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Lover’s dream : fulfilled it (part-2)

It’s really a sin as well as crime getting physical with anyone prior to marriage, so it’s the ugly part of our society that extra marital relationship exists and some gals also lose their virginity before marriage, but I have never thought of be virgin on hubby’s bed as first night seems to be a painful one and now as my dress straps were pulled down with Rajan’s mouth sucking my breast, I have swallowed Garry’s penis and while holding his waist starts swinging my face as it’s a long cock, so my wet boobs is now in Rajan’s hand as he is squeezing it and now he hold my other breast, put his tongue on it’s nipple and slowly swallows it as Ritu is giving her client a hot blowjob, soon my mouth starts dripping saliva and I took out his penis. Garry is a French citizen as his grandfather came here with his business and his dad as well as his family members took Indian citizenship, so his tall figure with fair complexion as well as strong muscular body is giving me hot pleasure and now Garry sits infront of my legs while Rajan is sucking my breast ” oh it’s a burning one dear leave it ” but he is enjoying it with his hand pulling down my baby doll dress to legs and a nude gal can’t be a spectator. I put my legs stretched as my V shaped buttocks is on the corner of sofa, so Garry took his glass having little wine in it and poured on my vagina as his fingers starts rubbing my hole and he is too charming as hold my one thighs and starts kissing it wildly ” oh yes both are enjoying me as I am a slut gal now leave my boobs soon ” as I hold his hairs and pushed his face back, Rajan now walked to washroom as Garry have inserted his finger in my cunt and his tongue is licking my labia ” uh oh Garry it’s too hot, lick my vagina please ” and he than pushed his tongue in my vagina as he is licking it like a stray dog putting his tongue in and out, Garry is much more strong and handsome than Rajan as he have put 20000rs. For my sexy body and now as his hand hold my breast and starts squeezing it, I screamed louder ” uh oh it will ejaculate soon suck suck it ” and he took my reddish vagina in his mouth as starts sucking it hard and soon I felt my vagina getting wet as he tastes it, so looking at me he said ” you are not a escort agency gal or a prostitute but you have asked for money
( I left sofa as I stand there ) so what, need money for my sexy body to keep it hot and wild ” and Ritu walked nudely to washroom but my high heel sandals are in legs, so there I urinates as washed my vagina and back in room with two guys ” have a drink for me guys ” as Rajan smiled ” sure baby but you are entertaining Garry only
( Me, ) sure have paid money for it ” and now as Garry have tasted my vagina with his penis in my mouth also, I am dying for his penis in my soft vagina and soon it happened.
Ritu is a impatient gal but let see who is going to penetrate my vagina first but till now Rajan have only sucked my boobs, so we three are sitting together as I hold glass to drink wine and now Rajan left us as he sits near my legs as I smiled ” oh dear you will also lick my cunt
( He hold my waist as made me sit on the corner of sofa ) sure baby, don’t be so arrogant as I will be your bed partner always ” and as I put my legs stretched and on sofa, Rajan poured wine on my vagina and than starts rubbing his fingers on its hole, slowly inserts inside as his two fingers his rubbing my vaginal depth and while holding glass I am feeling too hot with wine making me a drunken gal and now I can feel his tongue moving in my vagina as Garry is much more hungry for my boobs and as he made my breast wet with drops of wine I looked at him ” oh Garry you seems to be a novice fucker ” and he hold my breast as swallows it to suck, so I am too horny and now as my vagina is getting licked with breast in Garry’s mouth, I am fully aroused as I starts screaming ” uh oh Rajan you seems to be a stray dog putting your tongue so fast ” and he than left my vagina as Garry now hold my left breast to swallow but soon as he poured wine on it, his long tongue is licking my nipples and so Rajan wake up as he stands infront of me, his penis is fully erected and while sitting on the corner of sofa I hold his cock, so pushes it in my mouth and as Garry is sucking my breast, Rajan hold my long hairs and started pounding my mouth with his dick, it’s pleasurable as Ritu is not a teenager or novice in sex and as Rajan’s cock is hitting my throat, I am on top of the world with his glans giving my deep throat a hot fuck, lastly Garry walked to washroom as Rajan now took out his penis from my mouth, ” mouth is still thirsty Rajan ” and again I swallows his penis but this time my face is full of motion and I am enjoying his penis as giving him a hot blow job….. To be continued.

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