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Life changing reference part 1

At just the tender age of sixteen years old Tina was in a desperate situation, she was due to appear in court to be sentenced for robbery and she knew that unless she could get some really good reports she would be sent to a young offenders detention centre for a couple of years which she did not want and so she was now trying to get people to give her good references. Tina was stood in the small corner Indian owned grocery shop hoping to get good references but doubting if she would get any because she often gave the shop owners hassle, the shop owner Mr Khan told Tina to go in the rear where his daughter would help, Tina stood in the back of the shop waiting for Layla who was in the same year as what she was at school, Tina knew that Layla was a lesbian and did not like her and often gave her hassle. Tina helped herself to a drink while she waited, when Layla walked in she said “we saw you take my granddad’s drink” she smiled then added “it is heavily spiked with Viagra to help him get a boner wonder what it will do to you” after a few minutes Tina was starting to feel horny. After a few more minutes she was extremely horny, Layla smiled and said “wow your nipples are well poking out” Tina looked down and saw that there were little tents in her tee shirt, Layla told Tina to take her tee shirt off, Tina hesitated but when Layla said “you want references get it off” Tina did as she had been told and stood topless, Layla smiled said “lovely tits big nipples now get your jeans off” Tina removed her jeans and stood naked, Maya smiled said “very nice” and told Tina to lay on the table and part her legs, Tina was feeling so horny that she did as was told, when Maya told her to masturbate Tina stated to rub her shaved pussy and after a couple of minutes was pushing her fingers into her pussy, Maya watched in awe as Tina masturbated and when Tina gushed Maya said cool then reached down and started to rub one of Tina’s tits, Tina was still feeling very horny and when Maya started to rub her pussy Tina did not stop her and when Maya pushed her fingers into her pussy and started to suck her nipples Tina did not try to stop her and was soon groaning in deep pleasure and when she climaxed for a second time Maya said cool, Maya stood back and said to Tina “you want more” Tina was still feeling extremely horny and said “yes” Maya stripped naked and climbed onto the table and lay on top of Tina and started to wriggle about, after a hour Tina had climaxed 6 more times and was feeling tired but still very horny, Tina walked home hardly believing what she had done but felt slightly relaxed. A week later Tina was sat on the bus happy that she had avoided youth custody, the bus was empty when Maya got on and sat opposite Tina, Tina looked at her smiled and said fucking lesbian then slid her joggers down, Maya looked at Tina’s pussy moved beside her then started to rub Tina’s pussy saying you dirty slag as she did.

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