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Simon was not happy his mum and dad had gone away for the weekend to visit his granddad who was ill, Simon was an unruly troublesome kid who was not liked, his granddad had said that he never wants Simon in his house again because he caused to much trouble, so instead of going with his parents to visit his granddad he was being left behind and Dawn who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what he was had been gave the job to baby sit him Simon thought she should not be looking after him and he could look after himself but his parents had disagreed so Dawn was in charge. Dawn was a well respected girl who had long blonde hair and many boys and some girls had tried to date her but all had failed, Dawn seemed more interested in doing her studies than dating boys or girls and she made that quite plain for people to understand. It was late afternoon when Colin arrived home from school as he approached the house he saw that his parents were gone and knew that Dawn would be in the house and that it would be a boring weekend. Simon walked down the side of the house and went in through the rear door as he closed the door behind him Simon got a big pleasant surprise, Dawn was walking down the hall naked, Simon stared at the cute bum of the naked blonde bombshell and thought very nice, Dawn ran into the lounge and after dumping his school bag on the kitchen floor Simon went into the lounge and saw Dawn with a towel wrapped round her body, Simon said to Dawn ” I saw your bum wait till I tell everybody” Dawn stood looking at Simon and said to him ” no you cant ” Simon said I can I will tell everybody that you flashed at me then your finished you will be called pedo” Dawn looked at Simon and begged him not to” and when Simon said I will” Dawn again begged him not to saying she would o anything if he did not tell” Simon smiled and said ” ok it is going to be my weekend” Dawn said “ok” Simon smiled and said ” take the towel off I want to see you naked and see everything” Dawn looked at him and then undid the towel and let it drop to the floor, Simon smiled as he looked at Dawn’s naked ample boobs and love tube and said nice, he then told Dawn to do it and when Simon said ” finger fuck yourself” Dawn started to rub her love tube and after five minutes slid her fingers inside, Simon stood watching as Dawn masturbated thinking this is real cool and noticed Dawn now had erect nipples and after five more minutes watched in awe as Dawn gushed, Simon went upstairs thinking this is going to be a great weekend and after changing out of his uniform he went out of his room and heard the shower and went in the bathroom and watched as Dawn showered and when she had finished he told her tee shirt and shorts only no bra and panties and went down stairs when Dawn appeared she was in just tee shirt and shorts, Simon made her lift her tee shirt so he could check and after went and watched telly, In the morning Dawn was in the kitchen when Simon got up and when he walked into the kitchen wearing just a gown Dawn said ” morning ” Simon said ” I know it is” and sat at the table after a minute he called Dawn over when she got there Dawn saw his gown wide open and his five inch erection sticking up, Simon smiled at Dawn and said to her ” suck me off” Dawn knelt down bent forward and started to suck Simon’s dick and after five minutes felt his dick twitch and knew he had dry cum, Simon ate his breakfast and went to his room for a couple of hours before going downstairs to the lounge where Dawn was sat, he looked at Dawn and said to her “get naked” Dawn removed her tee shirt and shorts and after Simon told her to lay on the floor she did, Simon knelt beside her and started to rub her boobs and after a few minutes started to lick her nipples then suck them and after ten minutes of rubbing her boobs and sucking her nipples Simon saw that Dawn’s nipples were erect and started to rub her love tube feeling it was moist and after ten minutes heard Dawn breathing heavily and slowly pushed three fingers inside her love tube and found that it was wet which made him smile, Simon started to masturbate Dawn pushing his fingers in deep and soon Dawn was groaning, Simon noticed her nipples were very erect and squeezed them as he masturbated her and after five minutes Dawn cried out loudly and climaxed, not long after Simon went and washed his hands. In the morning when he got up Simon heard his parents voices and thought shit the fun is over in the kitchen Dawn was fully dressed and when Simon’s dad asked her if he behaved Dawn smiled at Simon and said ” he has been very good” and not long after Dawn left. Later Simon was in the shopping centre where he saw a boy trying to chat Dawn up and after Dawn had rejected him and the boy had walked away Simon thought yes you sucker I have had what you can only dream of having, as Dawn got up and walked away she smiled at Simon and as she did she thought you were very good little boy it is a pity that cock of yours is not bigger it would have been great to have you fuck me, when he got home Simon’s parents were just getting in the car they told him that they were going to his granddad for a week and that Dawn would be looking after him. Simon thought great I like her looking after me she can do so anytime when the time arises.

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