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Hello everyone,
Ritu is enjoying her life as in last month she have been with four guys / men, first my dad Pritam ( 40 ), lover Naman ( 23 ), staff Nathu ( 24 ) and friend’s brother Rajan ( 24 ) and being a hot gal for them I have enjoyed oral sex session, so my dad fucked first to dig the hole of my tight vagina and than my lover Naman have fucked me but as I love to write my days affairs in a dairy, it’s my dad who have fucked me 11 times while Naman have done it once and one evening, Naman called me as I was also desperate to meet him and I received his call….. ” Hi baby, how are you?
( Ritu ) feeling bore Naman
( He ) oh I see! We have not meet for two weeks
( Me ) yes but I think my parents have some doubts about our relationship
( He ) oh I see! Means we have to be more careful while getting in touch with eachother. ” So a secret plan was made for next day as I am feeling too hot and as night passed, next morning I wake up as after bath I took my breakfast and than left my home. Ritu is going to her college as hidden plan is to meet Naman and have nice time together, so have planned to meet near Rajendra Nagar junction as I have put a miniskirts with tops but black stockings have covered my legs to thighs and as I hired an autorickshaw for destination, my mind is in fire with a week recess to my sexy body and it’s 09;40 am as I left autorickshaw, walked towards junction premises and lastly inside it’s parking lot I can see Naman waiting there and Naman, a 23 years guy is smart with his strong physique and Ritu’s physical appearance’s seems hot with boobs caged in a 32C size brassier with figure of 32-26-36 inches and it’s seducing dear! So Naman starts his bike as putting my purse in shoulder while hand holding a notes book, I sits behind him with legs in a same direction, so crossed legs have put my inner parts invisible and as my one hand is on his shoulder I have put myself inches away from him and he said ” today we will have our day at friend’s home
( Ritu ) oh but your friend and his parents
( He turned his face back ) house is vacate as they have gone to Delhi for treatment. ” So I can expect Naman’s cock in my vagina and as we both are near Patna railway junction, I said ” Naman please stop the bike ” as he did at roadside, so I walked towards a medicine shop but looking back I can’t see him and at medical store I am bit bold ” bhaiya please give me ‘ Today’ contraceptive pills
( Shopkeeper eyes my face to boobs ) sure madam, a single strip of it or more ” as I replied him, so ten pills in a strip and I asked him for one strip as I paid money, walked towards parked bike to see Naman putting a black carry bag in his dicky ” kya hai jaanu
( He ) will see it there. ” And than we both are voiceless as traffic on patna Danapur road is at maximum, so going to Aashiyana coloney as it’s 10:25 am and Naman stops his bike outside a home and than opened the lock,, so moved his bike inside as locked the main gate and both are near it’s main door as heat wave is making me feel uncomfortable.
Naman opened the lock as both entered inside and put door closed, so I put my purse on a table and Naman starts removing his shoes as looking at me he said…. ” It’s my friend’s home and for last two days I live here alone
( Ritu ) oh I see! Where is the washroom
( He directed me ) ok thanks. And it’s a well decorated home with three bedrooms as I moved inside washroom and there I washed my face and legs as I am feeling hot, so came out of washroom as I am in dinning space and Naman was not there as door was opened and I walked towards door as he is doing something funny and there he is back inside dinning space as a carry bag is in his hand, he puts it on table as he walked towards kitchen and looking inside carry bag, I can see three bottles of beer, love to drink it as I have never tasted it but getting taste of wine a month ago have made me habitual but I drink it while having physical affair with someone. Ritu sits on sofa but feeling too hot, I first pulled down my stockings and now my thighs to legs are nude as I sit while putting my legs crossed and Naman came with a bottle of water as holding two glass also and sitting beside me, he opened the bottle as starts pouring beer in glasses and than I asked ” dear you have planned a secret affair with me but one thing
( I put my mouth near his ear and whispered ) but have you bought any safe medicine for sex. ” And he smiled as we both are drinking it, so his hand hold his buckles and while he starts removing his trousers I felt bit shy as I put my face towards other direction and as I finished my glass, I put my head on sofas back with my legs crossed. Now I can see him in a vest and underwear, so his bulge is looking relaxed as I put my hand on his thigh while he is rubbing my soft thigh hard…. To be continued.

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