked in she looked at Mark and said ” have you just fucked my sister” Mark looked at her and said ” who me” Jill told him your the only one here and I am not talking to the dog” Mark told Amy he never tells anyone what he has done or seen” Amy said ” she is my sister you can tell me” Mark looked at Amy and told her if she was that desperate to know to ask her sister because he would not say if he has had sex with somebody or not, Amy went to her room leaving Mark to carry on with his work. After a few minutes Amy came out of her room wearing a dressing gown as she came out of her room Mark looked up saw the gown slightly open and part of Amy’s boob, Amy went down stairs, Mark saw Amy through the stair bannister stood using the house phone as he looked down Mark saw a bit more of Amy’s boob Amy sat on a chair and Mark saw her entire boob appeared, Mark stood looking down at Amy’s naked boob, Amy bent forward and when she sat up again Mark smiled he could now see both of Amy’s boobs, Mark was loving what he was seeing, Amy put the phone receiver back into the cradle and stood up as she did her gown fell wide open and Mark saw Amy had a nice dark hairy bush, Amy walked out of Marks sight, After a few minutes Amy came back into Mark’s sight carrying a drink her gown closed, Amy walked up the stairs at the top of the stairs Amy looked at Mark smiled said to him ” have you got a fucking hard on” pointing at the bulge in Mark’s overalls, Mark just grinned, Amy then said ” that means you must have seen my tits when I was on the phone” Mark smiled nodded his head and told Amy and your bush, Amy smiled and walked into her room, after a minute Amy came out, Mark smiled when he saw she was naked with erect nipples, Amy walked to Mark pulled his overalls down knelt down on the floor took Mark’s dick in her mouth and started sucking him. After 5 minutes Mark told Amy he was cumming Amy carried on sucking and when squirted his cum into her mouth she swallowed it all. Amy stood  smiled and went back to her room. Next day Mark arrived at the house to carry on with the packing he rang the door bell a naked Jill opened the door and yelled Amy stud boy is here, A naked Amy walked out of the kitchen went straight to Mark squeezed his nose and when Mark opened his mouth Amy pushed some tablets in forcing him to swallow, Amy then told Mark he had just swallowed 5 Viagra and that he would need them, both Amy and Jill stripped Mark naked took him upstairs and into Amy’s room , Mar got a surprise there was three of Amy’s friends all naked one said nice looking cock, two of Jill’s friends who were also naked walked in, Amy said “get ready to satisfy” us. Mark though I am going to die from an over worked dick but what a way to go.

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